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5 Trendy Career Choices in 2020

We are in 2020 and now almost all the parents have come out from the stereotype of dreaming about their child becoming an Engineer or Doctor. Now, parents and children, everyone believe that we must work for our dreams and one should always choose a job which they enjoy doing as it does not only keeps us calm but also increases the productivity of our work. So, check out the most trendy career choices of 2020 in this blog below.

Creative Designer/Art Director

A creative designer or Art Director is the most innovative, imaginative & creative person designing all the online and offline creatives. A creative designer holds the responsibility of making brand appearance attractive & engaging. Today, all businesses require creative designers to enhance their business and make their Presence Digitally stronger.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is a person who writes creative captions to attract the mass and the major role of a Social Media Executive is to handle the Social Media Profile of the businesses over every Social Media Platform. The demand for Social Media Executive is increasing day by day as every business has chosen the path to market their business on Social Media to attract more potential customers in this digital world. Social Media Managers enhance the online presence of the brands and also engage a maximum number of audiences.

Social Media Influencer

In India, Influencer Marketing is growing each day. It is one of the latest concepts which every company needs for their online branding. If you are a person who reviews beauty products and has followers more than 25K then you have a very bright future in this field. There are many more fields for Influencer Marketing like Technology, Lifestyle, etc.

Generally, influencers charge companies for each post they share on their channels and the cost they charge totally depends upon the number of followers they have and also on the budget of the campaign of the client company.

Travel Blogger

Are you a travel freak? Then you have dropped at the very right place. At the present time, everyone wants to take a break from their busy schedule and go to explore all the beautiful places out there. But before planning a trip we all need to research about the place we are going to visit and for this, we prefer to read blogs about that place.

So, if you are a traveler and love writing to share your experiences then you can start this career. It will give you fun and money both at the same time. Travel Bloggers earn money depending upon their reach and followers.

Food Blogger/Critic

For some time now, different programs have appeared on television that have made fashionable not only cooking but also giving opinions about it. The ideal would be to be able to travel to different parts of the world to be in contact with all of them.  The good gastronomic critic must also have knowledge of many other things that may be related, such as the history of cuisine or the particularities of different cultures.

The critic needs to know how to accurately express the sensations that a dish has caused him and express them clearly and interestingly for the reader, who is the one who is targeting his profession. In this sense, the degrees that perhaps provide you with the most knowledge (not only in language but also in literature and culture) are those of philology literary studies or studies of any specific culture, such as English or French. They will also provide you with a deep knowledge of another language. 

Conclusion For 5 Trendy Career Choices in 2020

As we have discussed one of the most trendy career choices in India in the year 2020. At last, we want to suggest all the budding students out there to select a career which they want and the work which they enjoy doing. The reason is that if a person loves his/her job then their efficiency increases and it also makes them calm, satisfied and happy.

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