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We assist Businesses to tackle usability and user experience challenges and create better solutions.

Every Interaction Matters

Every micro-interaction is important to us at Ranolia Ventures. We endeavor to make each digital product a pleasurable experience for our users.

To evaluate the quality of the user experience, our professional team of UX Designers considers data, insights, and business requirements. We overcome all UX difficulties, big or small, using a well-defined process, and present a realistic roadmap for future advancements.

A UX Review can drastically improve a digital product's usability and marketability. It is less expensive, takes less time, and guarantees results. We've found a wide range of usability concerns, debated UX enhancements, validated design modifications, and grown organizations to new heights over the last few years.

What we do

We conduct UX Reviews intending to increase total business value. Along the way, our comprehensive approach assists us in identifying new opportunities.


Interpret Data

  • The cornerstone of UX Review is data interpretation. We look at business data and analytics to see what works best for you.

Gather Insights

  • To decide the scope of future development, we look at user habits and behavior flows.


  • The user experience is mostly determined by usability. We provide methods that are both usable and efficient.

Our UX Review Framework

We've discovered a lot of design flaws, malfunctioning or unclear components, and responsive bugs during the last few years. Our results are now tangible and measurable thanks to this approach.

Set objectives

The stakeholder's expectations for the UX Review can be clearly defined by defining the objectives. We emphasize business objectives to keep the project on track and see actual outcomes.

We provide business intelligence solutions, cloud application migration, collaboration and portal construction, document management solutions, secure intranets, extranets, and portal setup, as well as ongoing maintenance, support, and upgrades.


Study behaviour flows

We look at user journeys and behavioral trends to figure out why so many people abandon their accounts. This allows us to figure out what isn't working for your users. We can better understand user wants by creating User personas. After that, we create a user journey that combines the best of business and user goals to create an interactive experience.


Usability review

A UX Review's main focus is usability. We utilize Usability Testing to find trends that suggest a gap in the user's journey and to gain useful information.



We provide our clients with thorough feedback on where the product is lagging after analyzing each micro-interaction. We see feedback as an opportunity, not a list of concerns because it identifies areas where we can improve. This allows us to fill in gaps in the user journey and give a consistent experience.

We are trusted by brands you believe in

Frequently asked questions

How does UX Review increase the business value of a digital product?
By focusing on issues that affect the user experience, UX Review can drastically improve a product. It is less expensive, takes less time, and guarantees results. Following extensive testing and review, several solutions are proposed that would improve the UX's usability and efficiency. UX Review aids in the refinement of the USP and provides value to end-users by generating more effective solutions.
What is Heuristic Analysis?
Heuristic analysis entails assessing a product to discover if it piques the interest of users. It's done to see if a product is usable. Usability specialists evaluate a product using a set of preset rules during a Heuristic evaluation. Experts frequently evaluate characteristics such as user control and freedom, error prevention, aesthetic and simple design. When it comes to spotting design faults, heuristic analysis is invaluable.
What is the expected deliverable after a UX Review?
A UX Review is carried out to assess a product's usability and accessibility. Following a successful assessment, a consolidated report is provided that summarizes the collection of user experience issues and rates them according to severity. It also contains a list of suggested remedies for addressing design faults.
How to conduct a UX Review?
The user experience must be reviewed against a set of predetermined principles to conduct a UX Review that adds value. To uncover usability flaws that limit a product's progress, we go through a sequence of processes. We identify the issues and begin the process by establishing the scope of the investigation. We learn about the client's specific needs and the user demographic. We finalize the tools and heuristics that will be used in the review. We assess the experience and identify issues with the user interface. The final step is gathering and evaluating a large amount of data to identify major faults and provide a variety of viable remedies.

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