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Digital Marketing/online marketing

With digital marketing services, it becomes easy to reach your customers. Now, you can finally believe when we told you about the individuals who set out online daily is still rising? Do you know online Marketing Services are now becoming a boon for every brand/business?

It is. Actually, “constant” the internet usage amongst the adults boost by 5 percent in the last three years, according to Research. And we articulate it a great deal, the way individuals shop & buy has altered along with it. It means offline marketing is not as efficient as it is being used.

Digital Marketing acts as connecting or engaging with your business viewers at the targeted place & at the right time. In the modern era, this means you require meeting them where they are previously spending their time i.e., on the internet.

Go through Internet Marketing – in other words, it is the form of business marketing which exists online

Starting a new business venture without Online marketing services is just like organizing a grand party and not to invite anyone to it. Digital marketing is just like art & science, which offers a proper visualization of your business culture. It provides its ultimate usage beyond your imagination. In this highly developed business world which is so forceful, if you are annoying to shape out the real possession of the latest Internet marketing trends, then your business competitors will surely take-up your digital lunch.

All About Digital Marketing

Understanding how digital marketing proves works beyond just attaining digital business visibility. But, one requires understanding every growth approach very logically. It provides not only the high profile to your brand or business but boosts your business/brand ROI. Moreover, in the usual scenario, customers choose mainly online media for buying daily needs. And, this leads to the efficient influence of modern digital marketing. Furthermore, digital marketing owners need to recognize where the latest consequence of digital marketing lies so that they can deliberately figure out their web optimization.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before we go further to this most important topic of why we need professional Digital Marketing services, let’s first understand the Digital Marketing process.

Digital Marketing Process

Digital marketing covers all the business marketing efforts which use the internet or Search Engines. Businesses vary on the digital marketing modules, which incorporate various search engines, social media, email modes, & many other web platforms. These digital trends are important to connect with their prospective customers.Digital Marketing is the marketing of various products & services, which mainly lie on any digital medium and enhancing the selling points that particular products/services. The perks of Online marketing process lie in its way of engaging to the audiences and make sure that customer interests are finally fulfilled to its core. 

There are various micro-services which digital marketers are establishing these days. Among the obvious ones such as email marketing, mobile-first services, pay per click, responsive websites, etc. that stands out in building up the co-working team, which manifests the excellent product/service. The results for your customers widely depend on the output of the product/service. Digital marketing for business improvement initiates with the web designing services.

Reasons Why we need Professional Digital Marketing Services

Outside of your comfort zone, there are ‘n’ numbers of challenges that the digital marketers faces, these days. From accepting the requirement of the highly competitive market across the different channels. To carry out the customer-oriented campaigns and messages, there are various other online marketing trends. They are crucial & formulate an innovative wave of Internet Marketing the prospect. If you want to hire full-fledged Online Marketing Corporation to uphold your brand’s digital marketing, then opting for the Ranolia Ventures is a dazzling idea.

Why Choose Ranolia Ventures for Professional Internet Marketing Services?

Stay Relevant in your Industry.

For startups & established business entrepreneurs, it is essential to leverage their Online Marketing services form the best agency, which is following the modern Internet Marketing trends. And, Ranolia Ventures follow the latest trends in Digital Marketing. Online marketing agencies are aware of ever-changing trends in the virtual world. When you spotlight your business and want to enhance its productivity, the best Online Marketing agency helps you to keep up-to-date with many latest trends in the digital world.

Competence and Professionalism

Today’s Internet Marketing service providers place various emphases on learning the inner workings of native advertising. Brands that physically present their ads on numerous social media platforms can have a remarkable influence on buying existing and potential customers. Additionally, it is the crucial reason to hand over the liability of your brand’s Online marketing. To qualified and capable Online Marketing agencies. And, Ranolia Ventures lies in this category. Ranolia Ventures provides the appropriate action plan which is designed to ensure the ultimate positive outcome of your Online Marketing campaign.

Content Reuse

When the business has already its website content, let’s address for the fresh content, and it should not be available by a single store. And, the similar idea also affects to the different channels. It includes social networks, articles, blogs, press releases, and email campaigns. Reusing your old content in such a way lets the company provide new material that works fine on a variety of platforms. Additionally, Ranolia Ventures utilizes the proper content reusing techniques for better Digital Marketing campaign.

Bottom Line

Internet Marketing does not need a great deal of focused knowledge. But the key is that you have the foremost traits which are necessary to formulate it in this highly dynamic & rewarding world. Bid your last Bye to old Online Marketing techniques & go-ahead to superior marketing technique with Ranolia Ventures marketing team. All our modern strategies help to dress up your brand or business digital presence. Therefore, modernize your brand with various structural changes & ensure that your web pages are efficiently optimized with the latest processes in Internet Marketing.

Ranolia Ventures Digital Marketing Strategies are now on the peak, therefore hit on your website’s change button and enhance your online business presence. Moreover, you can grow your business for the long term by opting for our Internet Marketing Campaigns.

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Digital Marketing Agency in India

We often listen that the world of marketing is getting digitalized constantly. The truth is every enterprise is evolving by utilizing the benefits of digital marketing. So how do digital marketing agency in India generate revenues and successful conversion? Let’s find out.

Meanwhile, the evolving traditions and practices have re-evaluated the foundational performance for every enterprise. India has always been the foundation of many businesses. Then, be it in the matter of outsourcing or regarding digital marketing. So, let us find how digital marketing agencies in India work and the technologies they utilize.

The Evolving Techniques of the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India

The market is evolving along with technology day by day. The changes are so rapid that it is essential to adapt the innovative technologies. However, in this digital world, it is vital to have a significant place over the digital space through impactful digital marketing tactics. Successful and well-established organizations are excelling through these strategies. They use these revolutionary techniques to increase customer engagement as well as increase their conversion rate. With the passing years, the trends have evolved consistently in utilizing innovative technologies.

How do Digital Marketers React to Evolving Digital Trends?

It is overwhelming for new marketers who are still searching for the perfect combination of digital strategies. Marketers get confused among high revenue yielding potential approach when they witness the plethora of digital marketing strategies to choose. So let’s find out the insights of these evolving trends and how the best digital marketing agencies in India utilize them in their business tactics.

Are these Digital Marketing Agency in India Strategies Effective?

We have performed extensive research and analysis and bring you this list of effective and efficient tactics. Thus, all these hacks mentioned are leveraged by one of the best digital marketing agencies in India to succeed and gain the desired outcome. However, with the passing time, even these strategies will evolve with better technology and workforce. So, set a Goal and start shooting digital strategy! Likewise, every business requires strategic planning to lead a systematic approach.

Search Engine Optimization

Meanwhile, several enterprises are expected to perform online exceptionally. SEO provides astounding optimization solutions for various businesses vertical. So, search engine optimization helps companies to increase their reach and become more visible. Thus, SEO tactics rank your website on the top pages of different search engines leading towards successful conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing agencies in India endeavor in providing unbeatable social media marketing (SMM) solutions for every platform generating unexceptional results. However, many enterprises within and outside the country have mentioned working with the Indian agency. Meanwhile, digital companies have helped them to succeed in terms of revenue generation and conversions. Social media marketing helps in targeting potential consumers and reach the desired outcome.

Email Marketing services

Emails play a vital role in connecting with potential prospects. Thus, every digital marketing agency in India strives to excel in its Email Marketing strategies. Identically, the agencies always try to provide the required results according to the client’s aspiration. Generally, email marketing includes reaching out to the targeted audience by sharing information regarding the client’s product or services to gain more conversions.

Search Engine Marketing

Digital Marketing agencies in India perform vigorous search engine marketing to make sure their client’s experience is unique and enjoyable results. Moreover, businesses utilize this practical approach and increase their traffic to the website that leads them towards successful revenue generation. Pay-Per-Click gives this liberty to the organization to monitor the number of visitors and accordingly plan the strategies.

Constant SMS/WhatsApp Marketing  

Several businesses indulge in every aspect of digital marketing and try to utilize every platform to increase the reach. So, SMS and WhatsApp Marketing strategies help businesses grow their customer interaction and reach potential consumers. Moreover, in this world of mobiles and cell-phones, SMS and WhatsApp play the most common platform of contact an individual.

E-Commerce Marketing

Digital marketing agencies in Delhi are known for their professional team of experts who are well aware of the latest trends and techniques for a successful business enterprise. However, these agencies incorporate every aspect to increase the reach and conversion of the E-Commerce website and transforming them into a booming online store.

Online Reputation Management

Several digital marketing agencies strive to provide detailed Online Reputation Management assistance to organization and industry types. Moreover, the team of reputation management experts dedicatedly offers extensive ORM solutions that enhance brand presence and transforms their online reputation.  ORM is generally about damage recovery, enhancing online reviews, or digital cleanup reputation.

Authentic Content Marketing

Digital marketing agency in India always makes use of content marketing tactics to increase the traffic of the website. The companies make use of extensive research as well as analysis as per the keywords to generate more leads and increase traffic, which directly leads to successful conversion. Moreover, content marketing services is a crucial part of digital marketing services, which also increase customer engagement. Thus, having relevant and interactive website content results in enhancing business revenue.


Are you a new marketing agency in India? Then, here are several digital trends nowadays being followed by a digital marketing agency in India. With this blog, I have covered all the latest trends used by the agencies. So, with these trends, a business can easily attract more customers and satisfy them. So, discover the whole blog and get yourself with all the digital strategies utilized. Thus, the entire digital marketing agency across the globe can make use of these trends to increase business revenue and productivity.

Moreover, all businesses stay ahead of the cut-throat competition by leveraging these digital marketing hacks of industry. Are you searching for the best digital agency in India? Then, rely on Ranolia Ventures, which is one reputed digital agency have experienced marketers who provide exception digital marketing solutions to businesses across the globe. Moreover, our SEO, SMM, and other digital strategies result in increasing business revenue and attract potential customers. Thus, our team mainly focuses on delivering ROI oriented digital marketing services as per the business need and requirements. However, our digital strategy works for the business correctly and generates effective results. So, hire us today and start getting more business productivity.

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Digital Marketing

With this blog today, we will see limelight how digital marketing works for startups efficiently.

Meanwhile, running a startup successfully in this ongoing cut-throat competition is like an achievement. However, there are plenty of things that require attention such as managing services, finances, building relationships with clients, and much more. Everything needs extensive research and finer details. So, digital marketing can help with all challenges.

 If you follow appropriate techniques and strategies, digital marketing is ideal for your business. However, it can grow your consumer base and increase sales.

Meanwhile, before starting with digital marketing techniques, let’s see what challenges are faced by startups.

Challenges Faced By Startups and How Digital Marketing Helps them to Solve

Most of the startups depend on outside funding, but from an investor viewpoint, any startup idea can be of high risk. Below are some of the challenges that startups faced:

Low Budget – Fewer budgets are one of the big problems which startups faced. Less budget or fewer funds directly affect the activities of the business. But an effective digital marketing plan is essential to be successful and get high ROI.

Creative Marketing – Being a startup, it is evident that nobody knows you in the market and does not even care. Thus this is the most significant challenge for small businesses while having less budget. So, it is essential to have a cheap and creative digital marketing plan to promote business.

More Challenges that a Startup can Face and How Digital Marketing helps to Overpower them?

Presence on Social Media – Presence on various social media channels has become the most vital element for multiple organizations to engage the audience with their business activities and offers or essential things for the user. Nowadays, social media is one of the most vital tools to get in direct communication with consumers. However, the advantages which you can reap with social media channels are branding, consumer loyalty, positive impression, and others.

Digital Marketing channels or medium – Digital marketing is done through a traditional medium that is highly expensive as well as not specific such as ads on TV, newspapers are seen by many that include targeted customers but do not guarantee to make a business accessible. But, digital marketing is a specific kind of marketing that can be done as per your budget.

Retaining and getting customers – Well, in starting when there is a buzz in the market about your business, acquiring customers is an easy task. But after some time due to poor engagement, service retaining the same customer is a challenge to companies.

So, do you know What exactly Digital Marketing is?

Digital marketing is the ultimate marketing solution to promote various products and services with the use of digital strategies on the internet, multi-media devices, and other digital mediums.

So, now let us start with the digital marketing campaigns which work for startups:

SEO – The most Efficient Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO plays a vital role in the world of original marketing. It can boost up and optimizes a piece of content set up in such a way that it appears at the top of search engine result pages. Digital marketing follows a methodology that starts with analyzing and understanding the client’s needs and then researching their competitors. This helps in improving the performance of the website.

Furthermore, to determine the needs of clients it better to prepare a question form, this can be filled by the client itself. Include details related to their industry, products, or services provided by them, targeted audience, their budget, and ROI goals.

Extensive research, as well as interactive meetings with the clients, assists in getting relevant keyword with the use of keyword tools. For the analysis of competitors, marketers use tools such as Moz and SEMrush, which helps to track effective keywords responsible for generating high traffic. Following this approach can help startups to build a business.

PPC – One Vital Digital Marketing Approach

Pay per click advertising is mainly an online technique of online marketing where businesses need to pay for ads whenever any consumer clicks on it. You can have customized advertisements that will appear while particular search terms are entered, developing ads that target a specific audience. Using the customization feature in-display advertisements and search campaigns have provided better results.

Content Marketing – A Vital Digital Marketing Technique!

Content is the king of online marketing. Having unique content on the website and for marketing is essential for business growth. Content acts as a pillar of SEO. However, having quality and business-relevant content with proper keywords helps in boosting up business better.

Social Media Marketing – Connect to your Consumer through Social Media Digital Marketing Strategy.

This is another kind of online marketing campaign that works well for startups. However, nowadays every person mainly depends on different social channels to collect information about various products or companies. This is the reason social media marketing has become a requisite for every business. Marketing about a company on social platforms assists users in having broad knowledge about a brand.

Businesses can make use of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social platforms to communicate information about their brand through articles, videos, or blogs. This hack can increase traffic and convert clients into customers.

ORM Digital Marketing Solution

Are you getting lousy feedback online? Then, taking the Online Reputation Management campaign, a module of online marketing is ideal. ORM services help in improving the brand presence online by removing all negative comments about your business digitally. Meanwhile, single negative feedback can harm your business reputation and influence customer decision of buying your product.

SMS/WhatsApp Digital Marketing

It is another family online marketing campaign. SMS and WhatsApp marketing services are becoming highly popular across the globe. However, this marketing campaign helps in increasing the interaction among the customers and persuades new customers. Choosing the ideal company for the SMS/WhatsApp marketing campaign regains customer engagement.

Email Marketing – One of the Oldest form of Online Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaign helps in spreading the unique features of the business services and products. This marketing service helps in increasing consumer circles and reach to the targeted audience. Startups can spread about their business effectively via email marketing.

Effective Digital Marketing Agency

Online Marketing is an ideal way for startups to begin their journey. Being a startup entrepreneur, you can get an online marketing campaign done for your business. If you are searching for an experienced online marketing company, then, Ranolia Ventures s one of the best online marketing service provider companies offering various internet marketing campaigns as per the need of business. If you need free digital marketing consultation, email at

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App Development

Have you come up with a brilliant mobile app idea?  Else you might have decided to have one for your existing business. Well, there is a big difference between having an app idea and getting it to build.

The development of an application is not a simple procedure. However, a successful application requires carrying out useful functions, enticing design features and easy for consumers to navigate. Understanding application purpose is simple but attaining them is not. Well if you do not have any experience in technical, then it’s viable to outsource app development. Now you will be spending more time weighing options about how to outsource app development for your idea.

Considering the present scenario, the mobile app development industry has to turn out to be a million-dollar industry. Checking stats, there are around 2.5 million apps on Play Store. Meanwhile, there are around thousands of iOS and Android developers around the globe with outstanding performance, although only a few are the experts. So, it takes a huge effort to find an app developer perfect for your app.

Your meticulous expertise about how to find a superior mobile app developer can take your app from ordinary to extraordinary.

Questions that come in mind for mobile App Development:
  • Whom to choose Freelancers or App Development Company?
  • What are the benefits of outsourcing application ideas?
  • What is the standard for selecting an app development agency?
  • How to select a cost-effective option?

All the answers to the above questions are covered in this blog. So, let’s get started with the blog now.

Freelancer or Company- Which is better to Outsource App Idea?

Meanwhile, hiring a freelance application developer seems to be a cost-effective option for the development of your Android app development needs. But this option too has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of choosing Freelancer for Application Development

  • Cost Reduction -The best advantage of hiring freelancers for developing mobile applications is cost reduction. Well incorporating the company professionals is expensive.
  • Specialized Developers – Generally, if you are hiring the freelancer then you can have specialists for your application development as per your own need.
  • Quality of Application – The hiring of a freelance app developer means availing superior quality application which is developed as per your desire.
  • Save a lot of Time – Generally, utilizing app developers for your application means saving a lot of time which you can utilize in doing other important aspects of the business. However, choosing freelancers means validating project at set milestones.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing for Freelance App Developers

  • Lack of Communication – Lack of communication is one of the major disadvantages of hiring a freelance app developer. You can’t have face to face discussions to convey a message clearly.
  • No Delivery Time – Hiring freelance app developers means there is not any guarantee of timely delivery of your application. Regular communications make you meet the desired deadlines.
  • No data confidentiality – Hiring a freelancer for your app development means there is not any guarantee of your app to be confidential. It does not ensure that your app information is not leaked anywhere.
  • No Process Followed – Choosing freelancers to implement your app idea means that there is not an organized way to develop applications. You will be confused about where the project is going.

Hiring App Development Agency

Hiring Application Development Company is a viable option for fulfilling your every app development needs. However, the app outsourcing company is highly efficient and effective and mainly it can organize and manage projects. Meanwhile, the agency offers flexible time schedules and ensures that your cost worth.

Advantages of hiring App Development Agency

  • A team of experienced App Developers – Complete solution for app development needs. You will get experienced app developers who take care of front end design to backend development.
  • Availability of Technical Resources – However, with an app development agency, every technical resource is available which can be helpful for the development of your project.
  • Follow an organized way – Follow an organized way for the development of applications. App development agencies have predefined SOP’s which they follow for their project.
  • 24*7 Supports and confidentiality – With an agency, you will get complete transparency as well as round the clock support for your queries. You can be assured that your app information will be confidential under the company environment.

Disadvantages of hiring App Development Company

  • The only disadvantage of hiring an agency for your application development project is that you cannot take the daily progress report due to your attention in other aspects of the business.
  • Thus, looking at the above advantages and disadvantages of both hiring a freelancer or app development agency, it is better to hire an app development company.
  • Now as we have decided on one aspect for our android application development project, so let’s take a look at some of the points to consider before hiring one.

Scope of Work

The complete specification of the project needs to be clear before starting with the process of development and get the best results. Generally, the company offers a rough sketch about your vision by the company and then you can check what you need and what not in your application.                

Meanwhile, the company provides the suggestion of adding subtracting the things to make the application better. Furthermore, this makes it clear for every member who is involved in the project.

Ensure the Process of App Development

The development of mobile applications needs great expertise, teamwork, and knowledge. However, the app development process includes planning, design, development, integration, testing, launch, and marketing. Discuss thoroughly the development process before making the final decision. It is crucial to discuss functionalities and other tools you want to be present in the application. Also, make sure to discuss privacy policy, terms & conditions, payment mode is also a critical thing to be discussed.

In conclusion, development is a lengthy and complex functionality although it plays a vital role in the growth of any industry type. Seek a dedicating team to for hardcore app development? Do not worry as Ranolia Ventures one dedicated team of professionals that caters outstanding application development solutions.

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Digital Marketing

With the growth of technology and digitalization, it has become imperative to utilize this advancement for different business verticals. Digital marketing works as a systematic approach to a successful business. However, digital marketing is typically a form of marketing a product or service through any electronic medium. Furthermore, in this modern era, technology has taken such revolutionary development that every person has to check their phone every 3 minutes. Elon Musk has already started with his version of self-driven cars.

Google and Apple aren’t behind in the line either. Even they have announced that they are working on launching self-driven cars based on AI in the coming future. Therefore, it is essential to utilize this development and walk together towards the future. With the general population spending 11 plus hours on multi-media devices, let’s not miss this opportunity and use them for the proficient enterprise.

Why is Digital Marketing Vital for Every Enterprise?

As we all know, today’s generation is more into getting things done as quick and easy as possible. Hence this digitalization! This is essential for different businesses as there are still a few traditional enterprises following the same old pattern of marketing. They believe that digital marketing is just the use of a website and Facebook page. This is the reason we need to change this thinking as it limits the opportunities and scopes for such enterprises to grow.

There is no doubt that all the businesses will utilize the benefits of digital marketing in some form or the other in the coming future. Furthermore, with the increase in the demand for implementing these ethics, there are millions of opportunities waiting for the right perspective. So what’s the rush? Read the blog to understand more about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing – One Versatile and Captivating Field

It is no secret that in this digital world, your business needs to make a remarkable presence. However, not only in the existing real world but in the digital space as well. However, everyone is aware that digital marketing is the future of the traditional marketing process with extra added advantages at an affordable price. Furthermore, marketing digitally allows an enterprise to gain three times more leads and sales generation as compare to traditional marketing ethics.

Digital marketing encompasses various channels through which any business can reach potential consumers. Certainly, marketing through these digital channels can be intricate depending on the level of sophisticated tactics and analysis throughout the digital marketing campaign approaches. There are many levels and channels that come under digital marketing, and the essential types are listed below :

Search Engine Optimization – It’s more than just proofreading!

Thorough optimization is vital and essential for the website as well as it’s content. However, Search Engine Optimization strategies help businesses to rank their website on top of various search engine pages. Meanwhile, Google rates its search results wholly based on the relevancy and content of the pages. However, search engine optimization requires expertise and certified professionals to apply the SEO tactics at a larger scale. There are two sub-divisions under SEO as well, and that would be Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO.

Onsite SEO – It typically refers to the various activities that are performed to improve organic presence. Onsite SEO includes several tactics like keyword research, technical auditing, onsite optimization, and user experience. Offsite Site – Generally offsite SEO stands for the actions taken to optimize a website that is carried outside the site to improve the organic ranking and presence. For Instance, this is a form of link building that aims to increase the number of links from other websites. This step is vital because the search engine scores the sites accordingly as a score of trust. Moreover, some general activities included in offsite SEO are Content Marketing, Digital PR, Promotion, and Outreach.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement – Click Efficiently!

Pay-per-click is generally buying visitors. PPC ads are defined as a marketing tactic where the promoter pays a particular fee whenever someone clicks on their ads. PPC ads allow the advertisers to buy a fixed position on the search engine pages. They usually bid for these ad placements when someone searches using the keyword related to their ads. PPC ads are associated with shopping ads, Display ads, Text ads, and many more.

Social Media Marketing – Follow, make friends, and increase your reach!

Digitalization and various social media platforms have a powerful impact in terms of digital marketing. However, social Media Marketing plays a vital role in different business verticals to reach their desire prospects and consumers. SMM makes sure to reach the targeted audience through creating and sharing engaging and valuable content driving maximum audience engagement.

It includes actions like posting texts and images related to the product or service, updating the content regularly that eventually drives more audience engagement.

Email Marketing – Former yet Effective.

Email Marketing is the oldest form of digital marketing existing to date. However, it is one effective marketing tactics to gauge the desired conversions. For instance, successful marketing converts potential prospects into preferred consumers and helps in increasing business revenue and reach. Meanwhile, email is the safest option to market and promote your brand name.

Content Marketing – Content is always the King!

Writing is the form of storytelling a particular brand, strategically. Meanwhile, the majority of marketers and experts are utilizing content marketing approaches to reach the desired outcomes. On the other hand, content marketing incorporates creating and distributing appropriate and relevant content to increase the potential conversion rate. Above all, it encompasses the utilization of valuable keywords, inbound and outbound links, and user-friendly language.


However, it is essential to use a strategic approach to excel in any industry. Meanwhile, follow the guidelines for every channel of digital marketing, including SEO tactics, SMM approaches, email, SMS or WhatsApp marketing, PPC ads, and various other tactics and increase your business ROI.

Furthermore, companies like Ranolia Ventures have collaborated and combined all these strategies along with app and software development and website designing and development solutions. In short, they have combined every aspect to offer a full-length service from start to end. Never worry to start your business and work together for fortunate and optimum results.

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Search Engine Optimization

Need to increase traffic on your website? Not aware of what Search Engine Optimization does?

Then you have reached the right place. Kudos to your SEO learning!

We have performed a thorough research analysis and bring you an extensive summary guiding you through the major aspects of Search Engine Optimization. This guide covers the foremost characteristic of SEO, form selecting the accurate keyword to make a search engine friendly site, building links and marketing the brand name on your site, we’ve got your back!

Are you aware of Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly known is the optimizing concepts and pattern that has to be followed to get a particular page rank higher in the search engines. Ranking your page at the higher position plays a vital role in any type of business as the better the ranking more the traffic it would generate. SEO is generally the art & science of customized theory to rank your website on various search engines. Search Engine Optimization transforms the user experience and makes the website meet an abundance of organic traffic leading to a successful digital marketing experience.

All search engines feature paid ads at the top followed by the organic search result pages. Generally, search engine optimization processes the online content and optimizes it in such a way that it appears on the first page of the search engines by utilizing certain keywords. SEO is usually the magic trick that a particular business invests on to work on their website content and articles in order to appear on the top results of various search engines.

Advanced and useful SEO Techniques

 Easy to Read Posts – Use shorter paragraphs and simpler language to make the content more customer-centric and engaging. Limit each paragraph with mainly 3-4 sentences with 15-20 words each. Generally, longer sentences are hard to understand as the readers tend to lose interest midway. It is even difficult to follow on a small mobile screen or even on a laptop. Always prefer to make the content easy to read by utilizing bullet points. Always remember to use easy language, eye-catching attractive taglines, and examples. When there are large data, stats or information, try to accommodate them in bullet points to make them crisp and short and easy to understand. Always remember, more people engaging towards your content implies a lower bounce rate which increases your organic rankings.

Use Inverted Pyramid Theory of writing – This methodology of writing an article is taught in several basic journalism classes. For instance, this theory usually means, writing the most essential information and data at the top of the article. Then come the explanations and examples followed by the least important information for the readers to scan and understand the overall gist of the article.

Anchor Text – Utilize your anchor text. It is usually the text that your visitors will click on that directs to another page that can be your site or for a different website. Meanwhile, these links are generally called inbound and outbound links.  Effectively it is suggested that you must use a minimum of one outbound link that takes the visitors to a different website and at least 2-3 inbound links that directs to your own page.

The benefits of SEO

SEO plays a vital role in terms of digital marketing. Everyone is well aware of the fact that search is the primary traditional a visitor navigates the web.

There are three major aspects of a successful ranking:


The search engine analyzes the content on the site to establish an understanding regarding the relevancy over the search engine and then decide their ranking. However, a large part of optimization is in fact to create appropriate content that includes the relevant keywords that are used in searching in various search engines.

Well Structured Page

Page structure plays the core component for any SEO strategy. Web pages are mainly written in HTML format. The HTML code must be well structured so it impacts the search engine’s ability to evaluate the site. It is an SEO manager job in including the appropriate keywords in the title, URLs and headers of the website page.


Outbound and inbound links play an essential role in influencing the ranking of the page on various search engines. Usually, a link is taken as a quality vote from the other website and hence the more the links there are on the web page, the number of votes increases that immediately improve its ranking on search engines. However, you must always remember Google even looks for the quality of links and not only the quantity.


Meanwhile, descriptive metadata is highly essential for a top ranking in search engines. Metadata consists of title metadata, Meta-description, and Keyword. Title metadata or Meta-title is responsible for webpage titles and ranks on top of the browser window. A Meta-description is generally the textual description describing the actual content of the webpage. And then comes the most vital concept of metadata, the keywords. Keywords are usually the most important word on your webpage through which you can gauge more traffic towards your website. It is always a specific keyword or every search engine uses to search the appropriate page.


Search engine optimization is one competitive and extensive process but is still the most efficient way to drive organic traffic and leads your way towards successful conversions. Moreover, the hard work placed while optimizing the page gives the desired outcomes. However, to achieve the potential traffic. Keep in mind the importance of keywords and use appropriate and relevant for great SERP.

Always remember to use a simple and easily understandable language to gauge more engagement from the visitors. For the best results, try Ranolia Ventures. It is one of the leading agencies that endows digital marketing, application development, software development, and website design and development. Prefer the best and reach the desired outcomes.

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App Development Agency in Delhi

To create an innovative and business-driven app, you are required to understand each process completely. When you are going to hire an App Development agency in Delhi, it is vital to keep every development aspect clear in your mind to discuss the requirement. Once you have understood the whole process accurately, you can easily communicate your points to the company for your app. Below are several aspects required to be considered before hiring an app development agency for your next development project.

Purpose of App Development in Delhi and how they work?

Whether you are looking for a business purpose app or for social media, entertainment or gaming app. It is important to make a research about your concept. Make sure to note down the outcomes you are expecting from your app.

Targeted Audience: So, you are going to get an app developed. Thus, it is important to know about the targeted audience.

Application Budget: This is also one of the vital things to consider before outsourcing an app development agency for your application. Initially fixing your budget can help you avoid later issues.

Mobile Platform: You need to ensure selecting the platform for your app development requirement. There are mainly two platforms for application development one is Android and other is iOS. Choosing one platform also affects the complete cost of development.

Outsourcing Reliable App Development Agency in Delhi

Quality of Work

Prior to formulating a decision about hiring a company for development, check the quality of work done by them before. Make sure to ask the company portfolio to check their previous work done.

The portfolio is one of the best ways to analyze an agency’s developer about how they handle complicated and simple apps. If you are in need of a complicated app then, do not hire a company that builds a simple application. Following a standardized process make everything to be on the same page.

Experience and expertise

Prior to hiring a company, it is important to check the capability of developers working in the industry. Understand project requirements, coding experience, proficiency in UI/UX, skills to develop apps for different platforms.

Check Communication Skill

It is vital to stay connected with the development team during the procedure of development. Before hiring a company for your development needs it is better to have proper communication to make process flawless.


Before hiring any company, it is important to make a contract about the confidentiality of your app idea and other valuable information. Ensure about the security of your source code too.

Timely Delivery and Project Updates

Choose a company that can provide you with the project updates and timely delivery of your project.

One of the best app development companies to outsource the Android application development project is Ranolia Venture. It is one of the recognized application development companies which fulfills project requirement.

What are the profits of mobile app development in Delhi?

Outsourcing of the application mainly reduces the cost. Mainly when you are an established business. On the other side, outsourcing also widens the horizon of the extent of technology. In India, development is performed at a much economical rate as compared to the USA and the UK.

The cost of outsourcing application development services mainly varies from an organization you hire, but if you will do a comparison among in house team, it is a cheaper and best option as they already have the team of developers to ensure flawless delivery. The price of outsourcing is highly affordable. Moreover, outsourcing provides you the option to get a high-quality application. Another benefit of outsourcing is that you get a large team of developers who handle your project and help you get crucial insights to work on app ideas being proposed.

How to establish app development in Delhi without compromising on quality?

One of the main issues which arise at outsourcing is whether you will get the quality result or not. Since you will get the meeting done once in a week on the tight schedule. Then how to decide for the company we hired is able to provide quality development as per expectations.

  • Outsourcing Development Agency in Delhi can bring their overall experience and easily conquer every type of challenge that came. This is due to the reason that they have a deal with several companies and diverse projects to handle hurdles which seem difficult.
  • Make sure to ask for the portfolio of the team which you are going to hire as it is an important criterion to follow. The portfolio gives complete insight about the company and their work quality.
  • Make sure to do the personal meetings and ask all your queries and doubts regarding the project
  • Another step is to ensure that the app development agency in Delhi is better by sitting down and draw a rough sketch of specifications. This way it will become easier for you to convey a message about your project and ensure its quality.

Risk Involved in delegating App Development agency in Delhi

Like as different technological preferment, subcontracting application development has its own compensations and drawbacks. The advantages we have already discussed in the blog above such as cost reduction, work quality, timely delivery to the market. Whether you wanted to outsource for Android app development or iPhone app development, risks are involved in both.

So, let just discuss the risks involved in outsourcing and how you can tackle:

Risk of Data Leakage

The involvement of the third party in any confidential information involves the risk of leakage for confidential data. Building successful and quality application need working with a team that keeps information secure.

The remedy for this kind is to make a non-disclosure agreement that can be backed up with suitable legal measures.

The issue in Delivery Timing

The selected outsourcing company needs to be competent such that there might not be any risk of expectations mismatch. However, always there is a risk being involved while outsourcing the development team which can execute the idea accurately. The worse situation can be that the development team does not collect proper information for application development that causes issues and takes much time. 

To avoid this timing mismatch issues, it is important to keep clear communication among clients and developers.

Which Agency to subcontract your app development in Delhi?

Are you seeking a company from which you can outsource your Android app development project? Then, look nowhere then, Ranolia Venture is one of the top app development company caters Android application development solutions. They have a team of highly experienced developers who develop top-notch apps with premium content. 

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Digital Marketing

In this modern world, digitization has taken over various business verticals with the increase in the advancement of technology. However, Digital Marketing is the most effective way to promote any business in front of targeted consumers and business prospects. But what exactly is Digital Marketing? How does it help every industry type and what are its various types? Let’s find out!

Digital Marketing – One solution to all your marketing approaches

Generally, digital marketing is the natural marketing of various products and services on the digital platform by utilizing different digital technologies and marketing strategies. Meanwhile, Digital marketing typically consists of a team of marketers excelling in the fields of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), Social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, email marketing, and eCommerce marketing.

However, Digital marketing typically focuses on business growth with an increase in traffic and conversions that help every industry to generate an internet marketing campaign helps businesses to reach the desired revenue goals.

Why Digital Marketing?

Meanwhile, every digital marketer always has a clear view of the marketing campaign to make the right offer at the right time and place. However, marketers try to gauge consumers from various social media platforms through attractive websites and blogs keeping both client’s and consumer’s requirements in mind.

Furthermore, a team of expert content writers, developers and marketers make one digital marketing team working together to create a business foundation. These marketing tactics naturally attract prospects and consumers. However, to make vital offers that the targeted audience will appreciate and eventually respond to the desired product or service.

How to improve Domain Authority?

Domain authority plays a vital role in any digital marketing campaign. Domain authority is generally the website’s reputation as a thought leader from Google’s perspective. Meanwhile, the search engine utilizes this domain authority so the business can provide supreme quality content about the specific product or services.  Therefore, domain authority is an essential part of search engine ranking.

There are situations where a website with higher DA but less engaging content ranks higher than the websites with low DA but more appealing content. For consistent ranking on the first pages of search engines, every enterprise must strive for a domain authority that is above average. High domain authority leads to higher search engine rankings subsequently heading towards more traffic and conversions.

Factors Affecting Domain Authority

below are few most relevant factors that affect Domain Authority

  • User-friendly sites – High domain authority websites usually consist of great search engine optimization. However, these websites include appealing content, user-friendly navigation, good on and off-page SEOs. They also include fast loading time and are effortlessly indexed by various search engines.
  • Social Media presence – A website with engaging content usually gets appreciated through the number of shares on social media platforms. This affects the domain authority of that particular website, the more the number of shares, the higher the ranking.
  • Content Quality – The content plays a vital role in any website. The website will have no backlinks or domain authority if the site does not have engaging content to offer.

Components of Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

SEO service makes sure that the particular website ranks on the first page of various search engines. The primary job role of an SEO manager is to get higher relevant traffic through organic searches.

Social Media Marketing

Search engine marketers typically try to generate relevant topics and content that include few specific keywords to enhance the reach of the company towards their targeted consumer. However, these marketers create and manage every published content. Similarly, they even monitor the responses on social media platforms converting them into leads and sales.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

It is an amazing strategy to maintain the presence of search engine results while establishing organic SEO rankings. PPC helps various enterprises to boost their rankings and drive qualifies leads.

Web Designing

Implementing custom designs reflecting the brand name brings more engaging traffic. Web designing helps businesses to generate more conversions and leads directly from their website. An appropriate web designing ensures the website has top loading speed, user-friendly regarding navigation and improves user experience.

Content Marketing

Meanwhile, every business needs to incorporate authentic and organic content to boost their ranking and engage more potential consumers. Content marketing is an amazing strategy to generate useful leads.

Benefits of Digital Marketing  

  • Digital Marketing makes it easy to create understanding and engagement throughout the process of lead generation and sales.
  • Digital marketing ensures to convert new buyers and users into potential and regular consumers.
  • It shortens the purchasing journey of a buyer by providing the right offers at the appropriate time.


Meanwhile, starting a new business without the modern digital marketing is just like organizing a big party and not sending any invitations. Thus, every business needs to rely on modern digital marketing strategies and enhance their online revenue and productivity. However, if you are not updating your business website, it is just like your competitors are eating your digital lunch.

We at Ranolia Ventures provide comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that help to boost the website ranking on Google ladders. Similarly, with the powerful assistance of our digital tactics, your brand becomes globally famous and with favorable search engine ranking. We select the right digital platform as per your business needs or requirements. However, whether your business is searching for a partner or a service provider to handle the regular online marketing or a team of developers to redesign your website, Ranolia Ventures is your solution.

Our experienced, knowledgeable and conversion-focused team makes them the ideal solution for several digital marketing modules. We make use of the advanced digital tactics which work for every business forte. our digital solutions directly impact the decision of consumers for purchasing products or services and results in generating more business ROI. Chose wisely and earn naturally!

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