Scale-up with
Agile Development

We begin by segmenting the app development process into several tasks. After being given to our teams, these tasks are separated into subtasks, each of which is completed simultaneously.

We deliver values the agile way

We employ agile methodology to provide solutions and meet demands. Our cross-functional teams of developers, designers, and testers collaborate with our customers simultaneously and co-dependently to achieve not just one but multiple functionalities.


We divide every task into several subtasks divided into sprints of two weeks. We cross out elements one by one as soon as it is achieved. To streamline our project expectation with the progress, we have daily scrum meetings with the team, where further tasks are clearly assigned.

We believe in agile methodology as we as a cross-functional team could evolve through collaborative efforts and build the desired solution. Ideation and implementation go hand in hand. We are open to constructive feedback and adapt to changes

We develop products at low risk by
using agile way advancing development speed

    • Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)

      You can directly connect through the developers, designers, and testers to convey your specific requirements even before the actual implementation.

    • Agile Modeling

      We describe the concepts and values to make agile development approaches like extreme programming, Scrum, and Rational Unified Process easier to apply.

    • Agile Testing

      We assure that there are no bugs or problems by making mobile app testing a critical element of the app development process. The agile method, which is led by our team of testers, keeps everyone engaged in the process, from the UX-UI designers to the app developers, in the loop.

    • Backlogs

      Our POC thoroughly lists out tasks and pending tasks on the tab. This aids in meeting clients' expectations through the incremental and iterative mobile app development process.

    • Behavior Driven Development

      Every app feature is validated in a systematic manner to ensure that test cases and the criteria that define them are not overlooked. It also contains the primary reasons and their corresponding solutions.

      Our agile culture makes it easier for us to deal with uncertainty. Our staff is extremely adaptable, creative, and versatile.

  • Agile Process, Agile Results

    We plan every step of our app development project to provide maximum value to the end-users.Every step of our mobile app development project is strategized with the aim to provide maximum value to the end-users.


    Our agile process accelerate your business launch

    Agile methodology is the core of our business. It’s ingrained in our cells to carry out tasks effectively and agilely.

    Product Backlog

    Sprint Backlog

    Daily Scrum Meeting

    Potential Product Enhancement

    Our Agile Culture is all about creating an ecosystem supported by fundamental behaviors, attitudes, and practices allowing employees at all levels to effectively adapt to cultural shifts. Our personnel, as well as our structures, systems, and procedures, are agile.

    We are trusted by brands you believe in

    We ensure you with our nested feedback loop that your project is driven by changes that benefit you

    Our method comprises the following feedback loops in order to respond fast to change. These feedback loops work on a variety of time frames to allow for everything from minor tweaks to complete shifts in a project's direction.

    • Pair programming
    • Daily standup
    • Iterations planning
    • Risk analysis meeting
    • Pair programming
    • Continuous
    • Daily
    • Bi-weekly
    • Every other iteration
    • Continuous
    • Development
    • Project Team
    • Project Team
    • Project Team, Facilitator
    • Development
    • LENGTH
    • Continuous
    • 15 minutes
    • 1 - 2 hours
    • 1 - 2 hours
    • 1 - 2 hours

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