We analyze business needs and plan well-designed applications to provide end-to-end strategy solutions.

Strategic planning and in-depth

analysis for tackling big challenges

Our Business Analysts serve as liaisons between the client and the team, performing strategic analysis at various stages of the development cycle.

We understand that any mobile app's success is heavily dependent on precision, preparation, and finer details. We prioritize our clients' specific requirements and modify our methods to meet them. Our Business Analysts collaborate closely with key stakeholders to uncover the essential requirements, learn about the app's vision, and comprehend the project's overall scope.

What does a Business Analyst do?

A business analyst goes through several possible solutions and chooses only the significant solution that best fits your business needs and helps you profit from them.

  • Aligns your expectations with the value you're providing.
  • Defines the success criteria.
  • Works closely with the assigned stakeholders to develop a product that meets their needs.
  • Collaborates with the development and design teams to identify any gaps that may have gone unnoticed.
  • Provides direction to the cross-functional team with process models and specifications.
  • Outlines the project's delivery as well as any prospective costs.
  • Creates a tactical roadmap and timeframe to help you get things done faster.

Business Analysis Framework

The Ranolia Ventures business analysis approach entails discovering, eliciting, and specifying business, user, functional, and nonfunctional needs through a collaborative and analytical process.

Descriptive Analysis

Our Analysts use the elicitation method to document the key requirements by communicating with the team and the client.


Diagnostic Analysis

We assess the market, do a competitor analysis to understand the already available similar solutions. We conduct stakeholder analysis as well to create a solution best meeting the requirements of the client.


Predictive Analysis

We identify and outline any issues that may arise at any point during the development process. To address such issues, we create a defined roadmap.


Prescriptive Analysis

The list of potential solutions is evaluated by our analysts. They look into the viability of various choices and only validate requirements-based solutions that have been accepted by the client.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Business Analysis a necessary step in the app development process?
Yes, Business Analysis is very important in the app development process. It entails strategic planning, in-depth competitor and stakeholder analysis, and it aids in the identification of any development process flaws.
How can a Business Analyst help me?
A Business Analyst is with you from the beginning to the end, from concept to deployment. Business analysts serve as a link between you and the rest of the team. An analyst's job is to capture specific business needs and guarantee that all cross-functional teams are on the same page.
Does strategic analysis pay in the long run?
The business analysis does, in fact, pay off in the long run. An analyst plays a crucial role in determining the optimal solution for you. We give a list of solutions based on your individual requirements, evaluate the feasibility of possibilities, and anticipate trouble areas using strategic analysis. We've seen projects take huge leaps forward following strategic planning and research.
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