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18 Top Auto Repair Marketing Ideas Promote New Business

Today, automobiles are a lifeline for most of us. With the heavy demand for automobiles, the requirement for auto repairing shops has also grown up. This has inevitably led to tough competition among auto repair service providers. 

To stand out as the preferred auto repair service provider, you need the power of auto repair marketing. You can’t just sit around and wait for customers to come in if you own an auto repair or maintenance shop. You must constantly endeavor to attract new clients and encourage existing ones to return.

You’ll need auto repair marketing strategies that bring clients in regularly. Fortunately, creating a marketing strategy for your mechanic or auto business isn’t rocket science.

You can increase your auto repair marketing company’s visibility and attract new consumers with just a few deliberate and targeted auto marketing strategies.

18 Top Auto Repair Marketing Ideas

Here is a list of excellent auto repair marketing ideas that you may utilize now and in the future to promote new business.

Sending Regular Emails 

1. The First Step In Email Marketing.

To collect email addresses from your consumers and send an email newsletter, use Wifi Marketing or a written form. Email is a direct route of contact that keeps you in touch with your consumers. However, it will only work if you follow a few best practices.

Know who you’re talking to. You must first determine your target audience before you can develop valuable and relevant auto repair marketing content.

You can develop auto repair shop advertising ideas and similar material that is a lot more appealing and fascinating to your audience if you know exactly who you’re talking to. Segment your target market. 

Use tags to identify the characteristics and behaviors of each consumer as you create your email list (i.e., oil change customer, auto repair shop marketing customer, truck owner, etc.).

Then, only send email messages to segments relevant to the email content (i.e., only send an email with a promotion for trucks to truck owners). Offer more than just promotions. Customers like deals, but they don’t want to be inundated with marketing and promotions.

Share more valuable and relevant material than promotional and sales-focused adverts in your email communications to keep things balanced.

2. Email or text Personalized Service Reminders and auto repair marketing Deals

Another method to set your mechanic shop apart is to offer individualized purchasing auto repair marketing experiences.

Collect data from customers (Wifi Marketing makes this simple!) and construct profiles to help you see when a consumer is due for a service. Then, using email or SMS, offer targeted, tailored reminders and deals to customers.

Auto repair marketing deals could include: 

  • A free service with the purchase of another service (free tire rotation with tuneup) 
  • A discounted service with the purchase of another service ($10 oil change with tuneup) 
  • A free service with the purchase of another service (free tire rotation with tuneup) 
  • A free service with the purchase of another service (free tire rotation with tuneup) 
  • A free service with the purchase of another service (free tire rotation with tuneup)
  • Discounts in dollars ($10 off an oil change)
  • Seasonal deals ($15 off A/C check-in May) and percentage discounts (20% off an oil change)

3. Establish a follow-up plan for your auto repair marketing ideas.

After they’ve visited your shop, following up with customers is another approach to stay in touch with them.

Create a system that forces you to call each of your clients after completing service with your company.

This is one of the auto repair marketing ideas that allows you to get feedback on your work and build a stronger, more personal relationship with your clients.

Online Auto repair Marketing and Websites

4. Make Explanatory Auto Repair Shop Marketing Videos Available on the Internet

Whether you post videos to your company’s YouTube page or integrate them directly into your website, they’re a fantastic way to grab customers’ attention and offer them relevant, visual information about their vehicle and the services they require.

5. Use the Internet to connect with local shoppers to share auto repair shop advertising ideas.

While the internet may appear to be a tool for interacting with individuals worldwide, it can also be beneficial for connecting with people in your vicinity.

By optimizing your site for local SEO, using Facebook and Google ads to target people in your region, and creating Google Business and Yelp profile pages, you may employ auto repair marketing ideas to target local clients who are looking for an auto shop or mechanic near them.

6. Establish a Referral Bonus Program

By creating a referral incentives program, you can put your consumers to work for you.

Inform current customers that they will receive rewards such as little freebies, service discounts, and contest entries if they suggest a new customer to your firm.

You might also want to offer little incentives to new customers who mention a reference, as this will encourage them to remember to recognize their referrer.

You can also promote this program in-store!

7. Blogs on Auto Repair Marketing Ideas

Blogging is a valuable tool for not only informing and connecting with clients but also for improving your SEO and search engine results ranks.

It’s not required to post every day, but you should establish and stick to a timetable.

Your blog isn’t intended to be a sales pitch. It’s a chance to impart knowledge about your industry, client demands, and the need for routine car maintenance.

Marketing in-store

8. Create a plan for auto repair marketing service subscriptions.

If your auto repair shop provides routine maintenance, consider developing a program that ensures your customers come back to you for all of their future requirements.

Create a subscription for your auto repair marketing service plan that allows customers to pay overtime for discounted scheduled services in exchange for a discount.

9. Use informative in-store content to educate customers.

Customers in auto shops are generally distrustful, so you’ll have to work hard to earn their trust.

One approach to do so is to provide educational content that allays their anxieties, concerns, and apprehensions.

In-store signage contains information that: explains how services are performed and why they are required and shares facts and evidence about the value of items and services. 

10. Promote products and auto repair marketing services through in-store digital signage.

Customers at your store are interested in what you have to offer.

Utilize engaging and attractive digital signage marketing tools to capitalize on that attention. Use exciting and stunning digital signage marketing solutions instead of dull old posters and fliers that customers ignore.

You can tailor waiting room television programming, swiftly update promos, give animation and video commercials, and utilize your programming as a silent, constant salesperson thanks to digital screens.

Marketing on Social Media

11. Encourage social media participation in auto repair marketing ideas.

Make use of your social media networks to produce both informative and entertaining material. You don’t have to be active on every social media platform out there.

Create a Facebook profile at the very least as part of your auto repair marketing efforts, and routinely update your page with content that would be of interest to your target audience.

All of your content doesn’t need to be about vehicle repair. It can be about anything related to cars, driving, your community, and your shop, such as:

  • Driver Safety Tips
  • Car Maintenance Advice
  • Travel Tips, 
  • Traffic News, 
  • Photos Of Your Staff And Location, 
  • Customer Satisfaction Stories, 
  • Information About Local Events, 
  • Support For Community Initiatives, 
  • Offering Specials And Coupons In Exchange For Likes And Shares.

12. Customers should be rewarded for social check-ins and mentions

Take your engagement to the next level. Positive social media mentions of your company are beneficial to your bottom line.

They are a sort of free promotion because they expose your company to a large audience without requiring any effort or payment on your part.

As a result, encourage your consumers to advertise your company and check in on social media during their trips.

Customers will be more likely to mention their visit on social media if you give incentives such as check-in deals or contest participation.

13. Use social media as a new way to reach out to customers. 

It’s not just about sending and receiving messages on social media. It’s also about paying attention to what others have to say.

Tracking internet conversations to gain a sense of what customers believe and need is known as social listening. Use social media to learn about the challenges that your target consumers face (so you can help them solve them) and how they feel about your brand (to address customer issues and concerns).

Look for: Mentions of your brand Mentions of your rivals Comments that pertain to your industry, products, and services when you engage in social listening.

14. Encourage your customers to leave reviews about your auto repair marketing ideas.

Collecting and sharing reviews about your business is another approach to use user-generated content to engage with additional customers.

Customer reviews are crucial components of effective auto repair marketing strategies because they establish confidence and attract new clients to do business with you.

Create methods that encourage prior customers to leave feedback on feedback cards, review sites, and even video testimonials.

Don’t put reviews in a drawer. Post these on social media so that all of your consumers can see how much others adore your company.

15. Include before and after pictures.

You may also demonstrate your customers’ trustworthiness by posting content that reflects the importance of your job. Instagram is a fantastic platform for sharing these photos.

Another incredible technique to highlight before and after photographs of your team’s effort is digital signage. Also, use images on your website and in print brochures to highlight the work your mechanics and body shop staff have done.

Marketing to the Community

16. Organize Events

Hosting events is one of the auto repair marketing ideas that can drive people into your shop right away.

It’s a fantastic idea to host open houses, information sessions, and seminars about car care to welcome new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones.

17. Get Involved in Your Community

Let folks in your community know you’re in town and ready to help out with other local projects.

Participate in the community through sponsoring local events, collaborating with local charities, and partnering with other local businesses.

18. Collaborate with other local businesses that aren’t competitors.

Swap auto repair marketing materials with your neighbors’ businesses to broaden your customer base.

You can also use social media to promote your services by inviting consumers to follow each business account and tag a friend on combined social events. Each participating firm provides a product or service to the winner.

End Note 

While the competition is unarguably tough, using the proper auto repair marketing ideas as mentioned above, you can definitely expect significant growth in your auto repair marketing business. For further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Ranolia Ventures.