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The advantages of Bluetooth Low Energy are many from getting notified about discounts in a nearby store to getting info about a historical monument. Tap in these possibilities and provide better business solutions.

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We're a top iBeacon app development business that creates simple, location-based beacon apps that deliver personalized experiences to users at scale.

At Ranolia Ventures, we focus on providing the most up-to-date BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or Vision 4.0+ technology to provide consumers with a wonderful and interactive experience.

We recognize that with brick and mortar businesses, proximity marketing is the future of mobile marketing. As a result, we devote our full attention to iBeacon app development for iOS and Android, delivering low-energy solutions that provide consumers with the ultimate in interactivity. It's the kind that fosters mutual trust and enhances the likelihood of higher levels of engagement.

Our iBeacon app development experts provide research-based Beacon app development solutions that make it easier to get an in-depth insight into users' brick-and-mortar ecosystems and improve overall ROI by sending location-based communications to customers.

We've already designed and developed a number of excellent iBeacon mobile apps that have helped our clients make a lot of money. And we work hard to offer you the same powerful combination of Beacon hardware and mobile technology so that you can have a prosperous future.

All you need to know about Beacon technology.

At Ranolia Ventures, we turn your physical business into an interactive ecosystem that engages customers in ways they've never experienced before. Our efforts, however, are not limited to this.

Our iBeacon app developers believe in making technology accessible to everyone by sharing the fundamentals.

What is the purpose of beacon technology and how does it work?

A beacon is a small wireless device that uses proximity technology to detect human presence and relay messages as part of indoor positioning systems. When it recognizes one, it uses Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Low Energy to emit radio signals. Mobile phones receive these signals and take pre-programmed actions to provide a tailored and contextual user experience.

Our beacon app

development solutions

We are one of the top iBeacon app development companies delivering a vast range of services depending on your business needs.

Vehicle tracking
Transferring documents
Location and proximity
Mobile payments
Indoor maps
Discount notifications

Our Process For Beaconifying

Your App

Our iBeacon app developers go through each stage of the development process to ensure that your app is among the best in the industry.

Stay Ahead Of Competition

With iBeacon App
Development Service

We have made it to the list of top iBeacon app development companies by delivering a vast range of services depending on your business needs.

Vehicle tracking
Customer engagement at the forefront
Broad expertise in domain
Development using cutting- edge technologies and tools
Collaborative approach with the client
Transparent processes
Custom business models
Support and maintenance throughout the app’s lifetime
We are trusted by brands you believe in

Frequently asked questions

How do beacon apps help businesses?
Beacon mobile apps assist businesses in marketing their products and services while also providing an engaging environment for users in a variety of ways. Here are a few of them:
  • Notify neighboring users of special deals and discounts.
  • Users should be greeted at the door.
  • Reward them with loyalty points if you provide them with educational content.
Can BLE beacons work without an app?
Yes, they can function without the use of an app. Google Eddystone beacons are the best illustration of this, as they emit URLs that can be passively checked by about 92 percent of Android smartphones on the market.
How do I develop an Android app for my iBeacon?
Developing an Android app for iBeacon comes with a number of hurdles. As a result, we recommend that you choose reputable Beacon app developers for the development process.
Can multiple apps use the same beacon?
Yes, they are capable. This is due to the fact that apps do not communicate with beacons. They receive the signals sent out by these gadgets and carry out pre-programmed tasks.
Can BLE beacons be used with an app without using the internet?
Yes, they can function without access to the internet. They rely on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for connectivity, after all.
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