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The Analyzer provides you with important recommendations that empower you to rank higher on search engines and increase visitors to the website drastically.

On-Page SEO Results

On-page SEO helps search engines assess your website and its content to determine if a searcher’s query matches your site. The analyzer scans your website and reviews if your On-page SEO is optimized.

You are provided with in-depth info for Title Tag, Meta Description tag, header tags, keyword consistency, phrases, sitemaps and much more. This info empowers you to improve the content for gradual gains.


Review the top 10 keyword rankings for your content in specific locations throughout the world. Review the keywords that drive most of the traffic to your website and create revisions for your website.

You can track the ranking for the keywords that you are using on your Website for optimal results.

You can also review an estimated traffic volume for your web page depending on the keywords used.

In addition to this, also see the keyword positions via the ranking system.


Get important information on the quality and quantity of links and Backlinks pointing to your website. Review if your link appears friendly or needs some changes.


Search engines rank websites with good usability higher than others. Our analyzer provides you with necessary information regarding usability and shows you the ranking for the same.

The analyzer provides you with device rendering info that enables you to see how your website is presented when opened on different devices such as computers or mobile.

Check additional info such as Flash used, iFrames used, Favicon, and Email privacy too.

Performance Results

Our analyzer rates your website in context with Page Speed info consisting of the server response, page loading time, and scripts loading time.

Page size info is all taken into consideration, which includes the number of pages on the website and the analysis of Page size breakdown.

Info on Java scripts error if any is also provided within it.

Social Results

Our Analyzer also provides you with details about the website’s social presence across social media platforms. Our Analyzer provides you with an insight into how your Website is performing across all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Technology Used

Use this feature of our SEO analyzer to review the technologies you have used while building the website. 

It also includes the Server IP address, DNS servers, Web server, and Charset.

Child Pages

In addition to all this insightful information, our Analyzer also provides you with the links to Child Pages, so you can click on it and run an SEO Analyzer of these web pages to enhance the content, SEO, and visitation on your website.