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Digital Marketing

The advantages of Digital Marketing are very broad. However, there is one that has a greater weight than any other: “if you are not on the internet, you do not exist”. That phrase that you’ve heard many times and that was logical to consider as an exaggeration, is no longer so. You just have to look it up online.

Furthermore, the advancement of technologies has made it possible in a few seconds all kinds of information to be accessible. Getting an online presence implies a cost, something common to all strategies. But the question is no longer “how much does it cost me to be on the internet”, but “how much am I failing to earn by not being on the internet”.

The Main Reason to use it

It is no wonder that the market has become increasingly digital as technology continues to evolve. The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more frequent. The number of consumers reaching and buying products online continues to grow rapidly. Gaining access to all those people is a very powerful tool for companies. These are the main advantages of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Tactics are Profitable

One of the most important benefits of digital marketing is that it the most profitable way to market a business. When it comes to traditional marketing, it is very difficult for small businesses with limited budgets to compete with large once for ad space. However, with affordable digital marketing strategies, they can surely get more of their expenses.

Digital Marketing is the most Measurable form of Marketing

The only way to know for sure if your marketing tactics works is to measure its success over time. While it can be difficult to track the evolution of a traditional campaign like a radio ad or banner advertisement, every kind of digital marketing is measurable. This benefit is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is such an essential investment.

By measuring digital marketing campaigns in real-time, you can see which tactics are working and which are not. Thus you can adjust them for great success. You can also take advantage of the statistics you get to improve future actions. The analysis allows you to use resources more effectively and allocate budgets. Since you no longer have to guess what works and what doesn’t you can cut down on unnecessary spending and focus your efforts on the strategies that are most likely to improve ROI.

Allows you to Target Ideal Buyers

One of the great advantages of digital marketing is that it ensures that the right consumers are viewing your content. SEO allows you to reach potential clients who search the web for relevant topics. In addition, pay per click, viewing, and advertising on social networks allow targeting the users who are more likely to convert, based on demographic information and general characteristics.

Digital marketing Expands the Number of Potential Customers

SEO is another powerful digital marketing tool that offers a variety of benefits. By optimizing the content of a site for search engines, more online buyers are reached. And this is not just for national searches. Many consumers look for local businesses before making their purchase. Local SEO or optimizing a page for local search results can also be a valuable tactic for businesses operating in specific geographic locations, such as physical stores, restaurants, and other service-based businesses.


Today all businesses are clear about their positions on the various search engines. And also achieve a strong relationship with your business through a virtual interaction on various social media platforms.

So, what are you waiting for? With the use of the internet and the latest digital marketing strategies, you can sky rocket your business with unimaginable successful revenue flow!

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Today you will learn from the professionals, what is Digital Marketing Strategy that work for every business verticals.

Digital marketing Strategy is a set of strategies for endorsing products and services on online platforms: websites, social networks, blog, emails, SEO , video marketing , mobile, etc.

Keeping this in mind .

You can more easily understand what is allowed and what is not in internet marketing.

What exactly is Digital Marketing Strategy?

The distinct concept through numerous digital strategies and channels, to bond with clients in a specific space: internet.

From your website, to your company’s digital possessions – digital advertisement campaigns, mailing campaigns, online brochures and banners and many more – there is a wide band that fits under the umbrella of digital marketing.

Digital marketing, the promotion of your products or brand through electronic means, differs from the traditional way of marketing by the channels and methods used; which allow an organization and analysis system based on your campaigns, to know how they are working, in real time.

The digital marketing strategies helps you monitor various things like your conversion rate, type of content suitable for your business; number of organic page visits, interaction on social networks, position in this vast web world, etc.

Why is digital marketing strategy essential?

In today’s world, digital content has turn out to be the most influential and easily accessible. The information available publically, in the place and time you need it. Gone are the days when access to information about brands and their products was extremely limited.

Digital marketing is one never-ending cause of limitless data and information. Thus, this division of marketing strategy, includes entertainment, shopping, news and, above all, interactions. Now, customers have access not only to what your company says, but what the digital world thinks of your brand.

Currently, the public is asking for brands that they can trust, companies that know themselves, that use personalized and relevant communications and, not least, tailored to the needs and preferences of their customers.

Digital marketing strategies: is it worth the money?

Everyone talks about social media platforms and websites as guiding axes of digital marketing . It is right to bet on it but you must keep in mind that everyone is following the same trend.

Therefore, new ways of linking with customers and prospects must be searched.

Below we will leave you the most used Digital Marketing Strategies and how you should really use them to go ahead and successfully compete with your competitors .

Content Marketing – Content Marketing

More than a remote trend, content marketing is one of the backbone tactic through which everything you perform in digital marketing should be administered. The content marketing is build on the design, creation and distribution of relevant content and creative to get the right attention of the targeted audience and, at some point, convert them into organic consumers.

Not surprisingly, in the previous year, 75% of B2B and B2C companies increased their marketing budgets in content strategies.  All the efforts you make in mailing, social media platforms, blogs, info-graphics, videos, etc. must be leaning to solve consumer problems, customer care and interaction but not to talk about your product only.

We agree that what you have to offer them is the solution they need, but in most cases people are not even sure what problem they have. Content marketing should be aimed at inserting people-oriented content. This, through placing us in the user’s navigation, solving their doubts with materials that add value to them.

How to create an effective content strategy?

With the sea of ​​information on the internet, it is currently more complicated to attract people to our content. We are aware of that. The key is not only to create articles, infographics or posts on social networks. More than 10 years ago the phrase “Content is king” was true: today it should be added that only quality content is successful.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is possibly the oldest form of the e-commerce systems that exist, its use is so convenient that it has replaced postal mail in many aspects, given its low cost.

This is because many times massive chains of mails are sent to large databases that do not take into account the context of the recipients.  The effectiveness of a good mailing campaign lies in personalization and full consideration of the context of the person who will receive the mail.

This will prevent it from being marked as spam or sent directly to the trash.

Web positioning or SEO

It is no secret to anyone that web positioning is fundamental when developing a good digital marketing strategy. Not visible among the first search engine results radically pressures the necessary traffic to our website, which will be reflected in our possible results. Whether we do a paid web positioning campaign in Google AdWords, we use particular positioning techniques, or combine both, the objective is to achieve traffic to our website and increase our brand penetration, expand our market and close more sales. If you have doubts about the advantages and disadvantages of pay-per-click and SEO strategies, we invite you to check our infographics with the  Differences between SEO and SEM .

Likewise, these web positioning strategies if combined with other tools will be much more effective, working better as part of a gear, since they are a very important point in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing: a part of successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms can be existing platforms on the web today exchanging all kinds of information and meeting new prospects, where you can exchange videos, photos and files, make publications and network with our friends, family and colleagues. Thus we have a wide range of options within social media, among the social networks best known for their prolific use are Facebook, which has millions of users worldwide.

On the other hand there is the possibility of publishing and sharing videos and photographs through YouTube and Instagram; We can also publish quality content on blogs, share our campaign advances through Twitter. In short, it is a very wide variety within which we can generate content, find future clients, publish advertising, while generating visits to our website and thus help with the generation of traffic.

But social media in digital marketing is not an end but a means, and we must be very clear so as not to get lost along the way forgetting our main objectives.


You may wonder , then, what is the right path in digital marketing?

The success of all the online marketing strategies that we present to you lies in the approach adopted to address the audience.

Leave us your comments and opinions to know your point of view on this topic and tell us how these strategies worked for you.

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Digital Marketing

You’ve probably heard about Digital Marketing repeatedly and have even been told that it is essential for the growth and development of a company, but what is digital marketing? Do not worry! In this guide, we will explain the first steps to take part in this wave.

What is Digital Marketing?

Starting with why it is digital marketing: it is merely a term used to describe the marketing strategies that connect a company digitally with its audience. The blogs, forums, videos, webinars, Google searches, publications on social networks, Chatbots, and all advertising strategies that are held in these form part of the digital media marketing.

The Choice and Setting of Objectives

When talking about marketing and strategic decisions, we have to understand that immediacy, the culture of “impatience,” is a burden that we must part with if we want to seek effectiveness.

It should be noted that strategic marketing decisions ( marketing objectives and strategies) are the most important within our Plan, although, in the short term, they are the ones that show less visible results. Before entering the third stage of the Marketing Plan, we have to be able to differentiate what strategic decisions represent (medium-long term) and what operational decisions seek (short term).

At present, the non-adaptation to the cultural change that we are living in the business environment can make us make erroneous strategic decisions.

Marketing Objectives

Basic principles of objective formulation

However, marketing objectives will always be subject to corporate goals and strategies.

However, they must be concrete, realistic, voluntary, the engine of commercial work, and consistent with each other as with other organizational objectives.

Requirements for writing marketing objectives

  • They must be consistent with the available resources.
  • The purpose is consistent with the company’s policies and practices.
  • They must be realistic and attainable.

In general, the objectives that are well written begin with an action verb (increase, exploit, consolidate, penetrate), propose a crucial single result and a lead time.

Most common Digital Marketing goals

However, depending on its nature, we have two types of marketing objectives: quantitative objectives and qualitative objectives.

Quantitative objective

When we talk about quantitative goals, we refer to those who propose measurable achievements for the organization, expressed in concrete figures. Frequently, these objectives apply to:

  • Increase in market share.
  • They increase profitability.
  • Increase in sales volume.
  • Level of satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Improvements in distribution coverage, penetration, benefits, or contribution margin.

Qualitative Objectives

Since the qualitative objectives set goals more generic and less “tangible,” but just as important as the others. We can highlight the following:

  • Notoriety and product image.
  • Service or brand.
  • The relative market position we want to reach.
  • Minimum desired dimension to continue in the market.

Meanwhile, quantitative and qualitative objectives can be interrelated so that the achievement of one can help the performance of another and vice versa.

It is usually advisable to go for a single objective, and otherwise, if more than one is set, they should be consistent with each other and never contradictory. However, the purposes are always conditioned by the differential competitive advantage of our offer compared to the competition.

How to build a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy?

However, it is essential to define who will be the object of desire of our strategy to be able to determine all the factors and possibilities that will compete. Furthermore, taking into account the target audience, the best plan create the successful strategy. Since, the Buyer Persona represents your ideal client, which can be one or several. The ideal is not to have more than ten not to turn the strategy into something more generic.

To create them, it is essential to rely on real data and not make assumptions about your audience, since relying on preconceptions can make your marketing strategy take the wrong direction. So, we recommend you to carry out a thorough investigation of your clients through surveys, interviews, the use of measurement tools such as Google Analytics, and more.

But what kind of information is essential to create your Online Marketing strategy based on your buyer people?

Select your digital marketing channels

When we talk about channels, we mean digital media. However, not all of them are appropriate to develop your strategy. At this point, we recommend you evaluate the ones you already own, determine which your target audience is in and which ones would be useful to make present in your strategy.

Here are the different digital media:

Own digital media

Meanwhile, with this term, we refer to the media over which we have complete control. Be it your website, your social profiles, the contents of your blog, or the images.

Digital Media Won

These media refer to the exposure you have gained through word of mouth and the recognition you have earned. However, some ways to win these media are press mentions, positive reviews, and shares (or shared) in Social Networks. Furthermore, an essential part of this strategy is made up of SEO, public relations work, and the experience offered to users.

Paid digital media

Payment methods refer to any vehicle or channel in which you invest money to capture the attention of your potential customers. However, this includes things like Google Adwords, paid posts on social networks, native advertising (such as sponsored messages on other websites), and any other vehicle for which you pay directly for visibility.


Furthermore, in short, digital advertising is an excellent way to connect with your audience. Besides, take advantage of marketing strategies and research to get the attention of the consumer in the channels you use most in your day today.

However, do not forget that due to the great diversity of platforms, formats, channels, and segmentation possibilities, you currently have an arsenal of resources to enhance your marketing strategy and, also, one of its fundamental aspects: digital advertising. Therefore, check this place regularly for more updates on the latest trends and techniques related to Digital Marketing and various other development strategies.

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Digital Marketing

Today, the world is altering at an exponentially. Thus to survive, businesses & individuals will have to carry on with the advanced trends. Even some years ago, Digital Marketing was observing as an oddity. Though, not anymore!

Digital Advertising is no more oddity, but now, it has become the foremost necessity. The Internet has understood a necessary division of daily life. Digital Marketing is how industries function, how people connect with each another & how the world goes around (quite, exactly!).

Well, if you still have not held digital marketing, numerous reasons will encourage you to. Here we go…

Digital Marketing and Its Importance

With the regular boost of popularity in social media & numerous other internet platforms, customers are gradually become socially attracted for almost 24X7. From the business point of view, it is the enormous opportunity to board the feasible customers that certainly involve the business outcome & image. Thus, due to the regular boost in technological advancement & market opposition, big to small business firms started to achieve digitization to develop their rate of success.

Why go for Digital Marketing Services

The foremost reason for implementing advanced marketing services in almost all business firms is only due to its efficiency & output. There are various reasons for which business firms implement digital advertising techniques, such as –

  • Effectual management of consumer relationship via numerous channels
  • Effectiveness of customer engagement procedure
  • Offer accuracy in targeting potential customers according to their interests & preferences
  • Very valid & communicative platform which helps to discuss client issues within the short period

Demand for Digital Marketing Skills

However, with the rapid boost in demand for digital marketing skills, businesses get the proper assistance to set the great opportunity in their job market place. With market access, the market is continuously booming day-by-day. Thus, it creates an enormous leap in the career prospect among professionals. In conclusion, from the career point of view, digital marketing becomes the real hype among professionals.

Digital Advertising for Small Businesses Firms

For start-ups firms & small firms, established advertising becomes very costly. Small-scale industries frequently work on the tight budget. Therefore, investing in TV commercials, radio and print ads now and then become the little bit tricky. With the advent of the Internet, now the advertising & marketing problem of small business firms were reduced. In conclusion, these business firms finally, establish the exact solution to their marketing woes.

Features of Digital Advertising for Small Businesses

Digital Advertising allows small business owners to be capable of promoting their products & services. Moreover, with the help of digital advertising, they establish new brand recognition in their market via numerous Internet marketing opportunities. They are capable of reaching out to their target audiences without over boarding with their actual. Furthermore, Digital advertising is a boon for all small businesses who are exploring to develop their operations & become the force to consider within the specific trade.

Digital Advertising for Enterprises

The attributes of digital marketing for various global companies are endless. Business firms with means will not only be capable of taking benefit of free Internet possessions. But, they will be able to run exclusive ads all across search engines & various social media channels. It will assist them in increasing their brand name, connecting with the audience & boosting their sales. If they are preparing to initiate their new product/service, they will be capable of conducting the online survey with no hassle. Moreover, businesses always stay connected with their customers will give them and benefit over others. After all, perfect customer service is what consumers usually look for.

The Myriad Digital Marketing Services Available to You

According to the rapid growth of the Internet & digital marketing, there are numerous digital marketing agencies available that provide affordable & efficient digital marketing services. In addition, all such services include SMO or social media optimization, SEO or search engine optimization, content marketing, PPC, website design, website development, link building, web & mobile applications, website hosting, etc. Moreover, digital services also include paid ads like Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google shopping ads, & more. And, all such services together are complete digital marketing package.

More about Digital Advertising Services

It all initiates with the website. And therefore, website design & development is the foremost step. People can create the static and dynamic website for their business firm. Moreover, the number of mobile users has been rising day by day. Thus, the need for responsive website design is must-have for all business websites. When your website is responsive, then it can be seamlessly viewed on the desktop and other devices like laptops, tablets & smartphones.

Digital Advertising – SEO Tactics

Once your website is ready, then it is the time to utilize SEO tactics. It results, your website can rank high on various search engine pages. To further enhance your digital marketing efforts, you can formulate social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, & so on.

Results of Digital Advertising

One of the foremost attributes of digital marketing is its transparency & tracking, which is available. As compared to traditional media like print & radio, digital marketing services are much easier to observe & measure positive outcomes. The specialized digital agency should outline what all the measures are in place & should report on them regularly. Moreover, Google says not to assure about your website’s actual rankings. There are many goals which can set around the conversion rates, social media exposure, brand awareness, & more.

Bottom Line

Digital marketing services include a wide variety of channels. And, it needs proper management and advanced strategies. There are numerous digital marketing agencies available in the market. But, Ranolia Ventures is one of the leading digital marketing agencies that provide up-to-date services to their customers. You can gain effective outcomes in just a couple of time. Moreover, we have young, creative and enthusiastic digital advertising experts that have years of experience in this field. Thus, rely on us and attain a win-win situation for your online business.

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Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Digital Marketing Agencies adopt a variety of forms of digital advertising modes that include internet, mobile marketing, the social media network, etc. All such methods help to promote your brands & reach out to target customers. Digital Marketing is one of the unique ways of communicating with forthcoming clients & attains various new contacts. It also employs many practices & techniques within the digital marketing group to reach out to internet customers. Though, it goes beyond internet technology to reach out to the non-internet consumers via other elements like MMS, SMS, & digital ads.

Importance of Digital Marketing Agencies in India

The most excellent method to find your brand or business noticed over is attaining the latest digital marketing services. You can keep your brand above all your competitors, by using the services offered by the Best digital marketing agencies in India. The agencies play their trade-in the digital world known as the internet. The best digital marketing agency usually consists of one and more consultants who set up the best digital marketing campaign. The best campaign aims at bringing your online business to obtain the top attention of search engines. The search engines will find & display your online business on the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Moreover, the best digital agency that you choose will naturally act as the base of your internet marketing campaign.

What Services Internet Marketing Agencies Offer?

Digital marketing is not as simple as it seems to become visible. It requires many skills & advanced technology to make campaigns productive & successful. Apart from pull & push outlines of digital marketing, the agency also provides numerous other services. Moreover, all such services include email marketing campaigns, web designing, brand creation, & different digital marketing strategies that give your brand an edge over the others.

More about Reputed Digital Marketing Agencies

Reputed digital marketing agencies will finally go beyond your basics & provide you the right advice & techniques for your brand. They use modern systems to offer you flexible, assessable & extremely reactive digital marketing strategies. Thus, whether you own your small business or the large business firm, these digital marketing agencies provide the most efficient email marketing campaigns. You can also get other online business strategies at very reasonable prices.

Services offered by Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Yes, you surely want cutting edge digital marketing consultancy. And, the proficiency of that agency includes the latest website development & design, SEO services, useful blogs, social media optimization, & targeted email campaigns. You require a society which is exclusively located to assist your organization in achieving the most excellent possible online. You can also need the best digital merchandising to plan for your brand, products, services, & business in general.

What Types of Digital Marketing Agencies in India are Better?

Well, you want a digital marketing agency that knows better how to assist you in achieving optimum digital marketing strategy. The agency will possess experience & technology that facilitate it to bring creative and eye-catching for your brand. And, that particular concept, in turn, brings you the better return on investment (ROI). Moreover, your selected digital agency should identify with:

  • Website design & development
  • Digital merchandising campaigns
  • Internet marketing strategies

Contemporary Courses followed by Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Search Engine Optimization Compliance

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique by which the digital marketing agencies in India ensure that your web portal receives top rankings on search engines. It is because if your web portal does not attain good ranking, then it will not draw more crowd. Moreover, with the help of top-notch SEO services, you can enhance your online visibility.

Social Media Integration

The most excellent marketing strategy is the one that involves the complete understanding of how, when & where to reach the target visitors. For example, social media networking platforms have the vast number of registered users. Moreover, the use of various social platforms can help you in driving more and more traffic. Also, it will help you in increasing the awareness of your brand among consumers. Moreover, it will raise the level of your consumer engagement for your brand. And, in conclusion, it will help in boosting your market shares.

Content Marketing

The best Digital marketing agencies are capable of generating appropriate content for your brand’s target audience. Moreover, the marketers utilize the exact keywords to assist users in finding the proper content only on search engines. It, in conclusion, boosts business for the site that gets maximum click-through.

Effectual Methods of Digital Marketing

Meanwhile, digital marketing varies on your brand, web portal, or the kind of products & services you want to share with your current target audience. Also, you can use new trends of digital marketing to reach the new audience on social your networks. You should also involve on blogs & even online advertising. Moreover, by advertising on similar or competing websites, your brand can attract new target customers, which may finally become loyal customers. Furthermore, this, in turn, helps to boost your brand’s credibility and its reputation online.

Contemporary Methods followed by Digital Marketing Agencies

With the appropriate implementation of the latest digital marketing services for any brand or business, one can easily reach their target customers & audience without any traditional advertising & promotional costs. By using digital marketing services is also an ultimate idea if you currently don’t follow & breaking into your business industry. Moreover, digital marketing is an ideal stage for discovering people who are interested in your services or products.

Bottom Line

Once the whole thing has been intended & put in place, all you require is a protected system to host your website. Similarly, the Digital Marketing Agencies in India will assist you to opt for the hosting service, which fits according to your needs. Whether you are the small business owner or a have an extensive business database, your content is safe & accessed quickly. Moreover, Ranolia Ventures is a professional Digital Marketing Agency providing a range of totally bespoke digital marketing services from SEO to Email Marketing. Thus, rely on Ranolia Ventures and gain a win-win situation for your brand.

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