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To design scalable and flexible systems for the industries we serve, our software engineers have deep technical knowledge and industry-leading expertise.

01 On-Demand Solutions

Individuals and businesses can use holistic on-demand app development solutions to get on-demand services.
  • Social Media integration
  • Geo IP location
  • In-app payments
  • Analytics
  • Instant alerts
Case study


We assisted Stakich, a century-year-old brand, to
re-connect with its users digitally and engage with
a younger audience. We helped create an awareness campaign to bolster the digital presence of Stakich skyrocketing their ROI
5 times.

02 Healthcare

Reliable solutions for transformational patient care and medical support through healthcare app development.
  • Electronic health record
  • Medical insurance claim
  • Software integration
  • Process management electronic
  • Patient gateway
  • Lifestyle tracking
Case study

Residency Success

We transformed Residency Success, a platform for
assisting doctors for their residency program, from
sporadic to consistent. By streamlining the website, our client could get a conversion rate of a whopping 83% and revenue by 113%.

03 Logistics & Distribution

Reliable apps for smoothing out the whole process of sending, delivering, and tracking.
  • In-App payment
  • Social Media Integration
  • Barcode Scanning
  • GPS
  • Cross-Platform Ability
Case study

Any Movers

Any Movers, a trucking and transportation service,
wanted a safe communication and tracking
platform. We developed a reliable and convenient app for truckers and customers to use with ease and confidence.

04 Education & mLearning

Facilitating the education and learning process.
  • Corporate training apps
  • Employee engagement apps
  • Induction and orientation apps
  • Skill boosting apps
  • Tuition apps
Case study

Peer Learning

We assisted in creating a cost-effective e-learning
platform for Peer Tutors of Maryland. We
developed a one-stop-shop for leadership development that features expert-written blogs and video conferencing.

05 Social Media & Networking

Facilitate the best learning in a real test environment to boost the overall performance.
  • Custom Social App
  • Analysis Tools
  • Messaging App
  • Video-Based App
  • Social Gaming App
  • Mobile Dating App
Case study

IMTE Forum

We helped create a discussion forum for IMTE
for like-minded people to share their thoughts
and ideas around the globe. We added features for convenience as per the requirement of the client.

06 Sports and Gaming

With our revenue-focused sports solutions, you can double income and increase user engagement.
  • Coaching & Training Apps
  • On-Demand Sports Coach App
  • Sports Streaming App
  • IoT Apps
  • Event Booking App
  • Sports Betting App
  • Teams & Leagues management
Case study

Super Sports Elite

We developed a cross-platform app for Super Sports
Elite, a coaching program for athletes. A safe, secure, and convenient app for coaches and athletes to connect and get resources.

07 Retail & Ecommerce

Help bring your shops online with e-commerce solutions
  • Customized e-Commerce Solution for Retailers
  • Multi-Vendors Retail App
  • Enterprise Mobility Solution for Retailers & Online Businesses
  • Inventory Management System
  • Sales Management System
  • POS Solutions
Case study

Global Business Interaction

We assisted with a customized e-commerce solution
for service providers and businesses. We helped
develop android and iOS app for Global Business Interaction to provide a smooth and reliable app to connect businesses.

08 Wellness Solutions

Building apps to keep you focused on wellness goals
  • Meditation Mindfulness App
  • Mood Tracking Solution
  • Sleep Cycle Analysis App
  • Personality Development Solutions
  • Gratitude Journal App
  • Diet & Nutrition App
Case study

Katoa Fitness

We assisted Eliza Katoa, a well-known fitness trainer,
to create a wellness app, providing a holistic
guide, tracking goals and weekly messages. We developed a native app with an attractive user interface with a small app size.


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