Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

Conversion Rate Optimization Agency: Everything You Need to Know

Conversion Rate Optimization Agency is the one that helps in increasing the number of visitors on a website that further converts into customers or takes desirable action on the website. Being an eCommerce business, CRO is important to analyze the performance of your website.

Imagine how frustrating it would be when you have a retail shop where customers visit regularly but the conversion rate is still low. Online businesses face this problem too. And that is where a CRO Agency comes into play.

There are too many things associated with a CRO Agency. In this article, we have tried to cover everything you should know about CRO. So, before hiring a conversion rate optimization agency, just have a read.

Definition of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is the process to improve the various elements of your website or landing page that helps in increasing the ratio of sales and the number of visitors on your website. Saying it simply, CRO is the process of converting visitors into leads and leads into customers.

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Do not let the definition of CRO confuse you. Just take care of two things, first- Know who your buyers are, and second, Let your buyers do what they want to. Also, you must know that conversion does not always mean selling your products. It can be subscribing to the email list, giving you feedback, or anything that you want to achieve as a business.

How Conversion Rate is calculated?

You can calculate CRO for your website using a simple formula:

CRO % = (Goal achieved/ Total visitors) * 100

For example, if your online store has 100,000 visitors, 2,000 of which were converted into leads, then your CRO is just 2%.

Now, what if you want to increase your CRO percentage by 5% or by 10%. Rather than acquiring new customers, you should focus on retaining your existing customers. This can be achieved by optimizing the elements of your website and landing page and you can also perform A/B testing.

Set micro or macro goals for achieving high CRO for your website.

Your micro or primary goals may include:

  • Completing a purchase
  • Demo request
  • Filling out the form
  • Asking your visitors to subscribe to the email list
  • Clicking an Ad

What is the importance of conversion rate optimization for your business?

Have a look at the following points to understand the importance of CRO:

  1. Enhancing business ROI: Improving the ROI of your business can take a lot of effort. It might not be easy for you to do it on your own. Take help from a CRO Agency to draw an impeccable strategy for converting visitors into sales.
  1. Less expenditure on PPC:

Google ads are expensive and difficult to get converted into a lead. CRO can increase the chance of lead conversions by improving your website.

With CRO, you can improve your bid range without having to pay much.

  1. Amazing experience for your visitors:

Optimizing your website’s content according to the needs of your customers may benefit you in the long run. If your customers are pleased with your website, they can get converted into your frequent customers.

  1. Gives you higher profits:

Looking to raise the profits of your website? Invest into a CRO agency to improve email rates, website clicks, and various other factors.

  1. Adds value to your site:

By spending less, you can expect huge benefits through CRO. Even if you are making a small effort to make your CTA catchy, it still can boost your sales heavily.

Who all can avail the benefits of CRO?

If you believe us, any business having a definite goal can be benefitted from CRO. However, CRO is most useful for:

  • SaaS Companies: SaaS companies and B2B can implement CRO to know about their customers’ interests and convert them into leads.
  • E-commerce businesses: Most customers leave your website due to poor design. CRO can help you optimize everything on your website from the shopping cart to the homepage to the checkout page. With CRO, you can give your customers an excellent user experience.


CRO is the need of the hour and hiring a CRO agency can help you achieve the objectives you have set for your business easily.

With this article, you must have understood the importance of CRO for your business. Knowing your customer’s demands and behavior is a plus for your CRO strategy. CRO not only just boosts your sales but also helps you to stand out amongst your competitors.

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