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E-commerce Website Design

As evident by the numbers, the E-commerce Website Design market has grown tremendously over the years. Moreover, it is a fast-growing market with faster changing trends, which one needs to adapt to fetch the maximum results.

The number of consumers approaching the online shopping mode is on an increasing trend. All online companies have tried to keep pace with the changed requirements and demands by innovative techniques.

Importance of E-commerce Website Designing

An e-commerce web design is different from any other web design. Thorough knowledge in the web programming languages or the tool used for designing alone will not help in constructing a successful e-commerce website. Extensive research has to be made even for the choice of colours and the usage of words in the content. The look and feel of the site are critical, but there is something beyond.

Any e-commerce web development must follow three essential rules.

  • It should be designed in such a way it ensures a pleasant shopping experience and invokes a feeling of trustworthiness.
  • It should contain the exact contact details of the company, preferably the route map.
  • The shopping cart interface has to be made user-friendly, and there should be no false information in any of the pages at any cost.

Here are some popular e-commerce website trends that demonstrate the direction of online shopping and provide an insight into the strategies adopted by businesses to navigate the unfathomable sea of the web-based retail industry.

Trends of E-commerce Website Designing

User experience or more precisely, ease of use is the most critical consideration to ensure traction and engagement. It is needless to say that design plays a significant role in this. While there is no shortage of creativity and innovation in designing e-commerce websites, the following trends can help your brand to stay future optimized as well. With the growing importance of e-commerce, let us have a look at the top 7 e-commerce website design trends for this year.

Mobile-friendly Design

Considering how important mobile devices have become, it is not a surprise that mobile-friendly website design is one of the essential e-commerce trends this year. As stated above, the rise in m-commerce has made it critical for business owners to come up with a responsive design to their site. A responsive design adapts to different mobile devices and eliminates the need to develop x no. of designs for x no. of mobile devices.

Use of templates

In the year 2019, Google launched its “Material Design” motif, which is a template used for developing Android Apps. An increasing number of e-commerce websites are now using the same design principles that “Material Design” is based on. Using the “Material Design” motif doesn’t mean that your website will be identical to others, as there is a lot of scope for customization.

Efficient Loading and Layout

Efficient loading and layout of the site, especially in the case of mobile devices should be a significant concern among developers. This means that when a user opens the website, that what is important should load first. In the case of e-commerce websites, it is product-listing. So, instead of loading 100 products on one page, developers should focus on loading ten products per page, and load subsequent sets of 10 if the user scrolls down further. One should note that e-commerce websites that load easily on mobile will appeal more to the users rather than the ones that take a lot of time to load.

Use of Hamburger Menus

Another trend this year would be the increase in the use of hamburger menus. Three horizontal lines typically define hamburger menus, and they offer a convenient way to hide or reveal the menu, as necessary. This essential feature of the hamburger menu makes the site easier to navigate. The easier it is to navigate the site, the more appealing it is to the users.


This year will also see an increased use of cinematographers on e-commerce websites. The cinematographer is a midway point between an animated GIF and a static image. It usually consists of an image with animated text over it, although in some cases a part of the image may itself be animated. Cinematographers are easier to load on mobile as compared to gifs. This is because when a series of GIF’s are added to a page, the data requirement or the load time goes up significantly.


Websites adapting to different devices are no news, but in the future websites may adapt to the user. For instance, as per the age or the web activity of the user, the website will be able to show some elements more prominently than the others. In other words, the website would be able to re-order itself.

The elements of the site would also shift either to the left or to the right depending on whether the user is left-handed or right-handed. For color-blind people, the site may also alter its color-palette.


Chatbots offer a complete paradigm shift for the websites and web apps dealing with real-time shoppers. Designed to answer all relevant queries at every step of purchase and browsing, it replaces the so-called manual customer service to guide users.

Moreover, designed to build a conversation with a personalized human touch, modern Chatbots can sound convincing and pleasant to push customers for better buying decisions. Throughout this year and beyond, Chatbots are going to be a mainstay in e-commerce website design and development.


The increasing competition and technological advancements have prompted many e-commerce websites to keep themselves ahead of others. Options of same-day delivery, user-friendly interface, frequent updates on offers and other value-added services are the top priority for all e-commerce companies. Ranolia Ventures is one such leading firm that can customize solutions for your business’s website needs, and we offer affordable services. Whether you’re looking for e-commerce website design, SEO, SEM, or other services, we can work with you to make your business successful.

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Digital Marketing

Looking back at the advancements that took place in the past year, Digital Marketing services certainly have formulated a plethora of upgrades and updates to offer in 2019. A heads up on the last year’s scenario saw Google announce and roll out more than 500 algorithms and numerous data-based updates. Even though Google is just a small part of internet marketing now. But, yet it certainly is the world’s biggest search engine. And, has brought about a substantial development in search results quality. It also must be noted that other digital marketing channels to have started to develop and maintain updated just as fast as Google.

The concept of internet marketing services revolves around gaining the extra value of the subjective opportunities the internet has to offer. Channels have also understood the fact that competition is a significant criterion. And, that the growing aggression of the competitors will require you to be up to date with all the possible internet marketing trends.

The Top 5 Trends in Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

A new and upgraded tool introduced by Google is the Author Rank. It assesses the authors in the same way as Page Rank evaluates a website’s reliability. The primary function of author rank involves ranking an author’s Google+ account with his/ her generated content in the past. Google evaluates all the other content developed by the same author and draws its conclusions about the author’s authority. This is a useful step by Google towards increasing the quality of content as well as fighting against copyright violators. However, the Author Rank advancement has not yet hit the market and is expect to roll out by the end of 2013.

Social Media Revolutions continues

Businesses that involve themselves in social media strive hard to drive traffic via these social channels. Undoubtedly, topping the social media list is the social media king ‘Facebook.’ With its enhanced and refined progressions such as Graph Search, social media is being exposed to an entirely new perspective. As seen above, Google+ will soon play a vital role in SEO as it’s not only because of the social network but also a crucial part of optimization. Various digital agencies can provide you with complete know-how of the social media revolutions and rotations.

Social Media Sites: Dominating Online

Besides Twitter and Facebook, people are now exploring new social networking sites like Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, etc. All such websites are becoming popular platforms for sharing and learning about new things. Businesses are now communicating with their potential customers through images and videos. The most significant advantage of social networking websites is that they are a convenient and cheap mode of advertising.

Analytics have Become all the More Important

Investing in an internet marketing service will need you to analyze the systems of measurement with a sole motive to measure the return on investment. With digital marketing growing by the day, there are endless techniques to find and measure web analytics. One of the most accessible and freely available tools is Google Analytics. It offers many chances to assess your marketing activities. It helps to draw conclusions as to which platform is more beneficial to your business. Also, Google has proposed a significant, unrecognizable change in Analytics by the end of 2019.

Content is Still King

In a world where new gadgets and digital design methodologies emerge with each passing day. There are many individuals are losing sight of one of 2019’s most significant internet marketing revelations: Content, which even today is still king. The brochures, newspapers, and press releases must be unique and informative. It should be posted in all local newspapers. Content marketing differs from traditional marketing tools in its resistance to overt calls-to-action or purely product- or service-based ads. And, smart consumers have developed a nose for fussing out quality content from gussied-up advertising.

Whether you’re writing a blog post, creating a web article, or compiling a YouTube video, the quality of your content is immensely important. Many online advertising mavens argue that it is the single most significant factor that contributes to conversion rates. Because various things could not be understood through videos or other methods. And, therefore, to make audiences aware of that specific subject, it is imperative to serve them related reading material to them for making their doubts clear.

In recognizing this fact, be sure that you are taking the time to consistently cultivate compelling, cutting edge content. The content has efficiency in grabbing the attention of audiences and compelling them to read your article till it ends.

The PR and Digital Marketing Worlds are Merging

In the past, digital marketing was often confine to realities like link building, keyword research, web design, and analytics. Yet this is no longer the case. Over the past several years, PR has become an increasingly integral aspect of the internet marketing process. It is because more and more advertisers recognized the need to keep clients and customers in continual communication. Utilizing and optimizing this strategy has been particularly important. And, due to the rise of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

To be successful in these online venues, marketers have to build and maintain brand familiarity by engaging prospective customers in meaningful dialogues while simultaneously developing a positive image for the client’s products and services. For this, apart from promoting their brand on different social media platforms, they should also focus on promoting their brand on various websites. And, they should also encourage the PPC mode of business promotion.

Final Verdict

If you work within the digital marketing sector or are a business owner interested in obtaining e-commerce success, it’s essential to be aware of 2019’s emerging trends and methodologies. By reviewing the informational guide offered above, you can remain “in the know”. And, ready to make this year’s digital marketing campaign a smashing success! Ranolia Ventures is one of the leading firms. They provide the best digital marketing techniques by simply following the modern digital marketing trends. Thus, opt for the digital marketing services by Ranolia Ventures and gain a win-win situation for your brand.

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Online Marketing

It is no secret that online marketing is an extremely powerful business tool, and the online advertising/marketing industry is expanding with each passing day. Online Marketing has gained a significant amount of ground in the last few years, and businesses that do not have online marketing plans ready to be implemented are greatly hindering the success and growth of the company. Thousands of companies all over the world have already chosen to utilize web-based marketing to promote and sell their products, services, and talents over the internet. If you are serious about increasing the growth of your business, you will want to implement the latest and most effective online marketing solutions.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will give you long term to increase popularity, visibility, authority, relevance, and in result, more conversions. Search Engine Optimization could be a whole course by itself. There are plenty of ebooks, blogs, courses, and websites dedicated mainly to SEO training. It is essential and a huge part of what most advertising & marketing specialists do in their regular daily routine. There are thousands of internet marketers who spend day after day doing SEO and nothing else. It can take a long time to master the process/perfect the different techniques out there. Also, it is always changing, so staying on top of it all can be exhausting. Every good internet marketer can have SEO as their main speciality and still be learning something new almost every day.

Web Design

Before you start advertising & marketing anything on the internet or build an online marketing business, you need to have a website of some sort. There are plenty of tools and resources available (such as Word Press) that will help build a site for you. However, it still takes time to learn how to use those tools and get a website built the way you want it. Even the most rookie friendly systems have a learning curve and can take some time to set up. Then, you must learn some coding to make changes in certain places and customize your site beyond the basic themes/templates that site builders include.

Writing Content

This is one thing that can take up a LOT of time in the daily routine of just about most internet marketers. Content is king in the world of advertising & marketing. You need it for just about everything you do. It doesn’t matter if you are constructing a static site, updating a blog, marketing sites, writing articles, responding to emails, sending out your newsletter, replying to comments, participating in forums, copywriting, and so on… You will be writing and writing some more. It’s all about content in the internet world, so get ready to wear out many keyboards on your computer!


The internet has, without a doubt, moved towards blogs in the past couple of years and will likely continue to do so until they are the predominant force in the online world. Blogging is an essential part of online marketing in a lot of ways. Depending on your business standards, it can be very vital to success online. It is suitable for making a brand for yourself, getting your content out to the internet, helping to spread your brand, building up a following, or you can make money from your blog only. Some marketers solely earn their whole incomes off of blogging. Although, in most cases, they are typically known as a blogger.

Social Media Marketing

You might have accounts with Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and possibly a few others. If you don’t, then you certainly know someone close to you who does. Well, a typical internet marketer will have all of those profiles plus another 10 or 20 or more accounts on other social media sites that they have to manage.

Think about how much time you spend on those sites every day. It’s not hard for an hour or more to pass without even noticing it. And you are only using them to keep up with family, friends, and what’s going on around town. Internet marketers do all of that plus use them for networking with business associates and prospects, keeping up on our industry, spread the word about our content, and for other marketing reasons.

Pay Per Click

When you search something on Google, you will notice there are usually some ads at the top above the organic rankings and a tower of them on the right side next to the organic results. They look a lot like the regular results but are slightly different. PPC is paid ads that show through Google AdWords. When somebody says PPC ads, this is what they are referring to, even though there are technically many different forms of PPC. Individual bids on specific keywords to get an ad displayed, and then they pay for every click they get on the ad.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is simply building up a list of email subscribers, creating a worth trust relationship with people, so they join your list, sending them good useful content/resources, keeping them updated on the latest news in the niche they are interested in or about your business, and sending all sorts of other information. One popular saying in the IM world is, “the money is in the list,” and there is a lot of truth to that. But it can be a little difficult to build a profitable list, and as an online marketer, you might be spending a lot of time perfecting this skill.

Product Creation

Product creation is a huge thing that online marketers do is create information products such as ebooks, along with business services, SEO, membership sites, marketing tools, and so on. This stuff can take a long time to develop, depending on what it is. Almost every website or web-based service you use, or ebook you read, were created by some online marketing expert in one way or another.


A huge part of Online Marketing Success nowadays is video production. In 2003, this wasn’t a big deal at all. There were very few people doing them in those days. But video marketing has exploded in the past few years and will only continue to grow into the future. Videos can be instructive, funny, informational with the intent of maybe going viral, or made for advertising purposes. Whatever the reasons for videos, the fact is they are a part of running an online marketing business now, and they can take a lot of work to do.

Bottom Line

Because of the rapid increase in the use of the internet to find all kinds of products, services, organizations, and tools, an advertising & marketing strategy centred around the internet is the modern way to advertise or promote what you have to offer. Online marketing is also the best form of marketing because it provides a way to track and analyze data. This means that your strategies can be tested, created, retested, refined, and revised so that your site is designed to get the most conversions as it can get. Ranolia Ventures is one of the leading firms that provide efficient online marketing services for businesses of all sizes.

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CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the companywide business plan for running the company’s connections with consumers, clients, & other sales prospects. CRM Solutions are intended to reduce the actual cost & enhance productivity by fulfilling customer needs. It plays the significant role in different types of businesses that include small & medium-sized firms. CRM empowers the management team in expressing the sales team with the innovative business opportunities & assists to collaborate with the sales team & customers for efficient business performance. The sales team has to modernize their skills with the current information about their marketing campaigns, client meetings, & other sales opportunities. Thus, there is no information overlap & leads to follow up professionally.

Purpose of CRM Solutions

CRM solution can help to manage & track the actual statistics from the ad campaigns, the winning & the less booming and even assist sales automation reducing the time of each salesperson must expend on the individual phase of the sales procedure. As this data is accumulated & analyzed centrally by software greater insight into the new opportunities & approaches can be increased & strategies developed and innovative opportunities may be defined. There is less time dedicated to all stages of a sale means less time spent on every consumer & more proceeds for the seller & more probable sales for the business.

Benefits of CRM Solutions

The good CRM solution is the foremost part which offers all the marketing, sales, & after sales statistics at an instant. Moreover, there are numerous CRM development agencies in the market, but you have to explore for the most consistent agency. However, there are some reasons why the CRM software from a reliable agency is superior to the CRM solution of other CRM development agencies.

The first & foremost advantage to get CRM software from the most trusted company is that it helps to provide an easy migration from one operating system to another.

It incorporates numerous other essential business apps very efficiently. Thus, if your business firm uses the MS-office & outlook, then you have to choose the adequate CRM development agency that provides advanced CRM tools.

One more additional advantage of choosing superior CRM development agencies is that it permits you to choose between the two separate delivery methodologies. This way, you can very get a hold on your business activities.

Consider the Requirements to obtain the Success with CRM

Get the Executive Buy-In

Management has to rely on innovative and advanced CRM solutions & lead by utilizing the advanced system by them. Support throughout the entire echelons of the upper management asserts the company’s vow to the initiative that will encourage all the stakeholders to below management. In addition, the success will come to the manager who understands the actual value of CRM solutions, understands the issues it is going to solve, & dedicates the time & energy to make it happen. It is incredibly significant to be concerned openly.

Use Experienced and Professional CRM Consultants

Your business achievement starts from knowing what you have to do to give your best. Similarly, the CRM consultants live & breathe CRM solutions & know what works & what does not. Ask the experts when you face problems, whether it is of customization, functionality, and related to deployment strategy. The CRM-specific information will generate ROI in a faster way.

Establish your Considerable Business Goals

Define the specific business advantages which you wait for the CRM solutions plan to deliver. Is it to reduce the consumer churn rate and reduce your sales cycle time by the specific percent? Is it to boost the win-to-loss proportion of your sales opportunities? Perhaps it is to reduce the time in which the service request is uncertain.

Strategy First and Technology Second

The CRM software enables the implementation of CRM strategy, not the other approach around. Moreover, reorganizing the business procedure efficiencies & boosting the revenue are superior drivers of the CRM strategy. Explore out how your firm’s consumer touchpoints can increase such ideas, and then provide customers with applications that finally work with them.

Start with & Maintain the Quality of Customer Information

Behavioral information is the support of CRM. And, CRM needs accurate customer data, thus to start by cleaning up several migrated data & replications. Do this before the roll-out. You have to make it easier for individuals to undertake the tough job of data quality, maintenance, and access. Thus, boost the personalization by simply identifying the consumer’s social network links and identify their Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter handles.

Choose the Precise CRM Services

The most excellent CRM solutions will automatically illustrate trends & display consumer analysis data & graphs. Moreover, having unwanted fields & needless features in the CRM often causes more damage than good. It also slows down the page-load time & boosts the complexity of locating the foremost attributes you would like to use. Moreover, you should keep your CRM simple & only execute the attributes that you need for your business.

Choosing superior CRM software for your business firm depends mostly on the business’ size. The small business, for instance, frequently does the best with the tailored solutions which finally meets their lesser extent without adding the extraneous attributes which swamp the system down. Moreover, the medium-sized business firm may want to use the existing CRM framework having some insignificant customizations, and the large business firms are frequently best-served by the significant CRM solutions.

Final Verdict

Thus, CRM solution has a limitless perspective, which helps in the collection of data & if the particular data is used intelligently, profits can be enhanced & consumer satisfaction and maintenance improved. Innovative sales opportunities can be recognized & market trends and customer behavior is tracked. Moreover, Ranolia Ventures is the best software development agency offering top-notch Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Their services include development services, digital marketing solutions, and customization as per the unique requirements of each business firm. We have an enthusiastic team of CRM professionals. They can incorporate your entire consumer’s information into the system to provide you with the most precise customer insights.

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Web Development

Website designing has made its mark in the world of internet business. There are countless websites to be found on the World Wide Web these days, which in turn has boosted the importance of web development even more.

All successful business ventures want to run a successful website, and the ambitious businessman of today wants to improve his prospects through the internet. No wonder the field of web development has flourished so quickly.

Building an attractive, eye-catching, and user-friendly website has greater appeal to users than a plain and boring one. It is in this area that a web designer plays the most crucial role. Only websites with great designs can manage to win the best users and subscribers, vital to any venture’s success. A good website ensures to bring clients straight to the business and push it to its maximum potential.

The Complexity of the Situation

Web designer needs to have thorough knowledge and understanding of the complex process of designing a website and should be able to transform the employer’s internet aspirations into reality. It is a better decision to hire a professional web designer to fulfill the purpose of making your business’s website rather than using a template provided by a domain provider.

Outsourcing your requirements to other countries is also not a good idea, as the language and cultural barriers might not get your message across to your potential users and might also not be targeting them accurately either. Joomla has widely used web development techniques these days. Lots of features allow users to make the use of technology with ease and extensibility. Joomla, the unwrap solution which permits freehand use to anyone. Joomla Web development companies have come up with the powerful solution to make innovative websites for their clients. Introducing new designing ideas through the use of Joomla offers “user-friendly” websites to search engines and visitors as well.

Joomla Web Development Solution

As an open-source CMS, Joomla has numerous rich features and functions that make the development and management of a website much more comfortable. It is so prevalent in the market that more and more companies are looking forward to hiring a Joomla developer who could work for them and deliver the best quality web solutions to the clients. So let us see, some of the features that make Joomla, different from other CMS.

Joomla, web development system, is used to manage every aspect of your website, beginning from adding content and images to updating products or even for e-businesses like shopping cart or e-ticketing. Therefore, it offers reliability, quality and affords ability. It is the ideal package for any designing company. One unique feature of this web development is that it specializes in producing professional websites. It is perfect for the creation and content management of small and medium-sized businesses. Whether your site requires a few pages or a whole list from the product catalogue, it is not an impossible task with Joomla web development tips.

Effectual Attributes of Joomla Website Development Solution

Very affordable

Joomla is an open-source CMS and can be downloaded for free, from the internet. The user needs to bear the cost of additional module development. Furthermore, the module upgrades and extensions for Joomla are also available for free, mainly from the Joomla community forums.

Two directional texts support

Joomla has a unique feature of two-directional text supports. In addition, this innovative feature of the CMS is not found in any of the other CMSs. Therefore, this unique feature enables the clients to write the content on their websites, in any language of their choice. So, they can use their regional language to make their brand popular among the local customers as well. This is the reason why developers across the world prefer Joomla as their web hosting language.

Wide range of extensions

These CMS support a wide range of extensions. However, they allow the client to modify the content of the website as per his personal requirements, and business need. Therefore, it helps nearly every type of multimedia file including audio and video files of various formats. Moreover, most of these extensions are available for free.

Better Control and Ease of use

Joomla provides the user with the ability to attain better control over the website in terms of display and security. In fact, Joomla web hosting is so easy that even beginners can easily manage sites without any professional guidance. Therefore, the CMS comes with beginners guide and video tutorials that make it very easy for the novice developers to maintain a website.

Easy customization

This is one of the most popular features of Joomla. In addition, it provides the developer with the freedom to create a website, as per his specific business needs. In short, the client does not need to adjust his business operations as per the site, as the site can be improved. Wide range Joomla extensions are readily available, and these extensions can also be customized to use on the website and cater to the specific needs of the client. Also, there is a wide range of free plugins and modules that can be used to enhance the looks and functional capabilities of the website.

Web marketing

Online or web marketing is the best way to conduct all types of new-age marketing activities for increasing traffic on a website. Similarly, Joomla creates web pages that are SEO friendly and help the site acquire good exposure over the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The CMS also consists of significant components for e-mail promotion and newsletters to advertise the website amongst the target customers.

Bottom Line

Due to all these amazing features, Joomla web development is an ideal way to create an effective online presence. Therefore, a Joomla based website will be the right way to gain an edge in this ever-competitive world of internet. However, by using this program web site builders can easily make corporate web site portal, Corporate intranets and extranets, Online magazines, newspapers, and publications. And also government applications; E-commerce and online reservations Small business Web sites, NGO Web sites, Community-based portals, websites for institutions (both religious and educational), personal homepages and much more. Ranolia Ventures is one of the leading firms. That provide expert SEO services, pay per click, affiliate marketing services, web development services and website designing solutions in Gurgaon.

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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management service companies understand very well what the importance of maintaining a good reputation means on the web. Such companies, therefore, offer a wide range of services related to reputation management. These include content management as well as other things, like maintaining social networks. In today’s modern era, most of the online businesses use ORM services to boost their company’s online reputation & publicity.

There is a possibility of damaging information being presented about your company on the Web. And it is a known fact that the majority of customers head online to research products and services. In case they come across any bad reviews or complaints which may be visible in search of your product or company that could mean loss of potential business opportunities for you. Reputation management tries to fix the issue by bringing forth positive feedback filled pages.

Importance of Online Reputation Management

People need to make many investments to use online reputation management services, and these investments will surely give them some reward in return. Bad reviews, poor feedback, and poor reputation of your business will hamper the real image and reputation of your company which will destroy your company. Mostly personal enemies, business competitors, or the unhappy employees of your company try to spoil the image of your company. But you have to make a plan which will turn their efforts, making them useless and ineffective. Using online reputation management services will be the best step you will take for your company. The experts who know how to use these services will give you the right suggestion, and they will play their roles in making the correct image of your business perfectly.

If there are various false postings related to your business or brand & if they become the cause of the ruin of your brand, the experts & the professionals or ORM will use the best services. They will assist you in recovering the lost reputation of your business right away. The individual who has some experience to use these services will help you give effective measures to erase and change the bad reputation of your business. Online reputation management services establish with pushing down negative responses about your company. You will be entertained guidance with the SEO experts’ team who will help you implement some effective strategies for removing damaging postings and comments.

How does it work?

The Online reputation management service company tracks what has been written about a client on the Web. They use search engine optimization to write positive feedback and fill pages. They also create sites that can rank higher due to keyword density and thus, result in damaging references being push-off the first pages of all search engines like Google, Bing, and so forth.

The Controversy

Experts think that such kind of website content writing service dealing with online reputation management has ambiguous use in the sense that there is a tendency to make the customer issue ignorant rather than repairable. There are two groups, those who wish to do something and change their service or product, and others who want to fix the problem with quick positive reviews that make the negative feedback to go out of sight. The second group of companies is in the majority who are seldom interested in trying to fix the problem. Rather they want to use the reputation management service as a tool. It helps them to ensure that other people will not get to know about it.

The Balance

However, there is still a difference of opinion, and some researchers think that negative feedback filled pages can never be taken down and placing enough positive references is the only alternative in this respect. As such, according to search engines like as long as there has been no use of the manipulative practice to make this positive feedback to rank high, using reputation services is not unethical at all.

However, in case there is a violation of these principles, by way of performing such activities like using hidden links or creating cookie-cutter affiliate pages to increase page ranking may lead to the site being banished. It is, therefore, necessary for you as the customer, to think and scrutinize the content to be publish and how the reputation management company you hire is going to do it.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management Services

Develop innovative marketing ideas

Your company’s online reputation depends on how others, especially the customers, view your business. A disgruntled customer is more than enough to destroy your reputation among potential customers. Hence, to protect your brand online, it is important to create highly effective ads through online reputation management tools to secure more customers. You can optimize all your digital communication. And, it is commonly available on the web, such as press releases, E-zines, blogs, etc.

Monitor your online status regularly

You should always take care to verify periodically what is being said about your business online. If you find any drawbacks for your presence on the web, you can consider some modifications to your online ads. Google Alerts, TweetBeep, MonitorThis, Trackur, etc. are some of the effective online reputation management tools to research your name efficiently. It would be better if you could create your own website that is transparent about your products and services. And, provides an open space for the customers to interact with.


Online reputation management is a significant part of the business. As the need for brand services has increased, so has the number of service vendors. But choosing the right vendor is crucial. When you need a steady online presence with positive comments on the Internet, get in touch with leading online reputation management service providers. Ranolia Ventures is one such firm that provides best and effectual Online Reputation Management Services at sensible price tags. The team of Ranolia Ventures has the capability to easily recover your website reputation from negative search engine results and generate positive listings. Thus, enhance your online business with Online Reputation Management Services.

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Online Reputation Management

Bad PR, negative press and damaging reviews happen. You can’t always prevent it but you can mitigate its effects. This is where Online Reputation Management comes in, using detailed, effective methods to deal with bad media exposure. Anyone using the Internet knows how quickly anything can go viral, like videos, photos, and tweets have all have made the front page, headline news regardless of whether it’s an individual in the public eye, mega-corporation, or small business. Once the damaging information is out there and gains traction, you’re already behind the eight balls and are playing catch up. Timely, professional, and targeted online reputation management helps you manage the effects and take charge of your message. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a key component of your web search marketing strategy, how to reverse search engine optimization (SEO) fits into your ORM efforts, and how online public relations differs from ORM.

The Online Reputation Management Aspect of Search Engine Marketing

An effective search engine marketing campaign serves to build trust and create a positive reputation among current and future customers. The appearance of bad reviews and negative comments on search engines can undo the hard work of your marketing strategy. Add to this the increasing prevalence of results from social media sites. And, a negative tweet or rating posting has the potential to reap damaging effects. And, these are tough to minimize once they’re posted.

This is why ORM is a crucial aspect of your marketing efforts. Without it, you don’t control the site results surrounding your business and prone to being the victim of bad press.

Benchmark Your Current Online Brand Position.

Monitoring of website, social media pages and blog visits are a basic metric of every online reputation management campaign. The first steps of measurement should begin with a benchmark for a number of visits, unique visitors, page views per visit, and time spent on the online brand site. From there, you can graduate to measuring a visitor’s progress, activity associated with pages, the success of campaign components, then begin to calculate the ROI of your online marketing efforts.

Any basic, free analytics program, Google Analytics, StatCounter, even your weblog files, can give you basic numbers of web visitors. However, to find deeper stats in online reputation management, you may want to consider a paid research and monitoring service that uses a full-service professional analytics package.

Consider Trends of Associated Brand Discussions.

Online brand management considers monitoring stats which answer these questions: What do people say about your brand? What is their mood, tone, and voice associated with brand discussions? Where are they talking about your brand? What demographic is listening and responding to brand discussions?

These questions are important in B2C and B2B marketing. It is because consumers are more likely to listen to each other than they are to react to brand advertising. They respond to family and friends first. Within social media platforms such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter, social blog platforms of WordPress and Blogger, people are speaking about your products and services. They will tell their friends when they are happy or displeased with your brand. Monitoring of this activity enables brand managers to pick up comments and activity associated with a brand, immediately. And, while activity is taking place, and respond before negative sentiment spins out of control.

Evaluate Your Competition.

Reputation management includes competitive brand monitoring. There are competitors, partners, vendors, and other people who can affect the reputation of your brand. Monitoring their activity assists you in measuring the success of your online reputation management efforts. For example, is your biggest competitor ranked in search engine results within industry targeted categories? Are your vendors and partners talking about you in their online communication or within social media?

Determining the success in online reputation management enables brand managers and individuals to understand trends of discussions happening within social media. They are associated with the brand and could be affecting brand value and acceptance. Evaluating competitive strategy and associated brand positions provide additional insight. Online brand strategy today requires a fluid position, one that considers the newest technologies and emerging platforms for measurement. Moreover, brand success will be determine by current and future trends in technology of online and mobile brand management.

Online Reputation Search Engine Optimization: Cornerstone for ORM Strategy

Part of the online reputation management technique is using online reputation SEO strategies. In contrast, to reverse SEO which is used to lessen the appearances of negative publicity, ORM SEO is the effort made to dominate the SERP landscape with your own content before negative press shows up and has an opportunity to gain traction. When you have positive, company-controlled and -monitored content ranking high on search engines, then it’s more difficult for reputation-damaging mentions to show up ahead of your positive content.

Online Reputation Management Protects Your Company

Your company’s web search marketing plan should involve the important aspect of ORM. When you use the multiple techniques involved in ORM, you protect your image from the negative effects of damaging publicity. Reverse SEO tactics decrease the search engine rank of potentially negative press that is already appearing on the first page of SERPs. Proactive ORM SEO techniques then protect against future instances of negative mentions and prevent them from gaining visibility in search engines results. With vigilant monitoring of your company’s online presence, you’ll ready to quickly recognize potentially damaging mentions and respond in a timely manner to mitigate the possible issue.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t acknowledge the need for ORM until after they’re already in damage control mode. Thus, protecting the hard work that you put into your business is best to perform with preventative action.

Bottom Line

One should start working on his or her website’s reputation building right from the beginning. The strong presence of valid content on the internet will prevent any negative feedback from making its way to the search engine result pages. Plus, it would become extremely difficult for your competitors’ to even give a slight jerk to your reputation on the web. Moreover, Ranolia Ventures is the leading firm which provides effectual ORM services to maintain your brand’s online image. In addition, this, in turn, boosts your business sales.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become vital for the development of companies in recent years. With the help of social media marketing, companies can reach their prospects and customers cost-effectively and easily. If planned and executed well, social media marketing is the cheapest, yet one of the most effective methods for the promotion and evolution of any company or brand. Brand building is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing, and even celebrities and sports clubs use the social media tool for brand building purpose. So, it is not surprising that many companies nowadays hire specialists dedicated to social media promotion of their brand or company.

The companies which are active in social media marketing have marched ahead of their competitors, especially in terms of the popularity of the brand on the Internet. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see companies interacting with their present customers, future prospects, as well as providing support and answering questions through various social networks. Almost every reputed company has a twitter profile or a Facebook page nowadays, and it helps their existing customers and future prospects to interact with them easily.

The Purpose of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your social media strategy serves as a guide that you can follow to get from Point A to Point B. It allows you to stay on the correct path for your business and it helps you to increase your traffic with top-quality target audience members. If your business does not have a social media marketing strategy means that you will not be in control of the direction that you follow and exactly where you are going to end up. It may mean that you will be all over the place and you will have the possibility of never reaching your goals (at least, not all of them). As daunting as social media may be to you, it is important enough to leverage because it will make your business more successful.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Brand Awareness

Companies can use social networking websites for raising awareness about their brand and their popular products. Many companies nowadays use social networks for highlighting and raising awareness about their best-selling products. Many of them also arrange exclusive contests, freebies or special promotions dedicated to just a particular network such as Facebook etc. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are some of the most visited sites in the world. So, such social media marketing helps a company to increase their brand loyalty and to reach a massive new untapped market spreading all over the world.

Interaction with Customers

Companies get a chance to interact with their existing customers through the medium of the social network. Most people nowadays have accounts on social media sites, and so, it makes it easier for companies to take feedback from their customers directly through social networks. Companies can increase their bonds with their customers as a result of such one-to-one interactions. The feedback received from their customers can help in enhancing the quality of the products too. Most people mention their various preferences in their social media profile, and so, the preferences of the customers can be easily identified by the companies through such websites so that future products can be geared to those interests.

Product Launching

It is easier for companies to announce their new products through social networking websites. Most companies nowadays post new announcements on Facebook, twitter etc. as soon as they post the announcement on the site. At times, companies hint at future products through social networking websites even before the products are launched. Social Media is a cheap yet extremely effective way to launch new products to a massive market. And such announcements on social networking websites are quickly caught up by journalists and webmasters who are also present in such sites. At times, it is seen that news channels and popular sites report the announcements made by companies on social networking websites even before they receive the press release from the respective company or brand.

Convert Visitors into Regular Customers

The number of members, including regular visitors to social networking websites, is massive. And social media makes it easy to reply to a particular update directly or to comment on an update. So, through the medium of social networking websites, any person can easily access or connect to the company. Thus, social networking websites effectively removes a barrier between the user and the company. People feel free to express their opinions here or to interact with the company representatives without worrying much about legal ramifications.

Enhance Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can also be increased if social media is used correctly by a company. As mentioned earlier, many companies provide support directly from their social networking pages. Facebook is an excellent example where several companies, including small ones without a proper support website, provide support directly from their official Facebook Page. It is very easy to sort out their customers’ problems in a very transparent manner and the presence of other people. The transparency in such resolutions also helps the company in building trust amongst the other customers as well as future prospects.

Bottom Line

With the advent of modern technology and new methods of marketing in an extremely competitive market, it is nearly impossible for a company to stand out from others without the help of social media marketing. So, social media and social networking websites play a vital role in the evolution of a company in this modern age. All the achievements that a business experience are closely associated with social media marketing activities. Moreover, all such activities you can track via various analytics tools. Significantly, you understand that your social media efforts that you try closely to your business’s achievements.

Thus, you have to rely on top-notch digital marketing firm that provides a well-managed social media marketing strategy. Ranolia Ventures is one such leading firm that offers effective social media marketing services to businesses of different domains. Thus, grab the SMM services from Ranolia Ventures and enhance your business profitability.

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Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce websites have their unique character and designed to lead the visitor to one simple task – make an online purchase. A web designer needs to consider a variety of online selling principles while designing an eCommerce Website Design. In this article, we will try to take a look at some of the significant design aspects that you must have in an eCommerce website.

Many of you are probably already asking why eCommerce website design is different from any other website design. They all need to be attractive, well organized and use the right colors that fit the website spirit and so on. Your instincts are good. However, a close look at some successful eCommerce websites will reveal the conceptual differences that are typical in a successful eCommerce website.

Ecommerce Website Designing Services

Ecommerce websites help to encourage visitors to buy products and stay longer on the site so that they can spend more. It includes a business-relevant look and feel, reflect the vision and philosophy of the business, possess an organized layout and professional design, include proper navigation, carry lucid and market-friendly content and have a customer-friendly user interface, and also comprise of a simple checkout and uncomplicated shopping cart. These sites are integrating with a professional gateway to ensure smooth and hassle-free online payment.

The purpose behind website creation

Of course, web creation is done for a specific kind of purpose. Website is a way that the internet users interact with the enterprise online, grasp some knowledge, and buy products. Generally, the users choose a platform to accomplish services, which they find perfect reliant on their requirements, but initially, they have a glance at the website design. What do they expect a platform to be? They expect the web pages design should be beyond their imagination; something very unique, attractive, stylish, professional, and much more. In fact, beautifully incorporated platforms grab the attention of web visitors. Hence, the enterprises use this strategy to increase traffic on their website. Their primary purpose of web creation is to keep the visitors, and they work to make it stylish and professional. Now, you should have some knowledge about how to do it. Proceed further, and you will get ideas.

Choose Top-Notch Ecommerce Website Design Services

Right website design ensures that your products are displayed in the best way possible. Lots of unprofessional designers make a mistake in this regard and often design a website containing too many products. This creates a direct impact on the loading speed of your website, and not to mention what people do when a website takes ages to load. A professional designer makes sure you get a website design where each image is scaled to the right resolution. This helps people to explore your website in an easy way.

Importance of Well-built Ecommerce Website Design Services

Ecommerce technology providers give an unprecedented number of internet applications for today’s business owners offering a lot more than just basic internet shopping templates. These sites are uniquely intended to encourage guests to buy products and stay longer on the website so they can spend more. It incorporates the pertinent business look and feels, mirroring the vision and reasoning of the business, a sorted out the format and expert configuration, including proper navigation, conveying a clear and responsive client interface, having a market-friendly content, and involving a basic checkout and uncomplicated shopping cart. You can integrate many professional gateways while developing these sites to guarantee smooth and bother free online payment.

Designing an eCommerce site is an expert assignment. The creation and designing of websites is not the work of novice designers. It requires exceptionally proficient and capable website designers to design an eCommerce website that can bring huge success.

Static and Dynamic Ecommerce Website Design Services

Ecommerce website design differs from regular, static web page design. It is usually dynamic as new products need to be add and old products need to be remove. Moreover, it needs to rank high in the search engines to draw a large number of relevant traffic. It needs to be attractive and at the same time, easy to handle. If the website is not user-friendly, customers may go to the competitors. Ecommerce web design services need to create the site in a manner that grabs the attention of the reader towards the product. Flash is a technology that can be used to create the desired effect.

Choose the Best Ecommerce Website Designing Agency

There are a variety of elements to consider in choosing your eCommerce website design company. The company should have costs that are within your budget. Moreover, the agency has a solid history, a successful reputation, and good feedback and testimonials from previous clients. All of these things will add up to a great company to work with.

Of course, you need to look into the company’s practices or techniques, as well. It does you no good to find a top-rated website design company if their practices are not in line with what your business needs. Be sure that their techniques are fitting to your needs in any situation. Thus, a company is really no good if it isn’t right for you.

Finally, look at the customer service of the eCommerce website design company that you are considering working with. Moreover, customer service is critical, and you need to determine if a company is truly going to be there for you now and in the future. Like all great relationships, this one will be built on communication, so be sure to get the best customer service possible.

Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is that everyone can make his business a real success by paying sufficient attention to the eCommerce website development. If the website is not design in a proper way, there is no way in the world to get more customers to your website. Even if you get a few, you cannot make them shop with a wrongly designed website. So, never overlook the importance of eCommerce website design. And, call in a professional designer to find a solution to your problems. Ranolia Ventures is one of the leading firms that provide excellent eCommerce designing services according to business needs.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the strategic approach to the marketing which focuses on creation & distribution of consistent, valuable, & relevant content. The content helps to attract the certain sophisticated audience to obtaining profits in your consumer market.

Most of the leading brands hire individuals having courses in content marketing to develop their product branding. It is being marketed in their public domain & also attain benefits by enhancing sales, cost-saving & getting more and better customers having higher loyalty.

The Necessity of Content Marketing

Marketing has revolutionized nowadays due to digitization of almost the whole lot around us. Mass media is besieged to reach a specific target audience for which your products or services have been catered for. The quality content is very much essential for successful digital marketing along with the well-defined strategy or plan.

Numerous forms of better content marketing such as social media marketing search engines publishing quality, & consistent content, inbound marketing, booming PR strategies, etc. are reliant on the proper content approach which assists in delivering the amazing content for the curated and mass audience.

In today’s modern era, everything is going digital. Marketing for approximately anything, be it the political, food or academic books, retail products/services, etc. everything is efficiently and almost generously marketed through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And, most of such social media websites & search engines pop-ups are the relevant ads according to searches.

Strategy for Content Marketing

Marketing with content is smart to capture the awareness of more target audience regarding your services or products. Targeting more youth on social media platforms, the elderly via television & radio advertisements are some of the significant strategies for smart content. The content has to be designed to target the right audience in their mindset. Sketch the content for your products or services & then try to apply the precise kind of content.

Why Business should opt for Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Boosts your Brand Image & Assists you Making Personal Connection

Business firms of numerous types can boost their brand image by formulating different kinds of brandings & sharing quality content. Consequently, maintaining the perfect content strategy is the dominant game-changer for the brand’s digital development. Moreover, it is very influential in generating a personal relationship with your users. Content which has your personal touch assists you gain a chance to boost your followers in the marketplace. With the introduction of premium quality content regularly, you can expand the trust of your business audience, which will assist you in establishing your name as your brand. And, nowadays, more and more individuals only like brands. Moreover, it will help you in developing your brand image as well.

Content Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement & Helps you to Beat your Competitors

Content helps the marketers to see the execution via live on the Facebook platform. It will boost the traffic on your webpage & provide you a chance to make the better relationship with your customers. Moreover, it is the modified tool these days to make the content effectual. It is so, as your visitors love it. Moreover, it is cost-effective and engages your consumers, formulates more popularity & assists you to beat from your competitors. Value of the content marketing strategy is as if you have two platforms having similar Performa will choose to engage with one having content in their digital marketing strategy such as Facebook, LinkedIn, & Google+. In addition, this top-notch attempt will formulate your brand unique that assists to enjoy the domination in your brand in a more significant way.

Content Marketing is very Powerful in Enhancing Customer Experience & Grow Long-term Audiences on your Website

Significance of content includes the ability to boost the customer experiences & ensuring the long-term facilities of target audiences. The high-quality content provides brands highlighted and becomes the medium to talk about among their clients beyond any complaints & difficulties, compliments, and inquiries. Every interaction that you have with prospect consumer can help you to attain the queries related to your brand & resolve them instantly.

Thus, with the proper assistance of content marketing strategy, you can obtain the answers of all such questions of your customers clearly in the procedure that assist you in reducing objections & confusions of your customers related to your brand. Every part of the content provides the better opportunity to attain new personalities & grow the fan base for your brand. When the target audience on your website grows, you will gain the higher base of enthusiastic customers to share your effectual content. And, it is the foremost benefit of the best content strategy. Moreover, you can use the follow-up marketing strategies with the assistance of digital marketing & email nurturing and social media marketing. They assist you in taking benefit from the stable gains among your customers.

Varieties of Content

Different kinds of content are obtainable which is suitable for different types of marketing strategies such as blogs, videos, billboards, advertisements, surveys, posts, email newsletters, on social media pages that include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. However, each alternative has its own advantages & can be used according to the demand of the situation. The single primary goal of content marketing is to enhance business revenue. And, there are ‘n’ numbers of ways to attain that.

Final Verdict

If you’re running a small operation or business, it is still essential that you remain in the loop. As always, content is vital to the success of your SEO campaign. Start incorporating these tips to your current and future content. And, you’ll notice that you’ll experience fewer difficulties coming up with new topic ideas and/or interesting content for your users and visitors. Moreover, content marketing requires creative brainstorming from professionals who can analyze the minds and thinking of the consumer to decide which approach is best to capture their attention. Interactive and original content will definitely help make a product or service successful. Ranolia Ventures is one of the leading firms that have professional content marketers for the business of all types.

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