Search Engine Marketing


What is the use of SEO?

The combination of letters SEO now sounds continuously in the environment of the online community. But only a small group of people are well aware of what this means. Most of them consider SEO as a means of manipulation, deceiving the budget of the owner of the resource fraudulently, or, conversely, painstaking work that helps to promote the site systematically. To understand what SEO is, you need to understand in detail.

So, SEO is specific actions that increase the quality and quantity of traffic based on the results of the popular search engines Yandex, Google, Bing.

At present, it is impossible to imagine a person or organization who would not use the World Wide Web. The Internet is now present in all areas of our lives and has become an integral part of it.

The Internet is developing rapidly and globally, so it can be argued that no one will post their announcement of a service or sale in a newspaper or on a bulletin board and wait for an answer while on duty by the phone. Buying a product or finding the right service is also more comfortable than simple: type in the search bar what you are looking for and get a lot of results from which you can choose a more suitable offer.

Here are 6 reasons why SEO is a valuable strategy for your business:

1. SEO is still working

The methods that are used to improve the ranking of the site in the issuance still work.

This fact is confirmed by many studies in the field of optimization. SEO will work effectively if you focus on optimizing the user experience during search engine optimization. The results will not be visible immediately, but in the end, your site will be better ranked in the search, and you will get organic traffic.

2. SEO is here to stay

Given the work and trends in the development of search engines, it is unlikely that SEO will stop working in the near future. To some extent, even the search for audio or video content is affected by keywords, as well as when searching for textual information. This ensures that SEO techniques are valid regardless of their period of existence.

3. Search engine optimization is cost-effective

Compared to the cost of other marketing methods, for example, promotion in social media, PPC or email marketing, SEO pays off well – investing in it is profitable. Even though the PPC method can bring more profit, and the presence on social media to increase the image of the company, organic SEO remains the basis for your successful promotion in search engines. Search Engine Optimization Captures Significant market share.

Studies show that more than 80% of customers read reviews about a product or service before buying. And the number of such customers will only grow. Shortly, the vast majority will look for goods and services via the Internet. Therefore, if you want users to find your site, you need to take care of its search engine optimization. Otherwise, they will go to the websites of competitors who used SEO.

4. Optimization for mobile devices will increase the effectiveness of SEO

Increasingly, users access the Internet from mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Therefore, those site owners who want their sites to move well in search results, you need to adapt them to mobile devices.

5. The online reputation of your business is essential.

Google is continually changing the way we view sites. Some SEO factors that did not exist a few years ago, for example, social media indicators, are now a priority in terms of impact on the search ranking.

Inadequate and outdated content on the site can harm the reputation of the site since this is one of the main factors that affect the ranking of pages in search engines.

6. Regional SEO is becoming more relevant.

There are differences in the potential traffic to the site, if we are talking about common keywords, for example, “plastic windows” and regional ones — “plastic windows in St. Petersburg”.

According to Jo Kelly, an SEO specialist from Vancouver, “relevance is everything for search engines.”

More and more customers are using local search on the Internet, indicating the city when choosing goods and services. Therefore, the profitability of regional and geo-traffic is higher than ever. And further, it will only grow.

Most people use search Engine

According to Google, 4 out of 5 users use Google to search for company data. They use search engines to find addresses, opening hours and reviews. SEO newbie always use Google to find information. The same applies to ordinary Internet users. When they want to find something (an article, some services, products or any other information), they turn to Google.

If your business does not have a good position in the search, you miss a huge number of people who are actively looking for companies such as yours and are ready to place an order.


Whether you use professional services or do your promotion, SEO can have a very significant impact on sales and customer growth. No other source of advertising reaches even such a mass of people. Flexible settings of search keys allow you to achieve precisely your client, unlike television, radio and outdoor advertising. 96% of people who use the Internet look for information through search engines. Therefore, investments in SEO promotion are growing every year.

Well, in the end, I would like to say: SEO is an investment, and the more you invest in it, the more your profit will be in the form of high positions in search engines, business growth and customer loyalty.

Another reason for the uniqueness of search engines is that they provide targeted traffic. People are looking for exactly what we offer. User searches are those words that are entered in the search bar. These words are crucial. If SEO is not so good, our website will be ignored by search engines.

Targeted traffic is an improvement in revenue. So feel free to invest in SEO if you want to make money.

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Search Engine Optimization

An internet marketing service is described as the Search Engine Optimization service that provides fast exposure to websites, ensures high search engine ranking, boosts your business sales and profits, and provides the latest or current trends on the internet, while also remaining consistent with the quality of service.

SEO services are responsible for why some websites are doing better than others. It is sometimes hard to choose the right SEO service provider for your business. One must choose the right SEO service with the qualities mentioned above, and this article can help those individuals.

Top Trends in Search Engine Optimization Agencies in 2019

Mobile Optimization Matter

Increased importance is being placed on mobile devices and websites that are optimized to accommodate any web browsing. Google’s Hummingbird update released towards the end of last year has shown that sites that have not made these changes have been met with consequences in their search engine standing. Studies show that responsive web designs and CSS patterns that permit different browsers on templates, laptops, and mobile devices to display information in a variety of ways are now an essential factor in 2019 SEO.

Google Asks the Customer

What appears to be a desperate attempt to increase the number of individuals using Google+ now also seems to play a part in the latest SEO trends. If your company has a Google+ page, web crawlers are accessing reviews left for your company by customers to determine whether or not you are a quality candidate for their search results. This could develop an entirely new standard for customer hospitality and service, especially if customers could have such a significant role in determining your online success.

For example, you could have the best and most optimized website in the world; however, if a customer comes to your business and experiences poor quality service, they might choose to leave a review of your company online with Google+. Enough of these poor reviews and your website could start to drop in the ratings. How significant of a role this will have on the rankings has yet to be determined.

Content Marketing is Key

Keyword stuffing and writing content to fit search engines are starting to be phased out. In exchange, content marketing is playing a more significant role in determining your SEO success. Content marketing includes:

  • Quality of Content
  • Content Update Frequency
  • Authority in the Field
  • Content Sharing

Based on these categories, the content will need to be developed to a higher standard than ever before. Social media also plays an incredibly important role; the more individuals that share your article online or through their social media channels, the more likely search engines might act favorably to your site.

Focus on Voice Searches

With Google Voice and Siri, the voice search has become more comfortable and convenient for many users who do not like typing. Voice-Recognition Software is becoming reliable because they can understand normal human speech. Here, the SEO experts need to search out keywords or phrases, which can be said aloud and will make the search easy for users. The SEO strategy used in the year 2018 will focus on conversational sentences and terms.

Qualities of Top Search Engine Optimization Agencies

Ensure High Search Engine Ranking

In accordance with exposure, a higher search engine rank would give you a higher number of visits. Internet users usually choose the highest ranking page in an internet search engine. They would sometimes not even visit the last rated website. Your website should be on top of the list to have better exposure, and as mentioned earlier, exposure is everything.

Quality Online Marketing Companies Provides Fast Exposure

Good service providers present fast exposure to your website. Exposure is everything. It is your base and your guide to determine the traffic you can get for your website. If your website is seldom seen by internet users, you can expect that you would not be earning much from profits and sales. No one will know your brand or product. Choose a top SEO service that can give you results quickly, since this would be the platform of your business early on.

Provide the Latest or Current Trends over the Worldwide Web

A top SEO agency should always provide you with the latest trends. You will need information about what people want currently. Most of the time, people get used to something they are familiar with. Don’t let this happen to your website. You should be able to generate new ideas to keep your audience interested in your products and services.

Boost Sales and Profits

If your service is great, your website should already have a high search engine ranking. With good qualities of service from a good service provider, your profits and sales would surely increase. You would be able to advertise and offer your products or services to a wider range of audiences. The ample amounts of visitors would get your brand name popular, and many will surely want what you are offering.

Consistent Quality Service

This is the most important quality of any service. Some providers are fine initially but beware of those providers. You must be careful with the expert service you are getting. It is always best to choose a provider that is already established in the field. All the qualities mentioned earlier would be nothing if there is a lack of consistency in quality service.

Diversified marketing strategy

Besides content and helpful online resources, it is important to implement a diversified strategy in internet marketing. You must establish concrete marketing plans and realize how significant the results will be. The use of textual content is just the start; you can also tap into videos, and you can use social media websites like YouTube to deliver the goods. Diversifying your marketing strategy can help you gain a good relationship with customers.


To sum up, the above-stated SEO strategies will help the companies as well as users to fasten their searches and find the products easily. This can only be done with the help of top-notch and latest technique-laden SEO strategies. Ranolia Ventures offer the top-notch Search Engine Optimization Services that help you to get the top rankings on Google ladders.

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Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing, or it is also identified as Ecommerce optimization, provides you with a wide range of assets for your E-business business. All such resources include free articles, stepwise guides, news on Ecommerce industry, paid services for consulting, multiple useful tricks for better marketing, tips for assist your online marketing & improving the visibility and sales of your online business. This method of optimization idyllically features the entire how to do better Ecommerce marketing, along with platform reviews, & discussion on the latest trends in the modern Ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

An ecommerce marketing strategy includes numerous different things, such as article writing, blogs, content, press releases, email campaigns, & more. The foremost purpose of the marketing strategy is to broadcast several events, produce hype about your business, make consumers curious, & offer results of higher sales. Branding is the big reason that individuals use marketing to generate a name for themselves & their business. There are numerous business firms which you can hire to offer various marketing techniques for your business. The astonishing thing about the website is that an ecommerce campaign is of low cost. You can execute your marketing methods but your time if you know how to do these things. It is frequently the most excellent part to hire the top-notch to help you to get the better results that you are expecting for.

Search Engine Marketing for Ecommerce

Search Marketing becomes an increasingly viable business division in the Website industry & chiefly among the ecommerce vendors. Moreover, SEM can provide the key marketing driver for all kinds of online business. It is a particularly influential tool for all ecommerce platforms as they usually have lower traffic & higher income as per the visitor than the content website. It means that even the small boost in traffic can result in the massive boost in business revenues. Thus, when developing the ecommerce marketing plan, investing in better SEM services would be incredibly money-making to include in marketing initiatives.

Essential Suggestions for Ecommerce Business Firms

This requirements auditing is necessary for your offline business that helps to ensure your website address is properly referenced & considered. Numerous business firms which use the website as serious marketing mode should have the formalized digital marketing strategy. Various digital marketing agencies provide superior plans intentions & offer a basis for measuring and benchmarking the progress of the online business. Here are several suggestions for integration into your ecommerce online marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

You should rely on the ability in place to collect the email addresses & formulate a regular contact with all your subscribers. It is an approach which can be used to formulate credibility & permits you to stay in contact with potential customers. Moreover, when you release your new products or services, you should use this mode to notify your subscribers. This produces word of mouth marketing & can be the healthy form of your repeat business.

Using Video

Uploading the videos at no cost to your website, YouTube & Google Video offers an efficient way to formulate the perfect verbal message having the background presentation. Individuals love to watch videos & once you set up to produce them, it can be much easier to generate than writing the wide reports. Moreover, videos are the great way to display new products and highlight significant attributes that can distinguish you from your competitors. Using video will place you at the front of the ecommerce marketing.

Giving Away Free Reports

By giving away the free reports, both online & offline, you can integrate numerous sales materials. It directs potential consumers back to your online portal for further information. Moreover, it is one of the great ways to generate more and more traffic, showcase new products/services, & produce new business. The process also serves as the reminder to forthcoming consumers who might be close for ordering your products.

Monitoring Statistics

Your website statistics can offer precious insight into customer surfing activities. By frequently observing them, you can distinguish significant website viewer trends. Important emphasis on assured sections of your website provides insight into customer interest & can be used for numerous additional product and content creation. Moreover, sections that are not causing interest might specify the significant sections of your online business, which requires recovery. It can also specify an area that might require additional search engine & pay per click strategy focus.

Integrate Instagram

Instagram offers online brands 25 percent more commitment than several other social media modes. If you utilize precise filters, proper hashtags & post at the right time, then you are on the precise path on Instagram. You can run the campaigns, contests, & share the user-created pictures on Instagram. Moreover, it is an outstanding approach to attract more users towards your business offerings. In conclusion, Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms. It can be integrated with your online business firm to gain better customer engagement.

Launch your Facebook Store

Facebook is the biggest platform for better social media marketing of your ecommerce website. It is also the great way to generate more traffic for ecommerce users. Moreover, Facebook is perfectly integrated with Shopify store. You don’t have to get a separate track for your inventory changes. Facebook Store lets you display & sell your products or services directly on your ecommerce Facebook page. In addition, with the help of this, buyers can share their preferred items with their links or friends.

Bottom Line

One essential requirement of Ecommerce Marketing is to get it sure that whatever product or service that you are offering is getting the right kind of attention from the right segment of customers. Thus, to attain this, you have to choose the top-notch digital marketing agency. Ranolia Ventures is one such firm that offers precise Ecommerce and internet marketing steps. There ecommerce marketing strategy includes a perfect mix of solid digital strategies that allow you to leverage your online business. Moreover, you can get the attention of the precise kind of customer base on your online business portal.

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