Plumbing Marketing Ideas

25 Plumbing Marketing Ideas You Can Use to Enhance Your Brand

Marketing is a vital part of growing a business. It helps the company reach more people and build connections, especially when considering industries like plumbing.  

Plumbing businesses are majorly small-scale businesses that run majorly by customer’s trust in them. However, with a bit of strategic marketing, not only will the existing customers be impressed, but the new ones will make their way to you. 

Marketing For Plumbers

So here are some plumbing marketing ideas that would help you boost your business to new heights.

  1. Create a website

The first step to run a marketing spree for your plumbing business is to create a website. The website should have every little information regarding your plumbing business to ensure proper plumbing marketing. 

From your business’s history to your company’s services, cover every little detail on the website. 

  1. Work with a professional designer for the logo.

Now, if you are planning to build a legitimate brand, make sure your logo is attractive. It would be very wise to hire a professional logo designer. 

  1. Create a convincing sales blog

When you create your website, make sure you have a separate section for blogs. Using that section, create wholesome content that would help you boost your sales. 

Talk about your services, talk about your purpose and intention with your business. Be convincing about your motive. This would help boost the business. 

  1. Put a query box on the website and have someone answer them fast and apt.

When people visit these websites, they often want to leave some queries before choosing to avail of your services. Keep a query section where people can express their doubts and make sure to have a team that is quick with responding. 

When you respond to your visitors’ queries fast and correctly, it builds trust in them about your services. Make sure you gain that trust as a foundation of your customer relationship. 

  1. Give map locations on the website.

Some customers might want to visit your stores to customize their plumbing materials. Make sure they do not face any trouble finding the store. 

Give them easy route maps and register your location on Google maps. Giving a definite route map makes the store-searching easy for the customer. 

  1. Build an SEO friendly content

Remember we talked about making sales through the blog? Well, another way to boost up your sales is to be amongst the top searches in the Google search engine. 

When you write the words, use Google analytics to pick the top searched keywords and use them in your blogs repeatedly. This would keep you on the complete search list. 

  1. Submit timely business listings 

Make sure to submit your business listing from time to time. 

  1. Get listed on review sites. 

What would be your first instinct when you wish to try out something new? Read about the reviews from Google, isn’t it? Similarly, your new visitors would want to read about your plumbing business’ review too. 

List your brand in some genuine reviews sites and repost the reviews on your website, too, both good and bad ones. 

  1. Verify the business by google

Your business should be under the verified lists. People often avoid availing services from companies that are not verified through a genuine source. And for all good reasons, of course. 

  1. Get data about the local customers.

When you open a store in some area, gather some necessary information about the locals. Gather those local customers to be your long-term clients. 

  1. Invest a great deal on social media pages

When you want to spread a business to a large mass, engaging your time in social media is a must. Today, social media is the biggest platform to promote a business and spread its plumbing marketing information like wildfire. 

Invest a great deal of time in creating content for your social media page.

  1. Build connections through social media

Connect with lots of investors and customers through social media. Build all necessary connections that may help your business to bloom and spread. 

  1. Boost your online engagement

Online engagement, timely posts, engaging articles, videos, everything should be social media-centric. 

As it is known that social media is the sole solution to spread the business, invest time in engaging content, and increase your online engagement. 

  1. Host online contests and giveaways

To keep your customers interested and feel a part of your business, host giveaways, and contents online. 

  1. Post about the brand across different platforms

Do not just stick to just one platform to promote your brand. Use all the top used platforms, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook,  for plumbing promotion. This will help you create awareness about your brand on all these platforms. 

  1. Make use of paid ads.

Those who have been promoting their platforms for a long while know the concept of pay-per-click or PPC marketing. For every click made on the plumber business‘s advertisement, the company gets some payment. 

Use this opportunity to promote as well as collect revenue for your plumbing business

  1. Create wholesome content

When you create content for the website, cover the essentials. Do not beat around the bush to make your content look long and bulky. 

Instead, it keeps it short and to the point. 

  1. Provide manuals and guides for your products 

Provide necessary manuals and guides that would help the customers to assemble the DIY materials. This is an excellent idea in terms of spreading awareness regarding your plumbing business

  1. Shoot videos of the brand that would boost the marketing

Make videos and shoot short stories for your blog and keep them on your website. 

  1. Go live and interact with your customers.

Go live on social media and conduct some interactive sessions with your customers. Ask them how they have been liking your service and take reviews about your product. 

  1. Provide a good customer service

Customer service is the prime step to boost a plumbing business to the apex. If you have good customer service, people would be interested in buying and availing services from you more. 

  1. Focus and discounts and referrals

Word-of-mouth is the best form of referral. When you serve a customer and refer your business to other people, that’s the strongest and most permanent business bond between customers and companies. 

For you to achieve this, focus on excellent customer services. 

  1. Give away business cards.

Give your business cards along with pamphlets. 

  1. Send your customers mementos on essential days.

Send your customers some gifts on their Birthday and anniversaries. 

  1. Build good customer relationships

Build a relationship of trust with your customers. Be loyal to them, and that will make them reliable to your business in return. 


Plumbing businesses are one of the busiest jobs ever. Every household will have plumbing maintenance from time to time. To boost your business, it’s vital to provide a good service that is durable and trustworthy. 

Plumbings are all about material, and those who run such a brand would know better. But what they sometimes lack is in marketing. This costs their business not to attain as much popularity. 

But with these plumbing marketing ideas in hand, one can kick start their marketing and gain more customers.