Which Ad Format is Required for Building Awareness

Which Ad Format is Required for Building Awareness?

Most of the talks about PPC ads revolve around driving clicks, revenues, and conversions.  But that’s not the only aim that every campaign strives for. Sometimes business owners and marketers take the help of online advertising strategies because they want to build awareness for their brands.

In this article, we will discuss different ad formats that help in building brand awareness and how to implement them into your own PPC efforts.

What is the need for Brand Awareness?

In this Digital Age, when customers have thousands of options to choose from and each of these options is competing with your brand for attention, how is that you can make your brand different?

Let’s face this- you are not the only brand providing service to your consumers but you can definitely be the one that pops first in their mind when they are about to make a purchasing decision. How? – With successful brand awareness.

The graph of brand awareness has accelerated in recent years and the credit goes to a plethora of digital channels available. This means that besides having a quality service or product, you need to build the best brand experience so that the customers are compelled to buy your products or services.

Let’s see, what is the role of online advertising in creating brand awareness?

How does online advertising help in creating brand awareness?

One of the key components to winning a marketing and advertising strategy is to place your messages where your target audience gathers the most.  Looking at the current scenario, we can see that people like to spend most of their time on Internet i.e. 24 hours a week which may also range to 40 hours a week for some individuals. 

As a marketer, you can’t afford to miss this amount of time. If you are looking to keep your brand and products fresh in the mind of your customers, you must avail the advantages of these online channels to advertise online.

And it’s not just about the timing. With online advertising, you can open new doors of opportunities for your brand that traditional advertising methods like billboards, TV, or radio ads can’t provide. There are many different formats for online advertising which makes it a very versatile means of marketing. 

You can also monitor your data with online advertising activities which means you can measure how many people have seen your ad and how many of them have engaged with your content and made a purchase. With this data, you can also shoot target ads particularly for customers who visited your website but left for some reason. As these customers have shown interest in the past, therefore, re-targeting them with your brand awareness ads can help in future conversion.

 But the catch here is to know which ad format is recommended the most for building successful brand awareness.

Identifying the right ad format for building brand awareness

Like said before, choosing the right ad format is the biggest challenge that any marketer faces. You need to think in a different manner about the ads you create when it’s focused on building awareness. 

It’s not just about encouraging clicks and driving conversions, it’s more about generating a crucial familiarity of your brand with your customers. 

However, you must know that the ad formats you have worked on previously might not work efficiently for an awareness-focused goal. That is why; you need to know about the various ad formats that can help you create the right awareness. Have a look here:

1. Image Ads:

When it comes to brand awareness, you must know that people pay more attention to ads that are visually appealing and eye-catching. Remember, it’s about keeping your services fresh in people’s minds.

Having said that, image ads are the best for building brand awareness because of the visual aspects. Also, image ads come in different shapes and sizes, making it perfect for you to select the ones that suit your needs. 

2. Video Ads:

Though video advertisements are more expensive they are much more engaging. In-stream video ads are of great help as the viewers will have to watch the entire ad or a part of the ad if it’s not skippable before returning to their video. This in turn gives more engagement and also grows your brand awareness. 

However, there are some drawbacks to video ads. The first being the format is limited by where and how they display. Mostly, they are restricted to YouTube videos which limit your chance to showcase your content to the adults as young people prefer YouTube videos as compared to adults surfing YouTube.

Essentially, video ads are a great option for advertising but they come with their own potential risks.

3. Rich Text Ads:

This format is recommended for building brand awareness on budget. The format uses your existing text-based advertisements and later enhances them with images, logos, and other things gathered from your website only.

You don’t have to pay extra to enable rich text ads; neither you have to create visuals of your own. Google automatically does that job for you.

Rich text ads are the perfect solution for marketers having a low budget or little time with them.


Creating brand awareness is about reminding your target customers of your messages and services. For this reason, any ad format can be used as they deliver some degree of brand awareness. However, the recommended ad formats are image and video as they gather more attention than others. 

Since image and video ad formats are appealing and easily memorable, they can quickly help your customers recall your products and services when they are thinking to make a purchasing decision.