Benefits of Advertising Online with Google Ads

Benefits of Advertising Online with Google Ads

The benefits of online advertising with Google Ads are huge. With online advertising, you can share your ads with the people who might be interested in your products or services while filtering out the ones who are not interested. You can also track the ones who have clicked on your ad. 

Online advertising is most effective with Google Ads. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of advertising online with Google Ads.

Types of Online Ads

Before you learn about the benefits of online advertising, let us tell you about the types of Online Ads.

  1. Search Ads:

When you search any service or product on search engines, you could see some of the results visible as sponsored ads. They look like the organic results but are paid ads with a small “AD” icon on them.

       2. Display Ads:

While browsing popular sites on the internet, you would have seen small rectangular ads on the screen. These are known as display ads.

       3. Video Ads:

While watching video content on YouTube or any other platform, you are often asked to watch an ad. This is known as a Video ad and is an effective way to promote your content.

Benefits of Google Ads

Google ads help you to take the benefits of online advertising by showing your ads to the right people at the right time. The key benefits of Google Ads are:

  1. Helps in targeting your audience:

Google ads can target the right set of audiences with ads of your products and services. Google ads utilize:

  • Keywords: Helps when customers search for terms related to your products and services.
  • Ad location: Helps in showing your ads on Google search results that are part of the Google search and Display networks.
  • Age, location, language: Shows ads according to the age, geographic location, and language of your customers.
  • Days, times, frequency: This shows your ads during specific hours or days of the week and also helps to determine how often your ads appear in the results.
  • Devices: Helps your ads to appear on all types of devices.

2. Helps to control costs:

With Google Ads, you can have control over how you spend your money. You can choose how much money you want to spend per month, per day, and ad. The best part is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

3. Can measure your success:

Google ads can help you know how many people have clicked on your ads. These ads also help you to know when someone takes any valuable action about your business such as purchasing products, downloading your app, or anything- you can track it all.

Having an idea about which ads get clicked and which not can help you see where to invest in your campaign next.  

4. Helps to bring more traffic:

Every day 5 billion searches are made on Google regarding different products or services. When you choose to advertise online, you are opening doors to a massive audience for your business. But that’s not all, you can also get to access Google’s other audiences including Gmail, YouTube videos, and other Google sites.

5. Faster results:

Unlike SEO, the results with Google ads are faster. With Google Ads, you can spin up a landing page, bid on your highest conversion, and get traffic faster.


Google Ads are an effective way to target real audiences, boost conversions, and improve your ROI that too instantly.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of Google ads for your business but not sure where to start from? Get in touch with us. From search to shopping, we know how to drive results for various kinds of ad campaigns.

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