Process Behind Scalable
Business Solutions

We deploy an effective product management process starting from understanding the user perspective, the business needs, and demands and devising a solution that generates value for both business and the customer.

Unique Solution for your

Unique Business Needs

We develop custom solutions that meet your business needs and help generate value. We provide the right skills, expertise, and everything essential to deliver a solution that best matches your business demand.

A product manager’s job is to understand the market, the users, the user behavior and devise a solution that will meet the gap between the user and the business. They become the point of contact for the stakeholders of the project, that is, our clients and our full-cycle app development team.

Our product managers will elicit your requirements, refine and shape the vision necessary for the project.

They will keep you updated with the project development, the process, and the progress. The Project Manager leads the team and collaborates with designers, developers, and other teammates to deliver values keeping the goals, pain points of the user in mind. They employ a combination of user feedback, analytics, and the client's vision to identify the most promising options.

Streamlining The Product Development Process

Transforming an idea into reality is a challenging task. Our Product Managers help you simplify the process. We help you define your requirements and come up with strategic decisions.

  • We undertake the full product development process, from ideation, checking the requisites, making the prototype, making improvements, all while keeping the timeline in mind.
  • We take full responsibility for the projects and take care of all requirements.
  • Our product managers will ask you significant questions to match your requirements and keep you updated on the process.
  • In order to identify a product vision that is unique and provides value to customers, we perform market and competitor analysis.
  • We create a roadmap taking every condition and requirement into consideration. We devise a plan that is feasible and work for your product within your financial capability.
  • We collaborate together with you. We keep you updated on the process and take feedback to constantly improve the product according to your requirements.
  • We collaborate with our cross-functional teams to create a product. We conduct various activities to align our tasks and keep the progress on track.

What Product Managers Do

Product Managers will lead the project, take care of the deliverables and take strategic decisions on the following tasks -

Idea Generation

Our Managers have a keen eye for detail, which enables them to explore beyond the obvious to discover new concepts and turn them into feasible features. Their creative abilities have been polished over the years to curate new ideas, determine which concepts will be promoted into features, and all in accordance with the product's core objectives. Their job is to make sure that requests and feedback are integrated into the product development process and conveyed back to the relevant stakeholders.


Devising a Strategy

For the project team, our Product Managers visualize a well-defined strategy and clearly express the commercial value of the new product. Along with planning, they identify means to accomplish long-term objectives and ambitions.


Product Launch

The full-cycle development timeframe is set by our Managers, who then distribute work among the various teams. The launch process is defined and all operations are aligned so that the product can be released effectively to the market.

Why Ranolia Ventures?

At Ranolia Ventures, a full-cycle product development company, we have catered businesses of all scales, from upcoming startups to Fortune 500 companies. We have provided assistance with our skills and expertise in the latest technology to build a product valuable and viable.

  • We understand what a product means to the customer. With keen insights and industry expertise, we develop a solution that drives value for the customer.
  • We believe in working together to achieve the best results. Our Product Managers resolve issues and disconnect between departments, ensuring that your product vision remains on track.
  • We are driven by invention and creativity, and we create goods that fill a distinct market niche.
  • We have excellent design taste and understand how to apply product insights to turn a game-changing idea into a scalable product.
  • We establish quantifiable objectives, generate significant insights into industry trends, and provide clarity to clients and stakeholders at all times.

Agile Methodology to

Your Solution with Agility

With agile methods, we have a productive and faster team. We streamline our tasks based on priority to ultimately build a successful product in a cost-effective way.

Backlog Refinement
Sprint Planning
Project Estimation
Project Development
QA & Testing
Daily Standup
Sprit Retrospective
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