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One of the essential tools of the digital communication strategy of any business or company is Email Marketing. Most people who consult us know this. They usually know or receive emails from a firm.

An “e-mail marketing plan” resonance a bit complex, tricky, and appear time overwhelming. These are some of the problems that small businesses have when they think of e-mailmarketing, added to it that most business owners are too busy running their business to deal with something like that, right?

Because this strategy is the most effective when converting Leads into customers, we want to share this guide so you can take advantage of the power of email marketing for your business, which in combination with social networks, can generate an even more significant impact.

Done intelligently, email marketing plan drives conversions (sales), increases ROI and gives you a direct way to talk with your customers.


First step: Describe your readers

Prior to you start crafting, writing, and sending a campaign, you ought to describe your ideal audience ask: Who is my target audience? And what kind of content would interest that audience? One time you get a scheme of ​​the community who study your emails, it will be a lot easier for you to choose what you have to say.

If you are starting, what follows is to get subscribers to your mailing list, if you don’t have subscribers to your list yet, the task will be to know how you will attract them.

To attract traffic to your website and to subscribe to your mailing list, you can do so in several ways, for example:

1. Paid (online advertising): generate traffic and attract subscribers.

2. Free (organic): publishing content frequently (twice a week) on your site.

3. Promote your content and subscription on social networks.

Important: Once your audience is attracted, you must have a capture form, and to increase the list, it is advisable to give or give away an e-book, a technical report, a discount coupon, etc.

Step two: Create Content

Now that you know who you are talking to, it is time to think about what you are going to communicate. Think about what your audience needs, try to send interesting information that helps them solve a problem; the idea is to make life easy for your readers.


Tips for building content

Your content is the most significant fraction of your newsletters. Here are some suggestions for preparing and collecting engaging content that speaks with your readers:

1Pleasure your readers as VIPs

Citizens who subscribe to your email catalog have given you consent to entering their inboxes. Honor this permission and focus on letting them know what solutions your products and services provide. Give your subscribers access to unique benefits, such as exclusive content, special discounts, etc.

2.  Make Email Marketing useful

Think of the emails that open and are deleted immediately. You would not open an email that does not benefit you in any way. Make sure the content of your newsletters that you are giving your subscribers something they didn’t have before. “The reader comes first.”

Most email newsletters are all about the company’s promotions, product sales, and news. I think it is sporadic for your readers to delight in that content, to send content that interests them, that is the key.

3Show a little personality

Nobody wants to read a boring, complex, long newsletter and not even say anything … Inject some personality.

Probability is, voice, tone, and sense of wit are significant reasons why your customers sign up in the first place. Try writing in the same way you speak to one of these clients. And who knows? Maybe your cheerful emails with humor will help you recover a lot of money.

4Keep it tiny

Nearly all communities are barraged with emails every day. Keep your newsletters short, easy to digest, and the point. If you want to include a longer piece, you will present the first paragraph or so, and link to the rest. Allow your readers the opportunity to explore the link quickly, if necessary.

5Encourage them

Claim like Pocket, Pinterest, and Evernote are immense for reduction, organizing, and allocation inspirational contented and images.

If you want to make an effective email campaign, don’t just send sales offers, that’s a big mistake of many failed email marketing campaigns. The type of content can follow this rule, for example, 80 – 10 – 10 (80% useful and exciting content; 10% benefits, success stories, benefits of your product; 10% direct sale offer).

The content format can be text articles; Videos, photos, or images.

You must prepare a calendar or agenda of content to be sent that contains the titles, type of content, and links of the content, if possible, one month in advance.


Step three: Determine your Shipping Frequency and Objectives

Not all shipping frequencies are the same, try to ensure that shipments are not daily or very often, a recommended rate is a shipment every 15 days or 1 per month that will depend on the type of product or service and your corresponding public, but in Ultimately, you have to decide what works best for you and your customers.

Try to be consistent and be careful not to skip shipments for more than a couple of months, as some users may forget that they opted for it and may report spam. Also remember to look forward and plan accordingly for vacations, events, and the like. From there, decide what you want to send with your email marketing plan.

Set goals for your campaigns, and then track your evolution over time over your shipments.


Step Four: Do the Shipping Schedule for outstanding Email Marketing

If they have more than one list, the shipments will surely not be the same, and regularly, try to segment if necessary.

If you have several people working on your team, consider using a reliable E-mail Marketing platform that has multi-user accounts and other tools.

Your email marketing strategy will vary, of course, depending on the industry, type of content, shipping frequency, and so on.

But this is a simple example of how you can plan your campaigns in a few days:

Day 1: Write down the content topics, which are diagrammed in the content calendar form; this action will save you a lot of time and lets you know what the next shipments will be.

Day 2: Make your newsletter using a template and choose the images, which you will use.

Day 3: Access the e-mail platform and create your campaign. Correct if there are any kind of grammatical errors. Send proof of the campaign to yourself and at least one co-worker or collaborator, to check.

Day 4: Send your campaign to your list.


Now that you know better what email marketing plan is, you will understand that it is one of those strategies that require a lot of dedication at the beginning. Still, once it is working, both economic and time investment is minimal.

Therefore, it usually results in high levels of ROI according to the objective to be achieved.

Mind you, ROI is not always synonymous with direct sales!

And I would like to add that the personalization of the shipments is another factor that every day takes on more relevance.

Runaway from spam and focus on giving users what they need, you will see how this strategy starts to provide you with good results.

A good strategy will allow you to strengthen ties with your users or potential customers because email marketing plan also serves to build loyalty, do not hesitate! 

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Email Marketing

The ubiquitous email still survives. Research shows that checking email inboxes is one of the most common activities that we do online, even today. The email was and still is one of the most popular means of personalized conversation tools on the internet. Today with social media making waves, everything is watched, read, and talked about. Hence the significance of email to deliver a personal message becomes much more powerful. The reach and power of the email were never doubted even with social media making such a huge impact. Since some time now, online marketing has become very popular. Email Marketing is an integral part of the entire process. Many huge corporations and also small vendors today make use of email marketing as a means of directly reaching their message to prospective clients.

Overview of the Email Marketing System

Most of the people know what email marketing is. The common knowledge is “email marketing is marketing the products through emails.” This is what most of the people, in general, know about the email marketing system & to a certain extent, it’s correct.

Prerequisite of Email Marketing

The first obvious thing which you need to have to start is the list of people to whom you would send the emails through your email marketing program. This list of people is called “Email Marketing List” in the internet marketing world. You must have read on the internet that “the money is in the list” etc. These lists are the list of people who have agreed to receive emails from you.

Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Productive

It should be Interesting

Make sure you have included lots of valuable information in all your messages. It should be in a way that captures your reader’s interest. Avoid sending out sales pitches or making it only about you. Add information that is actually interesting and useful for your target audience. If your subscribers think that you send emails only to enhance your sales, they will never feel special or valued, and you will fail to stop them from hitting the delete button or unsubscribing from your list. They will not bother looking at your email messages any more.

Provide a Visible Link for Unsubscribing

You might consider it a negative approach, but it is, in fact, a positive one. Your readers feel comfortable when they feel that they have full control and are not being pressurized to do anything. Therefore, never forget to include a link for unsubscribing in your email. Trying to hide it or not providing any link will only earn you the frustration and anger of your subscribers, leading you to achieve opposite results of what you want to achieve.

Ask for Feedback

Feedback from your audience is necessary to make your relationship with them stronger and to enhance your email marketing projects. Therefore, keep asking for opinions, suggestions, or feedback from your readers. Another way to receive passive feedback is through email marketing programs that track information regarding the number of people opening up your emails or clicking on the links present there. All such feedbacks are essential for you to continue improving and engaging with your audience.

Targeting the Right People

It is important to target the right people to achieve fruitful results. If you keep sending your emails to the wrong customers, you will achieve nothing but their aggression and annoyance. Targeting the wrong audience is simply a wastage of time for both you and the targeted people. It is better to put in your efforts and time in your campaigns targeting the audience who is interested in hearing from you.

Try Making Your Email Messages Mobile Friendly

In this technological world, your customers now can access their email messages on their tablets or mobiles. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you format your emails correctly to ensure that you can read them easily.

Make Exclusive Offers Only for Your Mailing List Subscribers

You can show your gratitude to your subscribers by sending exclusive special offers, which is not available anywhere on your website. Such offers can be free delivery, discounts, or any other deal that attracts your customers encouraging them to buy from you.

Email Registration on your Website

Offering customers a way to register via your website is probably one of the easiest ways to build your email list. A registration form can be added to your website with ease. The placement of the email registration feature on your website is important and has an impact t on conversion rates. It should be placed on a prominent place on the website. If your website uses a content management system, then most likely, the newsletter registration feature will be built-in.

Start a Marketing Newsletter

Sending newsletters to your customers is one of the most effective email marketing techniques. You can start a newsletter on a topic related to our industry. The newsletter can be weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. A newsletter provides an excellent opportunity to communicate with your customers regularly. You can use the newsletter for marketing your products or services subsequently.

Send engaging marketing emails

Nothing can be worse for your branding than sending out a poorly designed marketing email to customers. You should research the content of your marketing email and plan your marketing campaign. The content of the marketing email should be well researched and offer value to customers. It is OK to promote your products and business in your emails, but you should try and offer a variety of information. A well-balanced email is more likely to succeed than a purely promotional email. If the email you send is full of self-promotion and does not offer real value, then customers are likely to unsubscribe or opt-out from receiving emails in the future. Focus on quality over quantity.


Thus, rely on the email marketing campaign offered by Ranolia Ventures and enhance your business productivity. Ranolia Ventures has an experienced and skilled team of email marketing experts who provide effective results in just a couple of times.

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