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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is, of course, a new trend in marketing, which only the lazy are not talking about now. The consequence of this was several reasons.

One of them is search engine filters.

In 2015, many projects that relied on old methods of SEO promotion, suffered serious damage in the form of loss of positions in search results, and as a result, in organic traffic to the site.

There were times when it was possible to have a site with poor design and usability, but at the same time to buy thousands of links, write a robot text and be on the first page of the issue disappeared without a trace. Now on the first pages of the issue are sites with unique, deeply revealing content and having backlinks from other authoritative resources.

The second reason is the decrease in the effectiveness of traditional advertising. Especially in the service sector and the B2B sector. According to the Content Marketing Institute:

  • 86% of buyers ignore TV ads
  • 44% of buyers ignore direct mail
  • 91% of email users unsubscribe from corporate newsletters

But 60% of buyers are ready to learn more about the product by first reading useful content about it!

What is content marketing?

In this section, I have collected articles that explain what content marketing is, to which business content marketing will be useful, and to which not. I also added articles that show how content marketing works and what results can be expected from it.

Content Marketing Strategy: The most Reliable Tactic

We take a document describing our startup, then the methodology begins. Let me remind you that now marketers are talking not so much about the target audience as about the consumer environment , then there can be completely different consumers in this environment. They can be of a certain age, a certain gender, with a certain occupation, but they can behave differently. For this, a method such as drawing a consumer map is now popular .

It literally signs how a person wakes up, how to wash himself, where he is going, how he spends the day, how this day ends. And on this map you need to describe as much as possible where he will meet with your product, startup, where your idea, solution can help him, satisfy his any needs.

Content Strategy: A Startup Guide

Just as content topics should correspond, be relevant to one or another stage of the marketing funnel, so should the types of content be relevant. What is this about? There are many types of content. In addition to the texts with which we work most often. There is still video, there is graphic content (infographics, images, photos), there is audio content, the same podcasts, etc. etc.

What Type of Content Marketing to Choose?

It is based on a number of factors. I already mentioned one – this is a certain stage of the marketing funnel, where, for example, at the selection stage, some kind of training video will be more appropriate.

Because it is both emotions and a graphic illustration of something that we sell. This is why it is necessary to prescribe the entire strategy before starting practical work with content, because on the basis of this whole strategy we understand what, and where, and how we need to place and promote. If we do not, then the publication of content publications will be episodic, without the desired result – these will be just endless tests.

Sales Funnel Dictates Content Marketing

It is important to understand the simple truth – not everyone who is interested in your business will become your customers. Content is not only texts, but also videos, images and other formats that the user encounters. Different formats are suitable for different stages of the funnel.

At the “Meet” stage ,  you need to attract attention. Use educational or entertainment content for a wide audience of coffee lovers. For example, an article about the beneficial properties of coffee or the test “How many percent are you coffee lover”.

The next step is “Evaluation” . Content is already created here only for those who are interested in your product. You need to tell how the product is useful, what problems it solves, show scenarios for its use, etc.

Conversion and Hold

“Conversion” is a funnel stage where potential customers turn into successful buyers. Now you need to help people make the right choice and purchase the optimal model of coffee maker. And, preferably, buy it from you. This will help you reviews, comparisons, reviews and the maximum simplification of the checkout process.

At the “Hold” phase , repeat sales are generated. Brand information is distributed via word of mouth. Here we will come in handy emails, cases, life hacks. Make your content want to come back and get it again.


When starting a startup, if we work with content marketing, we need, first of all, to prescribe a general marketing strategy and a content marketing strategy. Those. understand the goals of our future company, the goals of the product itself, which is introduced to the market, understand the audience, its segments, the consumer environment, positioning.

From here we can understand what channels we need to use, register a user’s map, types of content that are most appropriate for this audience, draw up a content plan and a promotion plan. And in the end, all this, of course, track using analytics.

On the Internet, in principle, there are already many articles on this topic. These metrics are designed primarily to measure some quantitative characteristics of your content. But in any case, it’s worthwhile to understand that the content concerns more quality metrics.

Any content in a startup is designed to facilitate the life of the user, work with this product, with this startup. And this concept of life facilitation with numbers is very difficult, if not impossible. An indicator here will be an increase in efficiency in other metrics. However, something is being measured. It measures the traffic to your blog, site, and some other metrics that are associated with the content.

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Content Marketing Strategy

The digital era has brought with it a torrent of changes that have changed the perception of buyers about advertising and consequently, the mechanisms that companies use to promote and realize their sales. Thanks to the Internet, globalization and magic in search engines today, we have several ways to highlight your company in social networks and generate more sales through a good content strategy.

Advertising strategies are renewed with the tools provided by technology or are progressively adapted to the understanding of the implicit natural process that generates a successful sale. It is simple, and every customer looks for in our product an alternative solution to any problem that faces daily and with the help of Google or other search engines you can make that information that he requires can be available at any time on the web.

I need a content strategy for my company!

Only a couple of clicks separate your potential customers from your services and products, but to create this symbiotic relationship you will need to perform a needs analysis of your target and structure a content plan as an expert or request advice with a leading agency Digital marketing.

What makes a successful content strategy?

Many factors influence to achieve success through content marketing, especially in the corporate sector, where several companies prefer to opt for traditional means and more personal contact. On the contrary, those companies that have dared to venture into the digital world, and also analyzed the context to promote their services or wisely used their resources and tools to connect with their ideal audience, report a 60% increase in popularity and ROI.

Although each company – audience relationship is different and there is no magic formula to create a successful content strategy, we present these necessary steps that will help you clearly define your plan to reach more leads and position yourself very well in your niche as a professional:

Define your editorial line

The first step to start a content strategy is to identify your target in the digital medium, who they are, how they express themselves and what they are looking for, this will allow you to find the best way to earn their trust and create a good impression. It is essential that when setting your goals do not speak clearly of your product as the eighth wonder of the world, talk to your clients with professional content and expert voice to inform them about their doubts until they orient it organically towards your services as a response and solution to their concerns.

Identify the most effective channels

Optimize all the means you have to reach your prospects and build customer loyalty. When we talk about digital media, we have a wide range of channels and information channels. For a successful content strategy, you must have a professional website, a corporate blog with valuable content oriented to the needs identified in your sector, an email marketing strategy and follow-up and an active LinkedIn profile where you project a feeling of commitment, experience and quality.

Adapt the contents to different formats

A common mistake for companies in their content strategy is to think that it is limited only to creating and sharing articles and texts massively. A smart decision would be to hire a marketing agency to help you complement your traditional strategy with neuromarketing techniques in various formats to customize your offers and make your content more attractive. In addition to the copywriting resource, you can rely on your career, customer testimonials or perhaps involve your entire team to create more demanded videos or resources such as webinars, tutorials, infographics to make a difference through innovation.

Measure the results

A key element for this phase is to have an e-marketing analysis service that allows you to keep an automated control of the people and prospects interested in your services and their purchasing behaviour with respect to your brand, regardless of the medium or the strategy used, the analysis of results is always the best feedback to focus your strengths and weaknesses and around it make more precise decisions at each stage of your sales process.

To stand out in search engines and maximize your possibilities with online marketing we must accept that our product or service is no longer the protagonist but the customer, who decides whether to buy us, when and how. That is why smart companies have found in the content strategy an essential tactic within their Digital Marketing tools to increase their revenue and popularity significantly.

Do market research

If you are starting a business from scratch and still have no data to explore, market research will guide you from the beginning.

This is an essential element in this process that allows you to understand:

Who your audience is; what are the market expectations for your type of business; what are the most significant opportunities and challenges that you will have to face when putting the plan into action, among other issues. This research will allow you to plan and gain a better understanding of the market, making it easier and more effective to define your competitive advantage.

Try the business plan

It is interesting to test the business plan to verify if its structure is correct. With a complete document and all well-defined details, conduct a market investigation, implement the plan and carefully monitor all the results achieved, analyzing which points were successful and which ones should be rethought and improved.

To end

Making a business plan is essential to understand what your business is, what are the market opportunities, the most significant challenges and, of course, have an action plan for each one.

Did you like to understand what it is and how to develop your business plan? Then do not forget to look at this post on how to create a digital marketing plan for your business!

Create with criteria

Generating content and expecting it to bring good results is not a formula that works. Other resources must be operated in parallel to disseminate this content and get traffic. Also, you have to know how to offer something good if you want to receive something in return.

Now that you have read about the subject, do you have concerns about the strategies you are applying in your company? Ranolia Ventures is known for its team of specialists who can help you understand everything about your business. Ask us how we would love to help you.

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Content Marketing Strategy

The universe of Marketing changes day by day. And with these changes the shift in the latest trends of Content Marketing Strategy changes constantly. SO let’s read the blog and understand what are the latest trends regarding the Content Marketing Strategy of 2019.

Re-marketing or extensive lead generation

In this fierce competitive marketing word, Content marketing is a buzzword in digital marketing, and for good reasons.

One of the causes for its esteem has to do with its efficiency in expressing traffic and its facility to institute an individual or company with industrial knowledge through education. Publishers are permitted to launch trust through the operate by providing data for free, which can guide down a sales funnel for a purchase, even if its content does not openly promote anything.

This type of implicit marketing is important because the millennium generation, which constitutes the majority of today’s buyers, has shown that there is dislike in the ads . If you wish to submerge physically in content marketing and utilize it on your website, this blog is all you need. Let’s get started!

What can we understand by the term content marketing?

Content marketing requires constant publication and can change customer behavior. Content marketing does not involve direct selling, but it can help retain and acquire customers. For it to work, the content must be attractive (or inspire a reaction from customers), otherwise it has no commercial value.

Website traffic that used to be the metric of choice when measuring the effectiveness of content marketing does not have the full history of performance – measuring the commitment that translates into conversions can be much more insightful.

A great illustration of this can be visualised on the various blogs in WordPress page builders . While this section of content is not openly linked to their services, it was written to assist in attracting WordPress users (in social media networks and comments), draw new clientele in an indirect way , and of course the traffic of Search engines never hurts.

Brief History of Content Marketing Strategy

It is believed that content marketing began in the 1700’s, when Benjamin Franklin published what would be the Calendar of poor Richard to promote his printing business.

The first mailing campaigns placed the first stone of the exchange of digital content, which would later be multiplied with newsletters and social networks. The competition for positioning skyrocketed, making the need forCreate exclusive and quality content . In this context, the first blogs appeared in the form of a personal diary, initially called weblogs , which later will also be used by companies to establish a more direct and close communication with users.The term ‘ soap opera ‘ (soap opera in English) refers to radio dramas initiated by P&G in the 1930s, offering soap products, such as Duz. If you would like more information on where content marketing started and then how it became the monster we now know, take a look at the guide of the Content Marketing Institute to guide you on the subject.

How Business Use Content Marketing Strategy

The 3 main content marketing objectives include:

  • Generation of potential customers
  • Leadership establishment
  • Create / increase brand awareness

In addition, content marketing can also be used to:

  • Acquire new clients and retain old ones
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Kinsta also uses content marketing as a way to help educate customers ( blog + Knowledge Base ) which in turn helps reduce support time and the number of tickets.

Content Marketing Typically Persuades Almost all Further Online Tactics

Content that harmonizes your SEO tactics by giving more inbound links and thus boost domain authority. You can reprocess articles for social media campaigns, platforms and email marketing.

More subscriptions can be encouraged, especially when ‘exclusive’ content is offered, such as reports or technical documentation. Meanwhile, co-market the content as it can unlock various access that permit you to construct relationships with other brand name. Content marketing can as well hand out as a detached revenue flow for a venture, for instance, when they develop in-depth content (such as e-books) so that clientele can buy it.

The Projection Of Marketing using Authentic Content

As if it were a game, content marketing is a strategy in itself since the simple choice of the topic, the channel used, the audience to which it is addressed and its ability to attract can become the winning cards of a game that It takes place in a very wide environment, the digital one, with everything that the online medium entails.

But how do you know if the chosen strategy will achieve the objectives set at first? This question is the philosophical stone of any content marketing strategy since this initiative is based on the content and its ability to reach the public that most interests a company for a particular product at the right tme.

The evolution of technology

and the increasing consumption of content on mobile devices encourage companies to build friendly content for each of their audiences. Podcasts , videos and live broadcasts through platforms such as Facebook Live , Instagram Live or YouTube Live are an ideal alternative in this regard. However, for this, large companies have specialized departments for those who work from creatives, publishers or experts in viralization and social networks to planners, SEO consultants or strategists, graphic designers and sound technicians.

Learn How To Use Them

As an online marketing agency, we offer you some tips when planning a content marketing strategy. Generate quality content customized for your targeted audience. It generates information that provides long-term value. Posts , images, infographics, webinars , reports, slides, presentations, newsletters , eBooks , apps, videos or podcasts are some options used so far. Do not focus only on the sale and create added value.

Create a calendar of publications

Choosing the moments varies the results a lot. Post regularly and constantly. However, study your target audience and ways to reach it. Carefully select the keywords to use, analyze your leads and share them with the content you share with them.

Analyze your competition but not to do the same. Propose something different that is available in new media that stand out for their originality. Meanwhile, listen to the reactions of your followers and feed back in the campaigns. Look forward to craft community with your trademark.

If you want to monetize your blog make sure you publish quality content. Flee from the purchase of traffic and the acquisition of leads or followers because you can achieve the opposite effect. Set your goal to reach the hearts of people, so you will also reach your pocket and, incidentally, your wallet. Build brand and loyalty to your customers.

The Future Of Content Marketing

The latest trends in content marketing go through the use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, chatbots and big data. Thanks to technology, companies have additional information based on the knowledge of the data that they can use in a very valuable way in their content marketing strategies . This deep analysis allows us to narrow down even more the audiences to which they are addressed and achieve greater impact in the long term.


The content marketing is an ideal strategy to reach the customer without having to develop an expensive campaign digital advertising. Thanks to it, you can get leads organically through keywords or generating valuable content (audiovisual, ebooks, podcasts, infographics) with which to reach our audience by applying in social media marketing and other marketing strategies digitally.

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