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Application Development

In case you’re still not sure why someone would want to build their own Application development for their business, we describe 8 main benefits in adopting this technological solution.

Presence and Improvement in Customer Experience

Statistics prove that the standard users utilize more than 2 hours a day on their cellphone. So far this year, 205.4 BILLION Apps have been downloaded worldwide. An Application can definitely change the customer experience and can be the most personalized tactic to reach out to the potential consumers.

Be available and visible to customers at all times

Being present in the dynamics of the Apps within a mobile device is an advantage for your company, for 2 reasons, one is that even a well-designed icon of an application, as well as, each image and text that appears on the screen generates a registration in our almost permanent mind, resulting in the priority choice of your product or service, at the moment when the need appears in the panorama of our potential consumer. And the second; Regardless of the time, day, or date we will always be available to our captive and potential consumers.

Create a direct communication channel with your consumers

The applications have many business objectives: they can provide general information, pricing, reservation forms, search functions, user accounts, chats, news sources and much more. One of the biggest advantages of having a mobile application is that all the information you would like to provide to your customers, (including promotions and special sales), is at your fingertips. Through notifications, any business can easily get closer to the consumer through direct interaction, and can easily remind them of your latest products and services.

Digitalization of Loyalty Programs

Rather than going for the regular loyalty cards, make users utilize the power of an application. This can check upon their loyalty programs directly through your Application. What will result in, greater downloads, more followers, word of mouth commendation and regular consumption of its customers.

Brand Recognition

An Application for your business can deeply supply the awareness of your brand name. However, let’s divide this topic into two aspects, whose combination will make your mobile development successful:

  • Brand. A mobile application is like a blank ad. You can do whatever you want with it; You can make it elegant, modern, functional, impressive or informative. But in an optimal development what should be done is to create an application that has extraordinary features in functionality, design and usability that ‘fall in love’ with its customers.
  • Recognition. The more consumers get occupied with your application, they will get attracted to buy your products or services if they fit their requirements. This in marketing is called “effective frequency”: listening. And seeing your brand approximately 20 times is what will really make it memorable and important.

 Improve customer engagement with the help of Application Development

It doesn’t matter if you are coffee or shoes, your customers need a way to communicate with you. Having a help center, or a communication option through the application can really make a difference in the way you communicate with your potential and regular consumers. It should be considered that currently ‘heavy users’ or frequent users of digital technology prefer to communicate in the form of chat rather than talking on the phone.

Stand out from the Competition

Mobile applications at the small scale business level are still unusual, and this is where you can take a big leap ahead of your competitors. However, this is a great area of ​​opportunity to develop value for your company, differentiating yourself from the competition by exploring new business models that will yield benefits to your company.

Increase Relevancy of your Brand with Application Development

However, the essential reason why businesses must consider creating their own mobile application development is, customer loyalty and remembrance. With all the clatter out there: impressive, billboards, posters, newspaper ads, flyers, coupons, websites, web banner, Facebook ads and email marketing, we steadily lose our impact on consumers. However, this is due to the infiltration of information around us. Furthermore, an Application is a great prospect to create a true connection with your potential consumers. It makes them a loyal user of your product or service.

Generate income

There are free applications that serve to have the user “hooked” and then be able to sell other services, and there are applications that generate an extra income to the company with each download.

Furthermore, multiplied by millions of users, if an application is ingenious and decisive, it can be a great source of revenue for the company in question.

Savings in Advertising Costs

With the advent of social networks, traditional advertising that cost fortunes has ceased to be used. It was difficult to know what audience that message reached. However, now the use of networks added to apps, is the most economical, fast and effective long-term way to spread our services.

Main differences between Web Development and Application Development

The Web Applications Development training cycle   focuses its program on the design, development, implementation and maintenance of websites . However, you will learn to create both the visible part of the web, or also called Front End. Furthermore, with the learning of programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS or Javascript, as the transending part or Back End , with training in PHP, SQL, Ruby, etc. If you like the web world and you plan to work  web designer , SEO specialist or web analytics, without a doubt, this is your cycle.

On the other hand, the higher degree of Multi-platform Application Development focuses its academic itinerary on the development of applications for mobile devices ( smartphones , tablets , smartwatches, etc.) Also on the implementation of ERP-CRM business management systems . Meanwhile, this cycle will prepare you to work as an application programmer for mobile devices, developer and database manager , using specific technologies for them and ensuring secure access to data.

Why Choose Ranolia Ventures for Application Development?

The development of customized mobile applications: Based on the personalization base for each client and each market, we design and develop native apps for Android (smartphones and tablets), iOS (iPhone / iPad), Windows, and HTML5 cross-platform apps. In addition, we work on B2C and B2B apps.

However, the development of backend and APIs for mobile apps: Ranolia Ventures develop web administration panels, APIs, Backend for apps, sending push notifications, integration with payment systems and web solutions. In addition to offering the services of our expert team at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Transmit the values ​​of your company through your mobile app. Furthermore, get a better link with your customers and save time and costs thanks to a good development of mobile applications. Do not hesitate to enter our website for more information and to contact us.

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Custom Mobile App Development

Advantages of Custom mobile App Development 

The Custom mobile app Development allows us to have access to mail, news, messaging, music,weather, etc. Therefore the benefits of Custome Mobile App Development have become quite convenient to use the mobile as a complementary tool. And it is that mobile applications avoid charging with the laptop everywhere, which is, at first, a considerable advantage for the convenience that it entails.

Besides, the applications are more practical and faster than browsers and websites, since to access them, you only need to click on them, unlike the web portals, where you must look for the address and the specific result.

The Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development

Less expensive / affordable / offline

From our point of view, as an app development company in Barcelona, the fact of working with mobile applications gives us a simpler and lower cost development than other computer programs. Besides, portability and the wide variety of models that exist make them a more affordable option for workers. And also, certain mobile applications do not require an internet connection.

Attractive experience

In fact, at Ranolia Ventures, we are dedicated to designing apps in India and improving the user experience through the development of applications. However, we prioritize the comfort and functionality of these, offering full access to the device, in software and hardware.

Ease to make purchases

Nowadays, a usual way to access products and services is through the apps. At the transaction level, applications facilitate and expedite this type of sales transaction. In general, they lie in the simplicity of its use, as well as the immediacy and closeness in access to information or individual services. Also, many shops manage to boost their product lines and make special promotions thanks to mobile apps.

Productive at the business level

Mobile applications allow access to both documents and tools of the company, as well as messaging and email services that facilitate the communication of employees, improving the flow of information and the fulfillment of objectives. However, in this sense, the use of this type of apps favors the growth of productivity in the day to day of the company and saving of maintenance costs.

Direct channels

For public institutions, they represent a new possibility to bring their information and services closer to citizens. In this case, mobile applications are a direct channel to make notifications or to carry out simple procedures immediately.

Is the benefits of Custom mobile app Development productive?

As we mentioned earlier, mobile applications are used to improve people’s lives, that at first, the truth is that it is for that and many more things.

We can create apps of all types, and for different purposes, for example, there are:

  • Video games apps
  • Music download apps
  • Educational apps
  • Sport apps
  • Apps from commercial stores
  • Applications to get appointments
  • Apps for children
  • Cultural apps
  • Finance apps, and many more.
  • Futuristic Features

Among the main features of SDI application developments are native and web development, cross platform, user experience, or market place management. However, events that include features such as photo gallery push notifications, geo-location, chat, shopping cart, social networks, calendar, gamification, advertising, or augmented reality.

Meanwhile, the benefits of mobile app development is part of the strategy of Digital Transformation of SMEs that Ranolia Ventures, and that is based on implementing new technological developments customized to companies based on their needs and requirements analyzed.

Easy To Reach Metrics

Another of the fundamental advantages of an app is the possibility of performing metrics, located in one place and automatically, that will allow you to analyze the sales and loyalty strategies carried out and improve future campaigns.


Increasingly, the consumption of mobile devices is replacing that of computers and tablets for various reasons. Among them, the large size of the mobile screens, the accessibility of the device, and, in general, the ease with which the mobile language has adapted to our needs makes a mobile app the easiest way to reach all generations of users.

Complete Availability

Finally, and directly related to point 2, an app does not rest. Thanks to the accessibility of mobile phones and their indispensable presence in the daily life of all of us, having an app is like having a 24-hour store open. This allows

greater visibility, a more significant buying opportunity, and, in general, greater interaction between the customer and the brand. However, if you are interested in creating an app for your brand, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do businesses need custom mobile app development?

An important issue is to identify when we need the design of mobile applications or the development of mobile apps, when do we need application development? It is a question that many ask today, and it is a topic that any person owns a company. It is raised on occasion.

Mobile applications can increase sales and visits to our business, for example, if we have a clothing store, we can create a trading app and offer our products through an easy-to-access catalog and sales system for customers, Also a company that sells food and distributes it at home is an excellent example of a company that can benefit from a telephone application, offer delivery, occupy the location data of the person to calculate the route and much more.


So far, our article on the advantages that mobile applications bring to each user gives you the detailed tips that you should keep in mind from now on for the proper functioning of your mobile apps and Smartphones.

Meanwhile, at Ranolia Ventures, we are passionate about informing you about all kinds of content related to the development of mobile applications. And as an app development company in India, we also offer you our expert app development services at affordable rates.

However, to solve the question of why businesses need to know how custom Mobile App Development is the best solution. If you are reading this, it is because you need a mobile development. Ranolia Ventures is the best company to achieve your goal. We will be happy to assist you and prepare a customized solution for each problem.

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Mobile Application Development

Once you have decided that you want an app for your company, you need to find a good mobile application development team that guarantees that your app will be a success.

Because it is not just that your app is downloaded by the more users better, but that they continue to use it over time.

For that, you need to take into account some aspects to ensure success in your mobile application development 


Successful features in mobile application development

What elements must be present in the mobile application development for them to be successful? We summarize them:

1. To solve a need

Success in mobile application development begins with the idea. It must respond to a need and be different from the applications that can be found in application stores.

If you imitate what others have done, it is challenging to succeed. Do you want to entertain? Explore a new way of communication? Buy from your mobile differently?

Whatever the purpose, it must be approached from a novel perspective and must respond to a real need of your audience.

2. Usability

Usability is increasingly essential in the development of mobile applications. Both the design of the application, and how to navigate it should be simple.

It simplifies to the maximum the processes that can be more cumbersome for the user, such as the registration or purchase phase. You must make navigation intuitive and with a bright and attractive design.

No matter how good your application is, if the user must resort to help in knowing how to act, he will not use your application and will look for simpler alternatives.

3. Experienced team

Before reaching the development phase, you must find a team with experience in developments similar to yours. There is no use for a team that promises you the moon if it fails to understand your needs and the need you want to cover with your application.

Always be sure to check the portfolio of the development team to be 100% sure that it is the best team you could have to make your application a reality.

4. Fluid communication

Good communication is the basis for the success of a team. And this is something that also happens in the development of mobile applications.

If you do not have previous experience in the IT world and choose to outsource the development of apps, communication with the application development team must be smooth.

It is useless to have a good development team if it takes days to be able to communicate with him to transfer your impressions about the latest changes.

Besides, transparent and direct communication will help that the project does not stop and that deadlines are met.

5. Well tested

It may seem obvious, but the testing phase is more critical than it appears in mobile application development. By thoroughly checking an app, you will be able to solve the problems that may arise before launching it definitively.

So you will advance to those possible bugs or errors that will inevitably appear on some devices. If you take the time to test an application thoroughly, you will improve the user experience.

Otherwise, if you get carried away in haste, it is possible that the application that reaches the end-user contains errors.

Think about it. If a user downloads your app thinking that it will solve a need, but just opening it does not work, throws errors or closes suddenly, you will lose your confidence and stop using it.

It is worth being thorough in this phase and ensuring that the application that reaches the app store is the best possible.

6. Visibility in stores

The positioning of applications in stores (ASO) is the key to success in the development of mobile applications.

There are fundamental aspects such as assigning the most appropriate category in the app store or using keywords in the name and description in the app’s tab.

However, you should not neglect other aspects such as the creation of the application icon, for example, which can also make the difference between getting a download or not.

Likewise, it is essential that you create a website or landing page of the application. The users not only download apps from the official store of your operating system. It is essential that you create a website or landing page of your app to increase downloads

But they use search engines to find the app they are looking for. Therefore, if you correctly position the website of your application by applying SEO, you will get more downloads.

In short, when you turn to an app design team, do not forget to propose the ASO strategy to follow in the launch phase. It is another aspect that will help you succeed in your mobile application development.

7. Updates

The development of the app does not end with the publication in the App Store or Google Play Store. It is imperative to listen to the users, review the reviews and the comments that come to you to know the possible errors and to improve the functionalities.

For this reason, it is essential to keep track of the application usage statistics and use them to improve the application and launch updates, so that the use of the application is increasing. It is essential to listen to users to enhance your request.  

The development of mobile applications in Ranolia Ventures

At Ranolia Ventures, we have proven experience in the creation of mobile apps. Our teams are validated by an internal process, which will always provide you with the most suitable equipment for your project.

Even before signing, you can contact the team to make sure there is feeling and that everything will flow.

So from the beginning, you will always have direct communication with the team to define the details of your app and answer any questions that may arise.

After having defined all the features of your app, your project will be launched as soon as possible. And in the event of any setback, in Ranolia Ventures we mediate with the development team to ensure that the project comes to fruition.

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