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Don’t limit your revolutionary app idea to the execution amount of your internal team. We are an app development company for startups and assist the up-and-coming businesses to convert into an MVP within your financial capability and timeline.

70% Of App Ends Up As Failure

Developing a breakthrough solution is difficult. Ensuring viability and scalability is even tougher. We assist start-ups to develop a feasible solution that will end up as a success.


To not end up in the 70% of app failure, we come up with market strategies focusing on realistic goals addressing users’ pain points and converting them into financial gains for you. We develop an MVP within 60 days, presentable in the market and to your investors for fundraising meetings.

Our MVP Development Process

We Help Startups Take Small Steps Towards Bigger Goals

At ranolia Ventures, we have expert developers with years of expertise in the latest technology and frameworks. We have worked with rising startups to Fortune 500 companies to help them deliver the value they seek. We assist startups to solidify their breakthrough ideas by brainstorming idea valuation sessions, outlining goals, and coming up with a feasible timeline under budget. We combine our technical capabilities with creative thinking, empathy with rationality to deliver a viable solution to become the next big name. Cross-Platform Flawless App Experience,Weekly Product Version Update,App Lifecycle Management

How we develop an MVP

We have a plan in place to get there, but the actual essence of our process is never losing sight of our client’s particular requirements and end-users. What motivates you motivates us.

Discovery Workshops

We feel that the Discovery Workshop is the most effective technique to manage any project. It is crucial in the early stages of developing a digital product. We hold product discovery workshops to identify business goals, the project's purpose, prioritize core functionalities, understand target audiences, create user personas, and investigate their wants and journeys. It streamlines the entire development process and ensures that our client's finished product meets their objectives. We've had many Discovery workshops, and it's helped us spot any problems early on. Conducting a workshop generates a common sense of understanding, which allows us to cooperatively drive the project in the appropriate path.


Scoping Sessionss

We create a well-defined Scope of Work for your product idea, so you can get it out into the market faster and more cost-effectively. Our value propositions, product characteristics, and project scope are all derived once we've gained a deeper grasp of your objectives and vision. Scoping sessions are an opportunity for us to get to know our clients better and help them better comprehend the product and its capabilities. Statement of Work (SOW), a report outlining the project scope, and a ballpark budget and timetable estimate are all provided to our clients.


Business Analysis

As a collaborative and analytical process, business analysis uncovers and defines the needs of the organization as well as the needs of its customers. In order to create a solution that meets the needs of our customers, our Business Analysts work directly with them. Clients' interests are managed and strategic analysis is performed throughout the development cycle by these intermediaries. In addition to doing stakeholder and competitor analysis, we look at the viability of alternative solutions and only validate them if our customer has authorized them.


Product Design Sprint

A five-day brainstorming session known as a "Product Design Sprint" consists of five distinct phases. Our ultimate goal is to take a concept and turn it into a working prototype. Assumptions are validated with real users in a matter of days after months of design, prototyping, and testing. In addition to orienting the entire team, the sprint methodology also reduces the possibility of failure. One of the best ways to learn about how an end-user interacts with a product is to participate in a Design Sprint.



Rapid Prototyping is followed by the rapid development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It is designed to collect vital feedback from its end-users, keeping the key functionalities intact. From the start, we aim to create products that are enjoyable, usable, valuable, and feasible. An MVP lets us make decisions and determine the scope for future versions based on real facts rather than guesswork. Validated learning underpins MVP's design philosophy. We can conduct research and adoption testing more effectively by launching and promoting in a more narrowly defined market.



We offer end-to-end solutions to our clients as we constantly improve, iterate, and upgrade our products. When you work with us, we give long-term support for your app, and we're always here to help. We document a description for the app store and make your software available to millions of people when it has been transformed into reality from your innovative idea. Our pre-release testing and post-release support ensure that your product's quality is continually improved and that your customers remain loyal. We believe in long-term success for your product through stabilizing and scaling it.

Know What’s Crucial For Your Business Solution

The key to a successful launch is ensuring that the user's needs are aligned with your company's beliefs.

It's important to know whether or not your product is needed before you can begin developing it, which is why the Product Discovery Process is so crucial to app development for startup success. We use Google Design Sprint to study your business and gain an understanding of what your customers are searching for after we have shown the viability of your app idea. This is the foundation of our full-service custom software development for startups.

We help you create a fundable

app ready for negotiations

You get a lot more than just a mobile app as a result of our collaboration. We're recognized as startup app developers for a reason. You'll learn about how startups grow into large corporations and how they locate the right personnel to keep them there. To put it another way, we help you get ready for funding.

Product Canvas to Help Build the Right Solution.

A Product Canvas, a single page that contains all of the relevant information for the product's many stages of development, is created prior to the start of the software development process for startups. In addition to the project goal, user persona details, and the app's functionality, design, and characteristics, we distribute a product canvas to all stakeholders.


Timely Delivery and frequent Updates

Our release schedule guarantees that new features will be available as soon as possible. The more regularly you release new app versions, the more likely it is that you will succeed and avoid making a mistake. To ensure that the app is always ready for deployment, we use automated tests, an in-house QA staff, and a tight code review process.


Assistance for analysis and future growth

Getting input from individuals who are actually using your app can be quite helpful at this early stage when the cost of change is at its lowest. As a startup app developer, we employ technologies like user surveys, video recordings, and conversion analysis in order to find out if our final products meet our goals.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I start if I want to develop an application?
Scoping session is a fantastic place to start if you've been thinking about an app idea for a while. It's the most effective technique to validate your product concept and the first step toward turning your dream into a reality. Knowledge sharing is facilitated by a scoping session. It enables the app development business to comprehend your vision, capture your specific needs, and streamline the entire process.
What is the purpose of bots?
Is a Scoping Session truly necessary?
Yes, A scoping session is crucial and has a significant impact on the product's final conclusion. It guarantees that you're working on the appropriate problem. A scoping meeting includes all parts of project planning and streamlines a roadmap that guides the project to its conclusion.
What should I expect after a Scoping Session?
A scoping session aids in the discovery of unique ideas and the refinement of your product concept. Your implementation partner creates a Statement of Work at the end of the session, which is a thorough proposal defining the project scope, timetable, required resources, and cost.
How to prepare for a Scoping Session?
It is critical to conduct a scoping session. However, taking part in one does not necessitate extensive preparation. You must have a complete understanding of your product concept and be able to easily communicate it to the development team. Your primary concern should be conveying the idea, capturing the vision, and articulating the final goals. The development firm will gather relevant data to aid you in your digital product journey.
Who are the key participants in a Scoping Session?
The key executives, primarily the Project Manager, the tech team, and a UX specialist, attend the Scoping session because it is the first official encounter. All important executives with a stake in the project's success will be there to give their perspectives and assess the project's scope.
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Product Management

Product management is the cornerstone of full-cycle product development. Our Product Managers provide constant visibility to clients into the project process and progress.

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From idea validation to product development, we provide end to end solutions and scale Startups to new heights.

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