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Digital marketing is generally a strategic and analyzed approach for brand marketing. Ranolia Ventures believe Digital Marketing is all about the marketing of products or services over the internet using different digital technologies is known as digital marketing. It typically covers various marketing efforts that use any digital device. Digital marketing helps the organization to connect with their clients and customers for better user experience. SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC ads are a few classifications of Digital marketing tactics.
Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly known is the optimizing concepts and pattern that has to be followed to get a particular page rank higher in the search engines. Ranking your page at the more top position plays a vital role for any business as the better the ranking more the traffic it would generate. More the traffic a site generates leads to more opportunities to convert the leads and turn them into successful sales. These are just the gist of how our SEO marketers are capable of performing at Ranolia Venture.
Well indeed! Our team at Ranolia Ventures have proven again and again with its constant growth and efforts and witnessed the utilization of Social Media Marketing helping various enterprises with their online performance. These days it is no acceptable to have no Social Media presence for a reputable firm and hence it is vital to use SMM and lead the path towards a successful growth.
Social Media has revolutionized the consumer-seller conversation and created a platform to reach the desired targeted audience within no time. Ranolia Ventures utilizes Social Media Marketing for several enterprises as it is an essential means of maintaining a relationship between the clients and their targeted consumers.
Generally, any Social Media Marketing can be measured through the same channels as the other marketing campaigns are calculated. The success of Marketing can be measured through traffic, leads, and conversions. Ranolia Ventures first try to measure the number of followers or friends on any social media platforms. This tells you the performance of your page. Then comes the number of leads generated and how many were converted to potential consumers. This overall stats gives you the precise outcome of your Social Media Marketing.
Certainly, SMM can never be done for free as it is one hectic and long term process that take time and efforts of a team of marketers to design, research, and analyze the market. It is no secret that the ROI your business gets will directly show you the actual results and outcomes of your efforts. Always remember, ROI does not still have to mean revenue; it can also mean generating new leads, meeting new guidelines, and others.
There is no set of fixed rules for any business to prefer a particular social media platform as it is vital to have a strong presence on every social media channel. However, always keep in mind that different businesses have a diverse targeted audience. Enterprises are utilizing Facebook and Instagram to market their products, and then some organizations sue LinkedIn and other professional platforms to engage their audience.
Blogs and articles play a vital role in engaging huge traffic. With Ranolia Ventures Search Engine Optimization or SEO tactics, increase your reach and make a stronger presence in the digital market. Blogs help engage more visitors by using appropriate keywords and tells provides fresh content to the search engines that reach them through these relevant keywords.
With increase in advancement related to technology, it is essential for every industry to have their enterprise in the digital market as a website. Due to the commercialization of the internet, website development has become one stop solution for every growing industry. Website development is nothing but making of a website and all the work required by the team of developers in developing a fully functional website.
Like every crucial steps, keyword streaming also plays a vital role for any SEO marketer. Keyword streaming is mainly analyzing strategically and choose a relevant and appropriate keyword that best suits your website. Ranolia Ventures perform their best research in choosing the most appropriate keyword to gain more organic traffic and generate leads.
Ranolia Ventures has expert SEO marketers who utilize every concept of SEO to gain utmost amount of growth. It is essential for keyword placement in the following places:
Meta-Title (Website Title)
• Website URL
• Meta-Tags
• Blog Headings
• Blog Content
• Webpage Content
The CRM charges are according to the users & plan based. All our CRM charges rewarded are according to the users purchased & the duration that is set according to the plan. Moreover, our billing is according to your plan duration i.e., monthly, periodically, half-yearly, and annually. With Ranolia Ventures, your account is accessible with the actually paid payment & you can also renew it according to the billing cycle.
You are having a strong brand presence assist in selling your products and services. Developing a brand ensures to attract customers and reassures them. Moreover, it will help you get more new customers.
Having a logo for your brand is highly essential as it represents your services and products. All well-known brands have a logo. The logo is the face of business, so having it for your brand is imperative.
Depending on your brand values and product/services, communicating the brand's message needs a budget. You require developing brand statement which describes your message. Understand the benefits of your brand and think about your brand logo and graphics to decide your budget correctly.
At Ranolia Ventures, we create content that suits your business; our team understands your target audience and content preference. Then, we start developing the strategy which we can use for your business. This approach of us helps to curate content that works for your business, and you can check your content before it is published.
Digital marketing services offered by us are data-driven. Our digital strategies, as well as processes, gains deeper insights and provide results which customers want. Our team understands the marketing goals and provides marketing that empowers your business and enhances the customer experience.
At Ranolia Ventures, we strive hard to honor and augment voice, results, and character of your business. From customer service to warehousing responsibilities or team knows the essentials of each task they take.Our ecommerce process starts with discovery and act as a visual for task completion. In other words, we work with our team closely for seamless tasks.
Well, we are making the same strategy for every customer who gives us a call. We create customized ecommerce strategy for every business who deals with us. We are not begging to get new clients, but we are entirely selective about the clients we forge. We take clients who build long term relationship and help them with result-driven marketing. Moreover, our marketing speaks itself. We provide customized marketing solution with our in-depth experience.
The traditional digital marketing mainly has three main, which includes securing an email address, boosting up brand awareness, and completing the sale. Well, this does not mean that your business should be given a runoff. As your business rises, you want to expand its offering and target new potential customers, which can be done through ecommerce digital marketing. The cutting edge ecommerce digital marketing campaign can help you to grow more.
This entirely depends on the business and its goals — Facebook, Amazon, Google, Instagram, podcast ads, and YouTube. At Ranolia Ventures, we can help you pick up the right marketing channels as per your business goals and budget. Get a free consultation and ask us how we can nurture your business.
Well, this is a tactless question. Every business with whom we have worked has distinct goals and a different budget. So, we cannot give you an approximate budget for ecommerce marketing. We initially need to know about your brand and analyze your goals before we can provide you with some minimum budget.
Call to action email marketing campaign needs to be very simple and clear. It needs to be on the top of your email such that it grabs the attention of the user. Moreover, it needs to spell correctly what you want from your subscribers.
Our prices depend entirely on several variants but are sure that you will get extreme value for your designing project. Our designing charges depend on the type of service which you take from us.
Below is the process we follow for our ORM services:
• Encouraging existing positive content
• Creation of new content and social media profile
• Involve actively on social web sphere via forums, blogs, and social networking
• Responding to the negative views on several online media.
Once the PPC campaign has been set up and ready to go, it will be going through a review process which will not take more than an hour. Once the review process is done, the campaign will be live and will start getting traffic to your website. Our PPC specialists will let you know within the first week about the PPC campaign created by us.
SEO is an ongoing procedure as competitors mainly try to stay ahead. Thus, doing SEO for a while is not a great idea. So, an individual cannot provide some timing for taking SEO services as Google keeps on updating their algorithm to provide a better experience.
As per the global statistics, around 45% of individuals used to prefer online shopping via smartphones. So, yes, taking our whatsapp marketing services provides you to get higher chances of getting instant leads.
At Ranolia Ventures, our marketing team engages your customer with unique content in the form of message templates, text messages, documents, images, and audio clips.
If you have budget constraint then yes you can still take the benefit of SMS marketing services. You can easily promote your business via text marketing services offered by us.
Yes, Ranolia Ventures offers customized SMS marketing services to customers. In this personalized message service, you can include customer name, the status of an order, or some particular landing page of the website.
Yes, SMM services work for every kind of businesses. Social media marketing services enhance customer interactions and create a platform to reach the potential audience and spread positive information online and eradicating harmful data. Ranolia Ventures social media marketing campaign offers competitive insights and market analysis which no one can offer.
Yes, you have complete right to make the changes in the website as per your wish. After we have developed your website, it would be easy for you to do the changes as per your requirement. We also offer website maintenance service after the development process, which you can take further.
There is not any precise answer to this question. As different business have a different kind of audience. Some spend their time on Facebook or instagram while others get on the Linkedin and other social platforms.
Nowadays, every business small, medium, or large are taking benefit of the World Wide Web as several consumers are turning towards computers, smartphones, and tablets to locate the business. They make use of the browsers, Google, and others to compare prices or another specialty. So, if you do not have any online presence, then you are limiting your targeted audience and does not increase your potential growth. Thus, in pure form, digital marketing utilizes the internet to advertise the business and sell services or products. Therefore, its main components include website design, authentic content, effective email marketing, and social media. Online marketing is highly imperative and cost-practical as compared to traditional methods of marketing.
If correctly utilized SEO is useful as well as relevant. Moreover, SEO results can be acquired by the following:
• Create website sitemap
• Curate search engine friendly URLs for pages and posts
• Make sure to add meta-data for all pages, photos, and posts
• Align the content of the website with desired keywords
• Clear unwanted backlinks to a website
• Acquire positive backlinks to your website
There are several reasons to exploit digital marketing strategies for businesses:
• Real-time data rules the market
• Intense use of applications
• Brand act as communication among individuals and technology
• Viral advertising is grabbing more attention
• Online shopping is increased
If you want to increase the organic traffic of your website and create a lasting impact on our competitor's list of keywords. Then, Ranolia Ventures is best for you. SEO needs long-time commitment as well as efforts to provide effective results. Some organizations make use of short term SEO strategies for a significant amount, but that does not create lasting results. At Ranolia Ventures, we focus on establishing lasting results.
Local SEO mainly focuses on attaining the results in location-based searches such as “restaurant in Gurugram.” These kinds of searches have become more frequent and result in the map displayed in search results. There are some specific hacks which can be leveraged to affect performance in location-based search.
The data-driven marketing is a process of having tactics and procedures to utilize data to get deeper insights about customers. When you completely understand what, where, when, and how consumers respond to marketing efforts. Thus, you are required to make better decisions and enhance the personal customer experience.
The performance marketing majorly focuses on the agenda in which you pay for the performance. The main goal of this marketing is to acquire conversions, get clicks, and generate leads or sales. The performance marketing campaign takes place digitally. Thus, it is imperative to obtain accurate monitoring tools.
CRO is a procedure of enhancing conversion percentage from your digital property, mainly a web page. Conversion rate optimization incorporates the execution of the strategies to improve elements on your website via testing. CRO focuses on moving plans to the next phase.
The interactive content is essential for every business and required CTA. This helps companies to get a useful and revenue-generating result. The content writing includes answering of question which guides individuals properly that addresses the issues and challenges.
Internet is a dynamic place, and search engine result pages can change consistently. But, this can be frustrating to website owners as once it rank on number 2 and the other day ranks 5 number for the same keyword. Well, there are several factors which affect the ranking of a specific web page or given keyword. This includes:
• New sites, web pages, and content are explored by search engine regularly and might jump ahead of the existing pages in the ranking
• Older websites, web pages, and content are taken offline, or due to content which does not change or visited after a long time.
• Older websites and web pages are updated or change to make the content highly attractive to visitors and to search engines.
• The search engine can change how they evaluate the web pages, websites, links, and content, which results in the rank of a given page for a given keyword.
There are several steps involved in our web development process: Discovery If you want to restructure your website, we initially check your current content and provide an improvement suggestion. But, if it’s a new site, we start by discussing functionality you require for your website and develop an outline
Content Development Few ways to handle the task of creating content is we can write the content for you. Else, you have the choice to write the content yourself as per SEO keywords.
Design: We will provide you the design layout that satisfies you.
Development and SEO: After getting the content, we start with the process of growth and do basic optimization and add social buttons
Testing: At this phase, we test the website to ensure that everything is working functionally.
Launch: After the final approval, we launch the website.
Our USP is offering superior quality service at affordable rates. We understand the value of money, so, we work with complete dedication to convert your enterprise into a successful one. We have a team of experts who holds expertise in several technologies. Whether you need simple, static or, complicated website, we provide you with development service. We offer highly efficient web development service in several frameworks.
Yes! We provide responsive website design service. Our technical team holds experience in advanced technology such as HTML5 and CSS3. We design an intuitive and eye-catching website that fits on several browsers. Moreover, you can provide the details before the project started.
Yes, we offer with the option of templates too. Moreover, we encourage our clients to be transparent in their requirements such that we can offer them the option. This can save time as well as money. Moreover, this will fasten the development process.
Yes, we offer website hosting service if the client needs.
A static website is a kind of website written in HTML. Moreover, every page is a separate document, and there is not any database that draws it. Otherwise, a dynamic website is written with the utilization of highly complex code. Like, there are several sections made where you can log and change information as per your need, or add products or remove. The ecommerce website is the primary example of a dynamic website. Due to the reason, the ecommerce website is featured with an admin panel which has easy to use interface and through which you can add or delete the information.

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