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Digital Marketing

The advantages of Digital Marketing are very broad. However, there is one that has a greater weight than any other: “if you are not on the internet, you do not exist”. That phrase that you’ve heard many times and that was logical to consider as an exaggeration, is no longer so. You just have to look it up online.

Furthermore, the advancement of technologies has made it possible in a few seconds all kinds of information to be accessible. Getting an online presence implies a cost, something common to all strategies. But the question is no longer “how much does it cost me to be on the internet”, but “how much am I failing to earn by not being on the internet”.

The Main Reason to use it

It is no wonder that the market has become increasingly digital as technology continues to evolve. The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more frequent. The number of consumers reaching and buying products online continues to grow rapidly. Gaining access to all those people is a very powerful tool for companies. These are the main advantages of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Tactics are Profitable

One of the most important benefits of digital marketing is that it the most profitable way to market a business. When it comes to traditional marketing, it is very difficult for small businesses with limited budgets to compete with large once for ad space. However, with affordable digital marketing strategies, they can surely get more of their expenses.

Digital Marketing is the most Measurable form of Marketing

The only way to know for sure if your marketing tactics works is to measure its success over time. While it can be difficult to track the evolution of a traditional campaign like a radio ad or banner advertisement, every kind of digital marketing is measurable. This benefit is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is such an essential investment.

By measuring digital marketing campaigns in real-time, you can see which tactics are working and which are not. Thus you can adjust them for great success. You can also take advantage of the statistics you get to improve future actions. The analysis allows you to use resources more effectively and allocate budgets. Since you no longer have to guess what works and what doesn’t you can cut down on unnecessary spending and focus your efforts on the strategies that are most likely to improve ROI.

Allows you to Target Ideal Buyers

One of the great advantages of digital marketing is that it ensures that the right consumers are viewing your content. SEO allows you to reach potential clients who search the web for relevant topics. In addition, pay per click, viewing, and advertising on social networks allow targeting the users who are more likely to convert, based on demographic information and general characteristics.

Digital marketing Expands the Number of Potential Customers

SEO is another powerful digital marketing tool that offers a variety of benefits. By optimizing the content of a site for search engines, more online buyers are reached. And this is not just for national searches. Many consumers look for local businesses before making their purchase. Local SEO or optimizing a page for local search results can also be a valuable tactic for businesses operating in specific geographic locations, such as physical stores, restaurants, and other service-based businesses.


Today all businesses are clear about their positions on the various search engines. And also achieve a strong relationship with your business through a virtual interaction on various social media platforms.

So, what are you waiting for? With the use of the internet and the latest digital marketing strategies, you can sky rocket your business with unimaginable successful revenue flow!

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Digital Marketing

Why do Digital Marketing? Internet, search engines and social networks can help increase sales of your products or services. Don’t think twice! What are you waiting for to invest in online marketing?

People who work with the client in online Marketing agencies often encounter these questions. They know it pretty well that during this crisis of COVID 19, they want to appear at the top of Google but they don’t know-how. They have realized that their friends, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, absolutely everyone searches for what they want on the internet.

Why do Digital Marketing? Principal reasons

Through the mobile they find what they want in 10 seconds, whatever it is, that easy and comfortable. The hackneyed but not so false phrase “if you are not on the internet, you do not exist” is that really in the world in which we move today.

1. Increase in internet shopping

Entrepreneurs have realized that the way to reach their customers today is through the internet, or they go digital or they will almost certainly face business suicide! Yes, even if it sounds that hard. We must rethink what we have learned so far.

2. Comfort and ease of purchase

Customers want to find what we need quickly and easily. We have become very comfortable because the digital medium gives us that facility 24 hours a day. Now we demand to be listened to, to interact with our supplier, to have a closer or even personalized relationship with our brand, which gives us confidence and is transparent with us. That is why digital marketing is already one of the main challenges for companies.

They want to be just when a customer wants to buy something or look for some service that they offer. Even go ahead and offer the service or product to future customers without the need to look for them. This is possible thanks to the relational experience they have with their clients and the data they analyze about them through their purchasing process and their way of acting in the online environment, so they can be adapted to their tastes and needs.                                                                                                                                    

3. In Digital Marketing, time is money

Digital marketing is a necessary step and the sooner you start the better. It is true that having a “nice website” is not enough going much further. It is a strategy, we must be clear about the objectives, analyze the situation to know where we started from and where we want to go and know the means we have to achieve it.

4. Scope: You can sell beyond the local through Digital Marketing

Imagine an entrepreneur who owns a bean bag store and his competitor has a store across town. He decides to enter the online world. He analyses his data and realizes that women buy 80% of the products and that they also demand poufs for children; with which he decides to launch a new line of female poufs and another of children’s poufs.

She spends more money on advertising targeting that audience, and even at less cost than she previously had with her campaigns in local newspapers and radio.

A few months ago it was unthinkable that they would buy beanbags from other cities. With this simple and everyday example, it is clear who has crossed the digital barrier and the very different results that there will be between one and the other.

The scope of the store now is completely different. He has been able to sell throughout the country in a short period of time. On the other hand, he has been able to interact with his clients and has detected their needs and meet their demands. Although you initially made an extra investment, in the long term you have been able to reduce your advertising costs.

5. Social networks

That your brand has a presence (and active) in social networks in the times we live and enjoy is not an option, it is essential. Through social networks, you can complement offline marketing with a good online marketing strategy to:

  • Interact with your target audience who, in the medium term, will be future customers.
  • Get lots of information about your brand: comments, behavior, needs of your target audience


Still not convinced of all these advantages of Digital Marketing for your company? If you want to know more about Online Marketing, visit our website for a Complete Guide to Digital Marketing

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A good Digital Marketing Strategies always helps you to achieve the goals, motive and target audience of your business. Today, using the tools offered by social networks you can improve your campaigns. Check out the few tips to enhance social media marketing skills for your business.

Call the Attention of Users

If you want to offer your audience an added value, then take advantage of the visual content that allows you to summarize data and present it in an attractive way, in addition to being able to provide information and ideas perfectly just in a few seconds. 

Updated Content

An excellent strategy to take advantage of your content and keep your audience interested is to keep it updated. To achieve this, it is important to review those articles that were of most interest and apply the necessary updates as time goes by to add data that arose after publication. 

Digital Marketing Strategies


When we talk about Social Media Marketing then “content is the king”, because by using it you can give users a positive value. To make growth in business one must not forget to build their blog posts in different formats so as not to bore the audience. In this way, you can take advantage of the different pieces such as photos, texts of different extensions and videos. It is important that all content is suitable for mobile devices, which is where much of the mass from social networks comes from. 

Social Buttons

To promote the dissemination of content, it is important that users can easily share it as it is a very useful button, which allows people to publish your posts in their accounts with just one click.

Organize Contests and Promotions

It is a way in which your followers can feel rewarded, and this leads them to pay more attention to your business. Using important dates such as Christmas or Mother’s Day will help people to associate your brand with happy moments. 


It is important that you organize to carry out your marketing strategy with greater efficiency. Working with a content calendar allows you to sort the frequency of your publications and also helps you make decisions regarding content. 


To know if your objectives are working as they were proposed, it is essential that you have a return on your performance in each social network. Analyze what are the contents that work best and at what times, allows you to refine the strategy.

Trending Conversation

One tool to reach your audience is to participate in the most popular conversations in your niche. Thus, you can ensure that your publications appear linked to certain topics. For example, on Twitter, you can add the corresponding #hashtag to your post. In addition, you can use more popular themes by consulting the Trends panel. 

Interaction With Audience

To establish a link with your followers, it is important to be interactive. Answer the mentions, comments, and likes, be attentive to the DM, are the important and good gestures for the users. 

Promote Social Media Accounts

For that, you can place your Facebook, Twitter and other data on your personal cards and brochures. It is also a good idea to use plots in the windows of your business and take advantage of the spaces exposed to the public.


With the help of these tips, you will see an improvement in your Network Marketing strategy. If you incorporate them into your routine you will see the results!

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Digital Marketing

If you are still not sure what  Digital Marketing is , today we explain it to you. We are going to tell you in detail what online marketing is and what are the benefits you can get for your brand with a well-optimized and goal-oriented strategy.

Digital Marketing is important and beneficiary for any business. To understand it’s advantages, all the various channels will help businesses plan the best suitable strategies or trust an agency to take all the actions related to the online platform.

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is a set of marketing techniques and strategies running on media and Internet channels . It is about  making the most of online assets and opportunities  to boost a business or brand efficiently along with systematic increase in customer engagement.

Evolution of online marketing

With the popularization of the Internet, traditional marketing techniques adapted to the online environment. Meanwhile, this is how digital marketing emerged, which evolves as rapidly as technology does.

Online marketing uses new media and channels to design strategies that help companies stand out on the Internet and attract more customers. Social networks, business blogs, email marketing, advertising on Google and other media are just some examples of digital marketing.

Therefore,  digital marketing is the evolution of traditional marketing . However, from the ads on the radio, television or the press we have moved to the ads on the Internet. From the letters with advertising that flooded our mailboxes we have moved to email marketing. From the live presentations of the products we have gone to webinars and videos on YouTube.

The main difference (and advantage) is that new technologies allow us to design personalized marketing strategies. Meanwhile, the analytical tools help us to know our target audience much better. Furthermore, now we work with our ideal buyer or customer offering exactly what you need at the time you need it throughout the  sales funnel. We can even anticipate your future expectations.

Thus, digital marketing not only serves to sell more. However, it serves to sell better, optimizing to the maximum the resources offered by the internet.

Digital Marketing Platforms

Above all, there are many digital platforms and tools where various kinds of Digital Marketing strategies and techniques can be taken into action for a desired outcome:

Web or blog : Firstly, through strategic content marketing, associate marketing, etc. you can engage your desired consumers and is the best opportunity to retain a customer.

Social Media Marketing  (SMM):  Certainly, Social Networks are tremendously effective platforms for brand awareness and customer engagement.

Email Marketing : Email is the platform with the highest ROI (return on investment). A systematic strategy in Email Marketing can bring you desired sales opportunity increasing your business revenue profoundly.

Search Engine Optimization  (SEO): escalating the web positioning of a website will make it appear in the top rankings of search engines. In this way, the chance to receive more quality visits increases considerably.

Search Engine Marketing  (SEM): Certainly, Digital advertising campaigns, both in Social Media platforms, search engines or other websites, blogs, forums with banners or videos to engage more consumers with interactive content.

Video platforms: platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Advantages of Digital Marketing for your business

Certainly, Digital Marketing has many advantages that traditional marketing does not have. However, it is a safe bet to achieve greater growth, improve positioning and expand the distribution of our communication.

Let’s look at the main and crucial advantages of Digital Marketing:

1. It is a universal means

Similarly, Digital marketing allows you to take your business anywhere on the planet. Never before has the internationalization of the company  been so simple and so economical. Furthermore, you can position your brand and your products or services without geographical or temporal limitations. However, it doesn’t matter if you preside over a large corporation or have a small business.

2. It is Ratiocinated

You have enormous market segmentation possibilities to  focus all efforts on the target audience your business wants to reach. However, an offline marketing strategy does not have these distributive possibilities.

3. It is measurable

Certainly. it gives you full control over your campaigns in real time. However, if it doesn’t work, you can stop any campaign without spending the entire budget.

Think about your last campaign in a traditional environment. How many consumers or visitors did you get? How many read your ad? Who contacted you thanks to that medium? All these questions have a difficult answer with traditional marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, with online marketing you have numerous analytical tools that allow you  to measure the success of your actions with great detail . For example, you will know who has entered your website, where it has come from, what sections it has visited and how long it has remained on your site.

4. It is less intrusive

Surely you receive more than one telemarketing call that bothers you because it interferes with your activity. Digital marketing is not intrusive because  users only click on an ad or open an email if they are interested . Otherwise, just ignore it. In addition, thanks to segmentation, most people who see your campaigns will have looked for something related to your products or services, so the chances of conversion are higher. And without being heavy.

5. It is interactive

Digital Marketing, especially if you use channels such as social networks, allows you to create a  community around your brand. Meanwhile, communication is essential to meet your customers and your followers. Certainly, social media marketing is a very valuable tool to know what they think about you and how to improve your products or services.

However, this direct feedback with the consumer extends to your customer service department, which will be high quality and instant, with access to the brand 24 hours a day.


Meanwhile, as you can see, Digital Marketing allows you to reach your target audience more economically and easily. However, it has various platforms and channels, tools and crucial assets. Certainly it helps to develop the communication strategy of a brand or business.

Meanwhile, in Digital Marketing our goal is to have an online presence that plays part of the visitor’s buying process, educating them about problems and opportunities that they face and generating value for your product or service.

However, if you want your brand to be visible and that your company improves its results, you cannot put aside this valuable tool.

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Digital Advertising

All companies, regardless of size, seek to increase sales, conversions, and brand visibility. And to achieve these objectives and obtain excellent results, they are turning to digital advertising.

For your company or business to experience rapid growth, here we tell you: what kind of digital advertising can you do, the benefits of it and how to invest in it so that your business benefits.

Digital Advertising for Company

You will probably agree with me that to obtain marketing results through traditional advertising, we must talk about significant investments (of money), which will be subject to the purchase of advertising spaces. With regards to digital advertising, although it can be done with much less investment, it is also divided into spaces. These are:

  • Paid search engine ads like Google AdWords
  • Banners or pictures on web pages (display ads)
  • Paid content placements (native ads such as Facebook brand content)
  • Other social media ads, mobile advertising campaigns, email sponsorships, or video advertising campaigns.

The big difference (in addition to a smaller investment) is that being measurable, visible at all times, and optimizable can be much more useful than traditional advertising media. Since this means, you can reach the right audience at the right time. Something that is not guaranteed with conventional advertising. How can you see, digital advertising offers many advantages, and we will see some of them in this article. 

 Companies add to digital advertising: numbers speak!

According to a new advertising spending report, global spending on Internet advertising will exceed, high above the more traditional advertising channels such as television, newspapers or radio.

Why this growth in digital advertising?

Because how you can see in this graph, people spend the same (or even more) time in digital media than in traditional media.

But that is not all!

The continued growth in the use of smartphones (which represent almost 72% of global Internet use), can give you a quick idea of all the advantages and opportunities you have as a small business owner, entrepreneur or independent professional to invest your time, money and efforts in digital advertising in order to boost traffic, attract potential customers and get more sales.

That said, let’s find out …

5 benefits you will have when investing in digital advertising

1- Your clients are online

Between online research and social networks, almost 50% of your potential clients are online. If you want them to see you, you must announce in the media that they frequent.

2 – Advertising can boost your business

All companies in their beginnings what they need most are customers, right ?. You can try to build a customer base using the only word of mouth recommendation … Or look for the rapid growth of it by attracting a massive flow of customers using the power of digital advertising.

3- Digital advertising helps establish the credibility of your business

Will consumers often think that if a company makes digital advertising, it must be legitimate and successful. Having an online presence is synonymous with reliability and credibility for your business.

4 – You control the message

Your advertising message can let people know that you exist, or it can also give them an incentive so that in addition to knowing you, they act immediately. Online advertising allows you to offer, at the moment, an offer code for a discount or free shipping to achieve instant action from your potential customers.

5- Digital advertising is trackable and measurable

Most types of online ads now come with the ability to sign in to a dashboard that gives you the performance data of your campaigns in real-time.

You must also have Google Analytics installed on your website so you can get a more comprehensive picture of the impact of your advertising on the overall traffic of your website.

This tracking allows you to be more productive with your investment in digital advertising since you know what worked and what you should improve.

Why is Digital Marketing essential?

First and simply, the connection. Being connected to the world allows us to be and be closer to customers since they can interact with companies and create relationships. But not only does the connection exist as an essential factor in online marketing, but we also find several specific elements of great help to the company:


The costs of online marketing significantly reduce the budget to carry out strategies. Leaving aside traditional channels such as television or radio, you can focus on social media to achieve similar results.

Control campaigns

With the collection of data and the queries in real-time and in a precise way, greater control is achieved in the campaigns, as well as the ability to modify them to achieve better results.


In an online marketing campaign, we can segment according to demographics, psychological, and behavioral data on the network. In this way, we will achieve a more optimal, concise, and personalized target audience division.


The digital campaigns allow exact calculations of the results obtained, benefits, return on investment (ROI), impacts on the audience, etc.


Have you ever run a Google or Facebook advertising campaign? Would you do it again, and why? What lessons did you learn the hard way? Do you want to run a digital advertising campaign successfully? Then, hire digital marketing expert professionals who possess enriched experience. Share your experience in the comments below!

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is, of course, a new trend in marketing, which only the lazy are not talking about now. The consequence of this was several reasons.

One of them is search engine filters.

In 2015, many projects that relied on old methods of SEO promotion, suffered serious damage in the form of loss of positions in search results, and as a result, in organic traffic to the site.

There were times when it was possible to have a site with poor design and usability, but at the same time to buy thousands of links, write a robot text and be on the first page of the issue disappeared without a trace. Now on the first pages of the issue are sites with unique, deeply revealing content and having backlinks from other authoritative resources.

The second reason is the decrease in the effectiveness of traditional advertising. Especially in the service sector and the B2B sector. According to the Content Marketing Institute:

  • 86% of buyers ignore TV ads
  • 44% of buyers ignore direct mail
  • 91% of email users unsubscribe from corporate newsletters

But 60% of buyers are ready to learn more about the product by first reading useful content about it!

What is content marketing?

In this section, I have collected articles that explain what content marketing is, to which business content marketing will be useful, and to which not. I also added articles that show how content marketing works and what results can be expected from it.

Content Marketing Strategy: The most Reliable Tactic

We take a document describing our startup, then the methodology begins. Let me remind you that now marketers are talking not so much about the target audience as about the consumer environment , then there can be completely different consumers in this environment. They can be of a certain age, a certain gender, with a certain occupation, but they can behave differently. For this, a method such as drawing a consumer map is now popular .

It literally signs how a person wakes up, how to wash himself, where he is going, how he spends the day, how this day ends. And on this map you need to describe as much as possible where he will meet with your product, startup, where your idea, solution can help him, satisfy his any needs.

Content Strategy: A Startup Guide

Just as content topics should correspond, be relevant to one or another stage of the marketing funnel, so should the types of content be relevant. What is this about? There are many types of content. In addition to the texts with which we work most often. There is still video, there is graphic content (infographics, images, photos), there is audio content, the same podcasts, etc. etc.

What Type of Content Marketing to Choose?

It is based on a number of factors. I already mentioned one – this is a certain stage of the marketing funnel, where, for example, at the selection stage, some kind of training video will be more appropriate.

Because it is both emotions and a graphic illustration of something that we sell. This is why it is necessary to prescribe the entire strategy before starting practical work with content, because on the basis of this whole strategy we understand what, and where, and how we need to place and promote. If we do not, then the publication of content publications will be episodic, without the desired result – these will be just endless tests.

Sales Funnel Dictates Content Marketing

It is important to understand the simple truth – not everyone who is interested in your business will become your customers. Content is not only texts, but also videos, images and other formats that the user encounters. Different formats are suitable for different stages of the funnel.

At the “Meet” stage ,  you need to attract attention. Use educational or entertainment content for a wide audience of coffee lovers. For example, an article about the beneficial properties of coffee or the test “How many percent are you coffee lover”.

The next step is “Evaluation” . Content is already created here only for those who are interested in your product. You need to tell how the product is useful, what problems it solves, show scenarios for its use, etc.

Conversion and Hold

“Conversion” is a funnel stage where potential customers turn into successful buyers. Now you need to help people make the right choice and purchase the optimal model of coffee maker. And, preferably, buy it from you. This will help you reviews, comparisons, reviews and the maximum simplification of the checkout process.

At the “Hold” phase , repeat sales are generated. Brand information is distributed via word of mouth. Here we will come in handy emails, cases, life hacks. Make your content want to come back and get it again.


When starting a startup, if we work with content marketing, we need, first of all, to prescribe a general marketing strategy and a content marketing strategy. Those. understand the goals of our future company, the goals of the product itself, which is introduced to the market, understand the audience, its segments, the consumer environment, positioning.

From here we can understand what channels we need to use, register a user’s map, types of content that are most appropriate for this audience, draw up a content plan and a promotion plan. And in the end, all this, of course, track using analytics.

On the Internet, in principle, there are already many articles on this topic. These metrics are designed primarily to measure some quantitative characteristics of your content. But in any case, it’s worthwhile to understand that the content concerns more quality metrics.

Any content in a startup is designed to facilitate the life of the user, work with this product, with this startup. And this concept of life facilitation with numbers is very difficult, if not impossible. An indicator here will be an increase in efficiency in other metrics. However, something is being measured. It measures the traffic to your blog, site, and some other metrics that are associated with the content.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Today you will learn from the professionals, what is Digital Marketing Strategy that work for every business verticals.

Digital marketing Strategy is a set of strategies for endorsing products and services on online platforms: websites, social networks, blog, emails, SEO , video marketing , mobile, etc.

Keeping this in mind .

You can more easily understand what is allowed and what is not in internet marketing.

What exactly is Digital Marketing Strategy?

The distinct concept through numerous digital strategies and channels, to bond with clients in a specific space: internet.

From your website, to your company’s digital possessions – digital advertisement campaigns, mailing campaigns, online brochures and banners and many more – there is a wide band that fits under the umbrella of digital marketing.

Digital marketing, the promotion of your products or brand through electronic means, differs from the traditional way of marketing by the channels and methods used; which allow an organization and analysis system based on your campaigns, to know how they are working, in real time.

The digital marketing strategies helps you monitor various things like your conversion rate, type of content suitable for your business; number of organic page visits, interaction on social networks, position in this vast web world, etc.

Why is digital marketing strategy essential?

In today’s world, digital content has turn out to be the most influential and easily accessible. The information available publically, in the place and time you need it. Gone are the days when access to information about brands and their products was extremely limited.

Digital marketing is one never-ending cause of limitless data and information. Thus, this division of marketing strategy, includes entertainment, shopping, news and, above all, interactions. Now, customers have access not only to what your company says, but what the digital world thinks of your brand.

Currently, the public is asking for brands that they can trust, companies that know themselves, that use personalized and relevant communications and, not least, tailored to the needs and preferences of their customers.

Digital marketing strategies: is it worth the money?

Everyone talks about social media platforms and websites as guiding axes of digital marketing . It is right to bet on it but you must keep in mind that everyone is following the same trend.

Therefore, new ways of linking with customers and prospects must be searched.

Below we will leave you the most used Digital Marketing Strategies and how you should really use them to go ahead and successfully compete with your competitors .

Content Marketing – Content Marketing

More than a remote trend, content marketing is one of the backbone tactic through which everything you perform in digital marketing should be administered. The content marketing is build on the design, creation and distribution of relevant content and creative to get the right attention of the targeted audience and, at some point, convert them into organic consumers.

Not surprisingly, in the previous year, 75% of B2B and B2C companies increased their marketing budgets in content strategies.  All the efforts you make in mailing, social media platforms, blogs, info-graphics, videos, etc. must be leaning to solve consumer problems, customer care and interaction but not to talk about your product only.

We agree that what you have to offer them is the solution they need, but in most cases people are not even sure what problem they have. Content marketing should be aimed at inserting people-oriented content. This, through placing us in the user’s navigation, solving their doubts with materials that add value to them.

How to create an effective content strategy?

With the sea of ​​information on the internet, it is currently more complicated to attract people to our content. We are aware of that. The key is not only to create articles, infographics or posts on social networks. More than 10 years ago the phrase “Content is king” was true: today it should be added that only quality content is successful.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is possibly the oldest form of the e-commerce systems that exist, its use is so convenient that it has replaced postal mail in many aspects, given its low cost.

This is because many times massive chains of mails are sent to large databases that do not take into account the context of the recipients.  The effectiveness of a good mailing campaign lies in personalization and full consideration of the context of the person who will receive the mail.

This will prevent it from being marked as spam or sent directly to the trash.

Web positioning or SEO

It is no secret to anyone that web positioning is fundamental when developing a good digital marketing strategy. Not visible among the first search engine results radically pressures the necessary traffic to our website, which will be reflected in our possible results. Whether we do a paid web positioning campaign in Google AdWords, we use particular positioning techniques, or combine both, the objective is to achieve traffic to our website and increase our brand penetration, expand our market and close more sales. If you have doubts about the advantages and disadvantages of pay-per-click and SEO strategies, we invite you to check our infographics with the  Differences between SEO and SEM .

Likewise, these web positioning strategies if combined with other tools will be much more effective, working better as part of a gear, since they are a very important point in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing: a part of successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms can be existing platforms on the web today exchanging all kinds of information and meeting new prospects, where you can exchange videos, photos and files, make publications and network with our friends, family and colleagues. Thus we have a wide range of options within social media, among the social networks best known for their prolific use are Facebook, which has millions of users worldwide.

On the other hand there is the possibility of publishing and sharing videos and photographs through YouTube and Instagram; We can also publish quality content on blogs, share our campaign advances through Twitter. In short, it is a very wide variety within which we can generate content, find future clients, publish advertising, while generating visits to our website and thus help with the generation of traffic.

But social media in digital marketing is not an end but a means, and we must be very clear so as not to get lost along the way forgetting our main objectives.


You may wonder , then, what is the right path in digital marketing?

The success of all the online marketing strategies that we present to you lies in the approach adopted to address the audience.

Leave us your comments and opinions to know your point of view on this topic and tell us how these strategies worked for you.

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Digital Marketing

You’ve probably heard about Digital Marketing repeatedly and have even been told that it is essential for the growth and development of a company, but what is digital marketing? Do not worry! In this guide, we will explain the first steps to take part in this wave.

What is Digital Marketing?

Starting with why it is digital marketing: it is merely a term used to describe the marketing strategies that connect a company digitally with its audience. The blogs, forums, videos, webinars, Google searches, publications on social networks, Chatbots, and all advertising strategies that are held in these form part of the digital media marketing.

The Choice and Setting of Objectives

When talking about marketing and strategic decisions, we have to understand that immediacy, the culture of “impatience,” is a burden that we must part with if we want to seek effectiveness.

It should be noted that strategic marketing decisions ( marketing objectives and strategies) are the most important within our Plan, although, in the short term, they are the ones that show less visible results. Before entering the third stage of the Marketing Plan, we have to be able to differentiate what strategic decisions represent (medium-long term) and what operational decisions seek (short term).

At present, the non-adaptation to the cultural change that we are living in the business environment can make us make erroneous strategic decisions.

Marketing Objectives

Basic principles of objective formulation

However, marketing objectives will always be subject to corporate goals and strategies.

However, they must be concrete, realistic, voluntary, the engine of commercial work, and consistent with each other as with other organizational objectives.

Requirements for writing marketing objectives

  • They must be consistent with the available resources.
  • The purpose is consistent with the company’s policies and practices.
  • They must be realistic and attainable.

In general, the objectives that are well written begin with an action verb (increase, exploit, consolidate, penetrate), propose a crucial single result and a lead time.

Most common Digital Marketing goals

However, depending on its nature, we have two types of marketing objectives: quantitative objectives and qualitative objectives.

Quantitative objective

When we talk about quantitative goals, we refer to those who propose measurable achievements for the organization, expressed in concrete figures. Frequently, these objectives apply to:

  • Increase in market share.
  • They increase profitability.
  • Increase in sales volume.
  • Level of satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Improvements in distribution coverage, penetration, benefits, or contribution margin.

Qualitative Objectives

Since the qualitative objectives set goals more generic and less “tangible,” but just as important as the others. We can highlight the following:

  • Notoriety and product image.
  • Service or brand.
  • The relative market position we want to reach.
  • Minimum desired dimension to continue in the market.

Meanwhile, quantitative and qualitative objectives can be interrelated so that the achievement of one can help the performance of another and vice versa.

It is usually advisable to go for a single objective, and otherwise, if more than one is set, they should be consistent with each other and never contradictory. However, the purposes are always conditioned by the differential competitive advantage of our offer compared to the competition.

How to build a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy?

However, it is essential to define who will be the object of desire of our strategy to be able to determine all the factors and possibilities that will compete. Furthermore, taking into account the target audience, the best plan create the successful strategy. Since, the Buyer Persona represents your ideal client, which can be one or several. The ideal is not to have more than ten not to turn the strategy into something more generic.

To create them, it is essential to rely on real data and not make assumptions about your audience, since relying on preconceptions can make your marketing strategy take the wrong direction. So, we recommend you to carry out a thorough investigation of your clients through surveys, interviews, the use of measurement tools such as Google Analytics, and more.

But what kind of information is essential to create your Online Marketing strategy based on your buyer people?

Select your digital marketing channels

When we talk about channels, we mean digital media. However, not all of them are appropriate to develop your strategy. At this point, we recommend you evaluate the ones you already own, determine which your target audience is in and which ones would be useful to make present in your strategy.

Here are the different digital media:

Own digital media

Meanwhile, with this term, we refer to the media over which we have complete control. Be it your website, your social profiles, the contents of your blog, or the images.

Digital Media Won

These media refer to the exposure you have gained through word of mouth and the recognition you have earned. However, some ways to win these media are press mentions, positive reviews, and shares (or shared) in Social Networks. Furthermore, an essential part of this strategy is made up of SEO, public relations work, and the experience offered to users.

Paid digital media

Payment methods refer to any vehicle or channel in which you invest money to capture the attention of your potential customers. However, this includes things like Google Adwords, paid posts on social networks, native advertising (such as sponsored messages on other websites), and any other vehicle for which you pay directly for visibility.


Furthermore, in short, digital advertising is an excellent way to connect with your audience. Besides, take advantage of marketing strategies and research to get the attention of the consumer in the channels you use most in your day today.

However, do not forget that due to the great diversity of platforms, formats, channels, and segmentation possibilities, you currently have an arsenal of resources to enhance your marketing strategy and, also, one of its fundamental aspects: digital advertising. Therefore, check this place regularly for more updates on the latest trends and techniques related to Digital Marketing and various other development strategies.

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Content Marketing Strategy

The digital era has brought with it a torrent of changes that have changed the perception of buyers about advertising and consequently, the mechanisms that companies use to promote and realize their sales. Thanks to the Internet, globalization and magic in search engines today, we have several ways to highlight your company in social networks and generate more sales through a good content strategy.

Advertising strategies are renewed with the tools provided by technology or are progressively adapted to the understanding of the implicit natural process that generates a successful sale. It is simple, and every customer looks for in our product an alternative solution to any problem that faces daily and with the help of Google or other search engines you can make that information that he requires can be available at any time on the web.

I need a content strategy for my company!

Only a couple of clicks separate your potential customers from your services and products, but to create this symbiotic relationship you will need to perform a needs analysis of your target and structure a content plan as an expert or request advice with a leading agency Digital marketing.

What makes a successful content strategy?

Many factors influence to achieve success through content marketing, especially in the corporate sector, where several companies prefer to opt for traditional means and more personal contact. On the contrary, those companies that have dared to venture into the digital world, and also analyzed the context to promote their services or wisely used their resources and tools to connect with their ideal audience, report a 60% increase in popularity and ROI.

Although each company – audience relationship is different and there is no magic formula to create a successful content strategy, we present these necessary steps that will help you clearly define your plan to reach more leads and position yourself very well in your niche as a professional:

Define your editorial line

The first step to start a content strategy is to identify your target in the digital medium, who they are, how they express themselves and what they are looking for, this will allow you to find the best way to earn their trust and create a good impression. It is essential that when setting your goals do not speak clearly of your product as the eighth wonder of the world, talk to your clients with professional content and expert voice to inform them about their doubts until they orient it organically towards your services as a response and solution to their concerns.

Identify the most effective channels

Optimize all the means you have to reach your prospects and build customer loyalty. When we talk about digital media, we have a wide range of channels and information channels. For a successful content strategy, you must have a professional website, a corporate blog with valuable content oriented to the needs identified in your sector, an email marketing strategy and follow-up and an active LinkedIn profile where you project a feeling of commitment, experience and quality.

Adapt the contents to different formats

A common mistake for companies in their content strategy is to think that it is limited only to creating and sharing articles and texts massively. A smart decision would be to hire a marketing agency to help you complement your traditional strategy with neuromarketing techniques in various formats to customize your offers and make your content more attractive. In addition to the copywriting resource, you can rely on your career, customer testimonials or perhaps involve your entire team to create more demanded videos or resources such as webinars, tutorials, infographics to make a difference through innovation.

Measure the results

A key element for this phase is to have an e-marketing analysis service that allows you to keep an automated control of the people and prospects interested in your services and their purchasing behaviour with respect to your brand, regardless of the medium or the strategy used, the analysis of results is always the best feedback to focus your strengths and weaknesses and around it make more precise decisions at each stage of your sales process.

To stand out in search engines and maximize your possibilities with online marketing we must accept that our product or service is no longer the protagonist but the customer, who decides whether to buy us, when and how. That is why smart companies have found in the content strategy an essential tactic within their Digital Marketing tools to increase their revenue and popularity significantly.

Do market research

If you are starting a business from scratch and still have no data to explore, market research will guide you from the beginning.

This is an essential element in this process that allows you to understand:

Who your audience is; what are the market expectations for your type of business; what are the most significant opportunities and challenges that you will have to face when putting the plan into action, among other issues. This research will allow you to plan and gain a better understanding of the market, making it easier and more effective to define your competitive advantage.

Try the business plan

It is interesting to test the business plan to verify if its structure is correct. With a complete document and all well-defined details, conduct a market investigation, implement the plan and carefully monitor all the results achieved, analyzing which points were successful and which ones should be rethought and improved.

To end

Making a business plan is essential to understand what your business is, what are the market opportunities, the most significant challenges and, of course, have an action plan for each one.

Did you like to understand what it is and how to develop your business plan? Then do not forget to look at this post on how to create a digital marketing plan for your business!

Create with criteria

Generating content and expecting it to bring good results is not a formula that works. Other resources must be operated in parallel to disseminate this content and get traffic. Also, you have to know how to offer something good if you want to receive something in return.

Now that you have read about the subject, do you have concerns about the strategies you are applying in your company? Ranolia Ventures is known for its team of specialists who can help you understand everything about your business. Ask us how we would love to help you.

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Email Marketing Plan

One of the essential tools of the digital communication strategy of any business or company is Email Marketing. Most people who consult us know this. They usually know or receive emails from a firm.

An “e-mail marketing plan” resonance a bit complex, tricky, and appear time overwhelming. These are some of the problems that small businesses have when they think of e-mailmarketing, added to it that most business owners are too busy running their business to deal with something like that, right?

Because this strategy is the most effective when converting Leads into customers, we want to share this guide so you can take advantage of the power of email marketing for your business, which in combination with social networks, can generate an even more significant impact.

Done intelligently, email marketing plan drives conversions (sales), increases ROI and gives you a direct way to talk with your customers.


First step: Describe your readers

Prior to you start crafting, writing, and sending a campaign, you ought to describe your ideal audience ask: Who is my target audience? And what kind of content would interest that audience? One time you get a scheme of ​​the community who study your emails, it will be a lot easier for you to choose what you have to say.

If you are starting, what follows is to get subscribers to your mailing list, if you don’t have subscribers to your list yet, the task will be to know how you will attract them.

To attract traffic to your website and to subscribe to your mailing list, you can do so in several ways, for example:

1. Paid (online advertising): generate traffic and attract subscribers.

2. Free (organic): publishing content frequently (twice a week) on your site.

3. Promote your content and subscription on social networks.

Important: Once your audience is attracted, you must have a capture form, and to increase the list, it is advisable to give or give away an e-book, a technical report, a discount coupon, etc.

Step two: Create Content

Now that you know who you are talking to, it is time to think about what you are going to communicate. Think about what your audience needs, try to send interesting information that helps them solve a problem; the idea is to make life easy for your readers.


Tips for building content

Your content is the most significant fraction of your newsletters. Here are some suggestions for preparing and collecting engaging content that speaks with your readers:

1Pleasure your readers as VIPs

Citizens who subscribe to your email catalog have given you consent to entering their inboxes. Honor this permission and focus on letting them know what solutions your products and services provide. Give your subscribers access to unique benefits, such as exclusive content, special discounts, etc.

2.  Make Email Marketing useful

Think of the emails that open and are deleted immediately. You would not open an email that does not benefit you in any way. Make sure the content of your newsletters that you are giving your subscribers something they didn’t have before. “The reader comes first.”

Most email newsletters are all about the company’s promotions, product sales, and news. I think it is sporadic for your readers to delight in that content, to send content that interests them, that is the key.

3Show a little personality

Nobody wants to read a boring, complex, long newsletter and not even say anything … Inject some personality.

Probability is, voice, tone, and sense of wit are significant reasons why your customers sign up in the first place. Try writing in the same way you speak to one of these clients. And who knows? Maybe your cheerful emails with humor will help you recover a lot of money.

4Keep it tiny

Nearly all communities are barraged with emails every day. Keep your newsletters short, easy to digest, and the point. If you want to include a longer piece, you will present the first paragraph or so, and link to the rest. Allow your readers the opportunity to explore the link quickly, if necessary.

5Encourage them

Claim like Pocket, Pinterest, and Evernote are immense for reduction, organizing, and allocation inspirational contented and images.

If you want to make an effective email campaign, don’t just send sales offers, that’s a big mistake of many failed email marketing campaigns. The type of content can follow this rule, for example, 80 – 10 – 10 (80% useful and exciting content; 10% benefits, success stories, benefits of your product; 10% direct sale offer).

The content format can be text articles; Videos, photos, or images.

You must prepare a calendar or agenda of content to be sent that contains the titles, type of content, and links of the content, if possible, one month in advance.


Step three: Determine your Shipping Frequency and Objectives

Not all shipping frequencies are the same, try to ensure that shipments are not daily or very often, a recommended rate is a shipment every 15 days or 1 per month that will depend on the type of product or service and your corresponding public, but in Ultimately, you have to decide what works best for you and your customers.

Try to be consistent and be careful not to skip shipments for more than a couple of months, as some users may forget that they opted for it and may report spam. Also remember to look forward and plan accordingly for vacations, events, and the like. From there, decide what you want to send with your email marketing plan.

Set goals for your campaigns, and then track your evolution over time over your shipments.


Step Four: Do the Shipping Schedule for outstanding Email Marketing

If they have more than one list, the shipments will surely not be the same, and regularly, try to segment if necessary.

If you have several people working on your team, consider using a reliable E-mail Marketing platform that has multi-user accounts and other tools.

Your email marketing strategy will vary, of course, depending on the industry, type of content, shipping frequency, and so on.

But this is a simple example of how you can plan your campaigns in a few days:

Day 1: Write down the content topics, which are diagrammed in the content calendar form; this action will save you a lot of time and lets you know what the next shipments will be.

Day 2: Make your newsletter using a template and choose the images, which you will use.

Day 3: Access the e-mail platform and create your campaign. Correct if there are any kind of grammatical errors. Send proof of the campaign to yourself and at least one co-worker or collaborator, to check.

Day 4: Send your campaign to your list.


Now that you know better what email marketing plan is, you will understand that it is one of those strategies that require a lot of dedication at the beginning. Still, once it is working, both economic and time investment is minimal.

Therefore, it usually results in high levels of ROI according to the objective to be achieved.

Mind you, ROI is not always synonymous with direct sales!

And I would like to add that the personalization of the shipments is another factor that every day takes on more relevance.

Runaway from spam and focus on giving users what they need, you will see how this strategy starts to provide you with good results.

A good strategy will allow you to strengthen ties with your users or potential customers because email marketing plan also serves to build loyalty, do not hesitate! 

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