unlisted youtube meaning

What is Unlisted YouTube Meaning? Unlisted YouTube Meaning

YouTube is a great platform for sharing videos whether it’s personal or professional but many times, you don’t wish to share them with each and everyone across the globe. So, what should you do then? Opt to Unlisted YouTube Meaning Unlisted which can be viewed only by the users having a link to it. 

But you might be wondering how safe YouTube Unlisted Meaning is. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What is Unlisted YouTube Meaning?

Unlisted YouTube Meaning

YouTube Unlisted Meaning falls between private and public videos. An unlisted video won’t appear in the search results, suggestions or in the video tab. And if you unlist a new video, your subscribers won’t even get the notification informing them about it. Only the people having a link to the unlisted video can view it.

YouTube treats the unlisted video as a public video which means you cannot use any copyright audio or video in it and if other users flag it as inappropriate content, the YouTube team will review it within 24 hours.

What Unlisted Video YouTube Meaning can do?

You can share the Unlisted YouTube Meaning Video with your friends and family. If you are conducting a webinar and wish to share it with only the registered users, Unlisted YouTube Video is of great help. Or you can share it with market research for getting feedback from closed groups. The unlisted video can also be used in case you want to share an online resume for job applications.

What is Private YouTube Video?

Private Videos are the ones that do not appear in the search list, suggestions, or video tabs in YouTube. When changing the settings to private, your subscribers won’t get the notification of your videos. The private video will just be visible to you and the mentioned Google accounts and only the ones with whom you have shared it. Anyone else wishing to see the private video will have to request the uploader to view it.

What Private YouTube Videos can do?

Using private YouTube videos can help you keep the internal company information confidential. You can share your family videos and store personal data safely without having the fear of getting hacked. One more feature with private videos is that you can schedule the date and time of the video to be made public on YouTube. By doing this, you can save a lot of space on your phone.

What are Public YouTube Videos?

The public setting is the default setting for videos on YouTube. It allows everyone to see the video you post, your videos will appear in the search engine results and more and more viewers and traffic will reach your video.

What Public YouTube Videos can do?

Public setting can be used in any of these situations:

  • If you wish to grow your brand awareness.
  • Looking for more subscribers.
  • Targeting at earning money through YouTube Videos.

However, you need to keep in mind that the public videos are available to everyone around the world and even if you delete or change the settings later, you will still be subjected to judgment, personally or professionally.

How to make an Unlisted YouTube Meaning Video?

The below-mentioned step will guide you in making Unlisted Video.

  • Log in to your YouTube channel.
  • Click on the “Add Video” Button in the top-right corner.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Choose “Upload Video” from there.
  • Select the instruction “Select files” to upload your video.
  • When your video starts uploading, a message box will appear, Click on “Public” at the right corner and select “Unlisted” from the drop-down menu.
  • Once you have changed your privacy to Unlisted, click “Done” in the top-right corner and your video will be published.

How to share Unlisted Video YouTube Meaning?

Sharing an Unlisted video is simple. Just share the link of the published video with anyone you wish to view it. A Google account is not required to view the video. Also, the people who have the link to your video can re-share it with other people in a number of ways.  

 Now a question might cross your mind- Do Unlisted Videos count as Views? The answer is no. 


Hopefully, by now you clearly know what an Unlisted Video is and what is its purpose. So, consider this option before uploading videos on YouTube as it might help you in retaining privacy.

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