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Digital Marketing

You’ve probably heard about Digital Marketing repeatedly and have even been told that it is essential for the growth and development of a company, but what is digital marketing? Do not worry! In this guide, we will explain the first steps to take part in this wave.

What is Digital Marketing?

Starting with why it is digital marketing: it is merely a term used to describe the marketing strategies that connect a company digitally with its audience. The blogs, forums, videos, webinars, Google searches, publications on social networks, Chatbots, and all advertising strategies that are held in these form part of the digital media marketing.

The Choice and Setting of Objectives

When talking about marketing and strategic decisions, we have to understand that immediacy, the culture of “impatience,” is a burden that we must part with if we want to seek effectiveness.

It should be noted that strategic marketing decisions ( marketing objectives and strategies) are the most important within our Plan, although, in the short term, they are the ones that show less visible results. Before entering the third stage of the Marketing Plan, we have to be able to differentiate what strategic decisions represent (medium-long term) and what operational decisions seek (short term).

At present, the non-adaptation to the cultural change that we are living in the business environment can make us make erroneous strategic decisions.

Marketing Objectives

Basic principles of objective formulation

However, marketing objectives will always be subject to corporate goals and strategies.

However, they must be concrete, realistic, voluntary, the engine of commercial work, and consistent with each other as with other organizational objectives.

Requirements for writing marketing objectives

  • They must be consistent with the available resources.
  • The purpose is consistent with the company’s policies and practices.
  • They must be realistic and attainable.

In general, the objectives that are well written begin with an action verb (increase, exploit, consolidate, penetrate), propose a crucial single result and a lead time.

Most common Digital Marketing goals

However, depending on its nature, we have two types of marketing objectives: quantitative objectives and qualitative objectives.

Quantitative objective

When we talk about quantitative goals, we refer to those who propose measurable achievements for the organization, expressed in concrete figures. Frequently, these objectives apply to:

  • Increase in market share.
  • They increase profitability.
  • Increase in sales volume.
  • Level of satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Improvements in distribution coverage, penetration, benefits, or contribution margin.

Qualitative Objectives

Since the qualitative objectives set goals more generic and less “tangible,” but just as important as the others. We can highlight the following:

  • Notoriety and product image.
  • Service or brand.
  • The relative market position we want to reach.
  • Minimum desired dimension to continue in the market.

Meanwhile, quantitative and qualitative objectives can be interrelated so that the achievement of one can help the performance of another and vice versa.

It is usually advisable to go for a single objective, and otherwise, if more than one is set, they should be consistent with each other and never contradictory. However, the purposes are always conditioned by the differential competitive advantage of our offer compared to the competition.

How to build a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy?

However, it is essential to define who will be the object of desire of our strategy to be able to determine all the factors and possibilities that will compete. Furthermore, taking into account the target audience, the best plan create the successful strategy. Since, the Buyer Persona represents your ideal client, which can be one or several. The ideal is not to have more than ten not to turn the strategy into something more generic.

To create them, it is essential to rely on real data and not make assumptions about your audience, since relying on preconceptions can make your marketing strategy take the wrong direction. So, we recommend you to carry out a thorough investigation of your clients through surveys, interviews, the use of measurement tools such as Google Analytics, and more.

But what kind of information is essential to create your Online Marketing strategy based on your buyer people?

Select your digital marketing channels

When we talk about channels, we mean digital media. However, not all of them are appropriate to develop your strategy. At this point, we recommend you evaluate the ones you already own, determine which your target audience is in and which ones would be useful to make present in your strategy.

Here are the different digital media:

Own digital media

Meanwhile, with this term, we refer to the media over which we have complete control. Be it your website, your social profiles, the contents of your blog, or the images.

Digital Media Won

These media refer to the exposure you have gained through word of mouth and the recognition you have earned. However, some ways to win these media are press mentions, positive reviews, and shares (or shared) in Social Networks. Furthermore, an essential part of this strategy is made up of SEO, public relations work, and the experience offered to users.

Paid digital media

Payment methods refer to any vehicle or channel in which you invest money to capture the attention of your potential customers. However, this includes things like Google Adwords, paid posts on social networks, native advertising (such as sponsored messages on other websites), and any other vehicle for which you pay directly for visibility.


Furthermore, in short, digital advertising is an excellent way to connect with your audience. Besides, take advantage of marketing strategies and research to get the attention of the consumer in the channels you use most in your day today.

However, do not forget that due to the great diversity of platforms, formats, channels, and segmentation possibilities, you currently have an arsenal of resources to enhance your marketing strategy and, also, one of its fundamental aspects: digital advertising. Therefore, check this place regularly for more updates on the latest trends and techniques related to Digital Marketing and various other development strategies.

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Content Marketing Strategy

The digital era has brought with it a torrent of changes that have changed the perception of buyers about advertising and consequently, the mechanisms that companies use to promote and realize their sales. Thanks to the Internet, globalization and magic in search engines today, we have several ways to highlight your company in social networks and generate more sales through a good content strategy.

Advertising strategies are renewed with the tools provided by technology or are progressively adapted to the understanding of the implicit natural process that generates a successful sale. It is simple, and every customer looks for in our product an alternative solution to any problem that faces daily and with the help of Google or other search engines you can make that information that he requires can be available at any time on the web.

I need a content strategy for my company!

Only a couple of clicks separate your potential customers from your services and products, but to create this symbiotic relationship you will need to perform a needs analysis of your target and structure a content plan as an expert or request advice with a leading agency Digital marketing.

What makes a successful content strategy?

Many factors influence to achieve success through content marketing, especially in the corporate sector, where several companies prefer to opt for traditional means and more personal contact. On the contrary, those companies that have dared to venture into the digital world, and also analyzed the context to promote their services or wisely used their resources and tools to connect with their ideal audience, report a 60% increase in popularity and ROI.

Although each company – audience relationship is different and there is no magic formula to create a successful content strategy, we present these necessary steps that will help you clearly define your plan to reach more leads and position yourself very well in your niche as a professional:

Define your editorial line

The first step to start a content strategy is to identify your target in the digital medium, who they are, how they express themselves and what they are looking for, this will allow you to find the best way to earn their trust and create a good impression. It is essential that when setting your goals do not speak clearly of your product as the eighth wonder of the world, talk to your clients with professional content and expert voice to inform them about their doubts until they orient it organically towards your services as a response and solution to their concerns.

Identify the most effective channels

Optimize all the means you have to reach your prospects and build customer loyalty. When we talk about digital media, we have a wide range of channels and information channels. For a successful content strategy, you must have a professional website, a corporate blog with valuable content oriented to the needs identified in your sector, an email marketing strategy and follow-up and an active LinkedIn profile where you project a feeling of commitment, experience and quality.

Adapt the contents to different formats

A common mistake for companies in their content strategy is to think that it is limited only to creating and sharing articles and texts massively. A smart decision would be to hire a marketing agency to help you complement your traditional strategy with neuromarketing techniques in various formats to customize your offers and make your content more attractive. In addition to the copywriting resource, you can rely on your career, customer testimonials or perhaps involve your entire team to create more demanded videos or resources such as webinars, tutorials, infographics to make a difference through innovation.

Measure the results

A key element for this phase is to have an e-marketing analysis service that allows you to keep an automated control of the people and prospects interested in your services and their purchasing behaviour with respect to your brand, regardless of the medium or the strategy used, the analysis of results is always the best feedback to focus your strengths and weaknesses and around it make more precise decisions at each stage of your sales process.

To stand out in search engines and maximize your possibilities with online marketing we must accept that our product or service is no longer the protagonist but the customer, who decides whether to buy us, when and how. That is why smart companies have found in the content strategy an essential tactic within their Digital Marketing tools to increase their revenue and popularity significantly.

Do market research

If you are starting a business from scratch and still have no data to explore, market research will guide you from the beginning.

This is an essential element in this process that allows you to understand:

Who your audience is; what are the market expectations for your type of business; what are the most significant opportunities and challenges that you will have to face when putting the plan into action, among other issues. This research will allow you to plan and gain a better understanding of the market, making it easier and more effective to define your competitive advantage.

Try the business plan

It is interesting to test the business plan to verify if its structure is correct. With a complete document and all well-defined details, conduct a market investigation, implement the plan and carefully monitor all the results achieved, analyzing which points were successful and which ones should be rethought and improved.

To end

Making a business plan is essential to understand what your business is, what are the market opportunities, the most significant challenges and, of course, have an action plan for each one.

Did you like to understand what it is and how to develop your business plan? Then do not forget to look at this post on how to create a digital marketing plan for your business!

Create with criteria

Generating content and expecting it to bring good results is not a formula that works. Other resources must be operated in parallel to disseminate this content and get traffic. Also, you have to know how to offer something good if you want to receive something in return.

Now that you have read about the subject, do you have concerns about the strategies you are applying in your company? Ranolia Ventures is known for its team of specialists who can help you understand everything about your business. Ask us how we would love to help you.

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Custom Mobile App Development

Advantages of Custom mobile App Development 

The Custom mobile app Development allows us to have access to mail, news, messaging, music,weather, etc. Therefore the benefits of Custome Mobile App Development have become quite convenient to use the mobile as a complementary tool. And it is that mobile applications avoid charging with the laptop everywhere, which is, at first, a considerable advantage for the convenience that it entails.

Besides, the applications are more practical and faster than browsers and websites, since to access them, you only need to click on them, unlike the web portals, where you must look for the address and the specific result.

The Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development

Less expensive / affordable / offline

From our point of view, as an app development company in Barcelona, the fact of working with mobile applications gives us a simpler and lower cost development than other computer programs. Besides, portability and the wide variety of models that exist make them a more affordable option for workers. And also, certain mobile applications do not require an internet connection.

Attractive experience

In fact, at Ranolia Ventures, we are dedicated to designing apps in India and improving the user experience through the development of applications. However, we prioritize the comfort and functionality of these, offering full access to the device, in software and hardware.

Ease to make purchases

Nowadays, a usual way to access products and services is through the apps. At the transaction level, applications facilitate and expedite this type of sales transaction. In general, they lie in the simplicity of its use, as well as the immediacy and closeness in access to information or individual services. Also, many shops manage to boost their product lines and make special promotions thanks to mobile apps.

Productive at the business level

Mobile applications allow access to both documents and tools of the company, as well as messaging and email services that facilitate the communication of employees, improving the flow of information and the fulfillment of objectives. However, in this sense, the use of this type of apps favors the growth of productivity in the day to day of the company and saving of maintenance costs.

Direct channels

For public institutions, they represent a new possibility to bring their information and services closer to citizens. In this case, mobile applications are a direct channel to make notifications or to carry out simple procedures immediately.

Is the benefits of Custom mobile app Development productive?

As we mentioned earlier, mobile applications are used to improve people’s lives, that at first, the truth is that it is for that and many more things.

We can create apps of all types, and for different purposes, for example, there are:

  • Video games apps
  • Music download apps
  • Educational apps
  • Sport apps
  • Apps from commercial stores
  • Applications to get appointments
  • Apps for children
  • Cultural apps
  • Finance apps, and many more.
  • Futuristic Features

Among the main features of SDI application developments are native and web development, cross platform, user experience, or market place management. However, events that include features such as photo gallery push notifications, geo-location, chat, shopping cart, social networks, calendar, gamification, advertising, or augmented reality.

Meanwhile, the benefits of mobile app development is part of the strategy of Digital Transformation of SMEs that Ranolia Ventures, and that is based on implementing new technological developments customized to companies based on their needs and requirements analyzed.

Easy To Reach Metrics

Another of the fundamental advantages of an app is the possibility of performing metrics, located in one place and automatically, that will allow you to analyze the sales and loyalty strategies carried out and improve future campaigns.


Increasingly, the consumption of mobile devices is replacing that of computers and tablets for various reasons. Among them, the large size of the mobile screens, the accessibility of the device, and, in general, the ease with which the mobile language has adapted to our needs makes a mobile app the easiest way to reach all generations of users.

Complete Availability

Finally, and directly related to point 2, an app does not rest. Thanks to the accessibility of mobile phones and their indispensable presence in the daily life of all of us, having an app is like having a 24-hour store open. This allows

greater visibility, a more significant buying opportunity, and, in general, greater interaction between the customer and the brand. However, if you are interested in creating an app for your brand, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do businesses need custom mobile app development?

An important issue is to identify when we need the design of mobile applications or the development of mobile apps, when do we need application development? It is a question that many ask today, and it is a topic that any person owns a company. It is raised on occasion.

Mobile applications can increase sales and visits to our business, for example, if we have a clothing store, we can create a trading app and offer our products through an easy-to-access catalog and sales system for customers, Also a company that sells food and distributes it at home is an excellent example of a company that can benefit from a telephone application, offer delivery, occupy the location data of the person to calculate the route and much more.


So far, our article on the advantages that mobile applications bring to each user gives you the detailed tips that you should keep in mind from now on for the proper functioning of your mobile apps and Smartphones.

Meanwhile, at Ranolia Ventures, we are passionate about informing you about all kinds of content related to the development of mobile applications. And as an app development company in India, we also offer you our expert app development services at affordable rates.

However, to solve the question of why businesses need to know how custom Mobile App Development is the best solution. If you are reading this, it is because you need a mobile development. Ranolia Ventures is the best company to achieve your goal. We will be happy to assist you and prepare a customized solution for each problem.

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Mobile Application Development

Once you have decided that you want an app for your company, you need to find a good mobile application development team that guarantees that your app will be a success.

Because it is not just that your app is downloaded by the more users better, but that they continue to use it over time.

For that, you need to take into account some aspects to ensure success in your mobile application development 


Successful features in mobile application development

What elements must be present in the mobile application development for them to be successful? We summarize them:

1. To solve a need

Success in mobile application development begins with the idea. It must respond to a need and be different from the applications that can be found in application stores.

If you imitate what others have done, it is challenging to succeed. Do you want to entertain? Explore a new way of communication? Buy from your mobile differently?

Whatever the purpose, it must be approached from a novel perspective and must respond to a real need of your audience.

2. Usability

Usability is increasingly essential in the development of mobile applications. Both the design of the application, and how to navigate it should be simple.

It simplifies to the maximum the processes that can be more cumbersome for the user, such as the registration or purchase phase. You must make navigation intuitive and with a bright and attractive design.

No matter how good your application is, if the user must resort to help in knowing how to act, he will not use your application and will look for simpler alternatives.

3. Experienced team

Before reaching the development phase, you must find a team with experience in developments similar to yours. There is no use for a team that promises you the moon if it fails to understand your needs and the need you want to cover with your application.

Always be sure to check the portfolio of the development team to be 100% sure that it is the best team you could have to make your application a reality.

4. Fluid communication

Good communication is the basis for the success of a team. And this is something that also happens in the development of mobile applications.

If you do not have previous experience in the IT world and choose to outsource the development of apps, communication with the application development team must be smooth.

It is useless to have a good development team if it takes days to be able to communicate with him to transfer your impressions about the latest changes.

Besides, transparent and direct communication will help that the project does not stop and that deadlines are met.

5. Well tested

It may seem obvious, but the testing phase is more critical than it appears in mobile application development. By thoroughly checking an app, you will be able to solve the problems that may arise before launching it definitively.

So you will advance to those possible bugs or errors that will inevitably appear on some devices. If you take the time to test an application thoroughly, you will improve the user experience.

Otherwise, if you get carried away in haste, it is possible that the application that reaches the end-user contains errors.

Think about it. If a user downloads your app thinking that it will solve a need, but just opening it does not work, throws errors or closes suddenly, you will lose your confidence and stop using it.

It is worth being thorough in this phase and ensuring that the application that reaches the app store is the best possible.

6. Visibility in stores

The positioning of applications in stores (ASO) is the key to success in the development of mobile applications.

There are fundamental aspects such as assigning the most appropriate category in the app store or using keywords in the name and description in the app’s tab.

However, you should not neglect other aspects such as the creation of the application icon, for example, which can also make the difference between getting a download or not.

Likewise, it is essential that you create a website or landing page of the application. The users not only download apps from the official store of your operating system. It is essential that you create a website or landing page of your app to increase downloads

But they use search engines to find the app they are looking for. Therefore, if you correctly position the website of your application by applying SEO, you will get more downloads.

In short, when you turn to an app design team, do not forget to propose the ASO strategy to follow in the launch phase. It is another aspect that will help you succeed in your mobile application development.

7. Updates

The development of the app does not end with the publication in the App Store or Google Play Store. It is imperative to listen to the users, review the reviews and the comments that come to you to know the possible errors and to improve the functionalities.

For this reason, it is essential to keep track of the application usage statistics and use them to improve the application and launch updates, so that the use of the application is increasing. It is essential to listen to users to enhance your request.  

The development of mobile applications in Ranolia Ventures

At Ranolia Ventures, we have proven experience in the creation of mobile apps. Our teams are validated by an internal process, which will always provide you with the most suitable equipment for your project.

Even before signing, you can contact the team to make sure there is feeling and that everything will flow.

So from the beginning, you will always have direct communication with the team to define the details of your app and answer any questions that may arise.

After having defined all the features of your app, your project will be launched as soon as possible. And in the event of any setback, in Ranolia Ventures we mediate with the development team to ensure that the project comes to fruition.

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Content Marketing Strategy

The universe of Marketing changes day by day. And with these changes the shift in the latest trends of Content Marketing Strategy changes constantly. SO let’s read the blog and understand what are the latest trends regarding the Content Marketing Strategy of 2019.

Re-marketing or extensive lead generation

In this fierce competitive marketing word, Content marketing is a buzzword in digital marketing, and for good reasons.

One of the causes for its esteem has to do with its efficiency in expressing traffic and its facility to institute an individual or company with industrial knowledge through education. Publishers are permitted to launch trust through the operate by providing data for free, which can guide down a sales funnel for a purchase, even if its content does not openly promote anything.

This type of implicit marketing is important because the millennium generation, which constitutes the majority of today’s buyers, has shown that there is dislike in the ads . If you wish to submerge physically in content marketing and utilize it on your website, this blog is all you need. Let’s get started!

What can we understand by the term content marketing?

Content marketing requires constant publication and can change customer behavior. Content marketing does not involve direct selling, but it can help retain and acquire customers. For it to work, the content must be attractive (or inspire a reaction from customers), otherwise it has no commercial value.

Website traffic that used to be the metric of choice when measuring the effectiveness of content marketing does not have the full history of performance – measuring the commitment that translates into conversions can be much more insightful.

A great illustration of this can be visualised on the various blogs in WordPress page builders . While this section of content is not openly linked to their services, it was written to assist in attracting WordPress users (in social media networks and comments), draw new clientele in an indirect way , and of course the traffic of Search engines never hurts.

Brief History of Content Marketing Strategy

It is believed that content marketing began in the 1700’s, when Benjamin Franklin published what would be the Calendar of poor Richard to promote his printing business.

The first mailing campaigns placed the first stone of the exchange of digital content, which would later be multiplied with newsletters and social networks. The competition for positioning skyrocketed, making the need forCreate exclusive and quality content . In this context, the first blogs appeared in the form of a personal diary, initially called weblogs , which later will also be used by companies to establish a more direct and close communication with users.The term ‘ soap opera ‘ (soap opera in English) refers to radio dramas initiated by P&G in the 1930s, offering soap products, such as Duz. If you would like more information on where content marketing started and then how it became the monster we now know, take a look at the guide of the Content Marketing Institute to guide you on the subject.

How Business Use Content Marketing Strategy

The 3 main content marketing objectives include:

  • Generation of potential customers
  • Leadership establishment
  • Create / increase brand awareness

In addition, content marketing can also be used to:

  • Acquire new clients and retain old ones
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Kinsta also uses content marketing as a way to help educate customers ( blog + Knowledge Base ) which in turn helps reduce support time and the number of tickets.

Content Marketing Typically Persuades Almost all Further Online Tactics

Content that harmonizes your SEO tactics by giving more inbound links and thus boost domain authority. You can reprocess articles for social media campaigns, platforms and email marketing.

More subscriptions can be encouraged, especially when ‘exclusive’ content is offered, such as reports or technical documentation. Meanwhile, co-market the content as it can unlock various access that permit you to construct relationships with other brand name. Content marketing can as well hand out as a detached revenue flow for a venture, for instance, when they develop in-depth content (such as e-books) so that clientele can buy it.

The Projection Of Marketing using Authentic Content

As if it were a game, content marketing is a strategy in itself since the simple choice of the topic, the channel used, the audience to which it is addressed and its ability to attract can become the winning cards of a game that It takes place in a very wide environment, the digital one, with everything that the online medium entails.

But how do you know if the chosen strategy will achieve the objectives set at first? This question is the philosophical stone of any content marketing strategy since this initiative is based on the content and its ability to reach the public that most interests a company for a particular product at the right tme.

The evolution of technology

and the increasing consumption of content on mobile devices encourage companies to build friendly content for each of their audiences. Podcasts , videos and live broadcasts through platforms such as Facebook Live , Instagram Live or YouTube Live are an ideal alternative in this regard. However, for this, large companies have specialized departments for those who work from creatives, publishers or experts in viralization and social networks to planners, SEO consultants or strategists, graphic designers and sound technicians.

Learn How To Use Them

As an online marketing agency, we offer you some tips when planning a content marketing strategy. Generate quality content customized for your targeted audience. It generates information that provides long-term value. Posts , images, infographics, webinars , reports, slides, presentations, newsletters , eBooks , apps, videos or podcasts are some options used so far. Do not focus only on the sale and create added value.

Create a calendar of publications

Choosing the moments varies the results a lot. Post regularly and constantly. However, study your target audience and ways to reach it. Carefully select the keywords to use, analyze your leads and share them with the content you share with them.

Analyze your competition but not to do the same. Propose something different that is available in new media that stand out for their originality. Meanwhile, listen to the reactions of your followers and feed back in the campaigns. Look forward to craft community with your trademark.

If you want to monetize your blog make sure you publish quality content. Flee from the purchase of traffic and the acquisition of leads or followers because you can achieve the opposite effect. Set your goal to reach the hearts of people, so you will also reach your pocket and, incidentally, your wallet. Build brand and loyalty to your customers.

The Future Of Content Marketing

The latest trends in content marketing go through the use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, chatbots and big data. Thanks to technology, companies have additional information based on the knowledge of the data that they can use in a very valuable way in their content marketing strategies . This deep analysis allows us to narrow down even more the audiences to which they are addressed and achieve greater impact in the long term.


The content marketing is an ideal strategy to reach the customer without having to develop an expensive campaign digital advertising. Thanks to it, you can get leads organically through keywords or generating valuable content (audiovisual, ebooks, podcasts, infographics) with which to reach our audience by applying in social media marketing and other marketing strategies digitally.

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Email Marketing Plan

One of the essential tools of the digital communication strategy of any business or company is Email Marketing. Most people who consult us know this. They usually know or receive emails from a firm.

An “e-mail marketing plan” resonance a bit complex, tricky, and appear time overwhelming. These are some of the problems that small businesses have when they think of e-mailmarketing, added to it that most business owners are too busy running their business to deal with something like that, right?

Because this strategy is the most effective when converting Leads into customers, we want to share this guide so you can take advantage of the power of email marketing for your business, which in combination with social networks, can generate an even more significant impact.

Done intelligently, email marketing plan drives conversions (sales), increases ROI and gives you a direct way to talk with your customers.


First step: Describe your readers

Prior to you start crafting, writing, and sending a campaign, you ought to describe your ideal audience ask: Who is my target audience? And what kind of content would interest that audience? One time you get a scheme of ​​the community who study your emails, it will be a lot easier for you to choose what you have to say.

If you are starting, what follows is to get subscribers to your mailing list, if you don’t have subscribers to your list yet, the task will be to know how you will attract them.

To attract traffic to your website and to subscribe to your mailing list, you can do so in several ways, for example:

1. Paid (online advertising): generate traffic and attract subscribers.

2. Free (organic): publishing content frequently (twice a week) on your site.

3. Promote your content and subscription on social networks.

Important: Once your audience is attracted, you must have a capture form, and to increase the list, it is advisable to give or give away an e-book, a technical report, a discount coupon, etc.

Step two: Create Content

Now that you know who you are talking to, it is time to think about what you are going to communicate. Think about what your audience needs, try to send interesting information that helps them solve a problem; the idea is to make life easy for your readers.


Tips for building content

Your content is the most significant fraction of your newsletters. Here are some suggestions for preparing and collecting engaging content that speaks with your readers:

1Pleasure your readers as VIPs

Citizens who subscribe to your email catalog have given you consent to entering their inboxes. Honor this permission and focus on letting them know what solutions your products and services provide. Give your subscribers access to unique benefits, such as exclusive content, special discounts, etc.

2.  Make Email Marketing useful

Think of the emails that open and are deleted immediately. You would not open an email that does not benefit you in any way. Make sure the content of your newsletters that you are giving your subscribers something they didn’t have before. “The reader comes first.”

Most email newsletters are all about the company’s promotions, product sales, and news. I think it is sporadic for your readers to delight in that content, to send content that interests them, that is the key.

3Show a little personality

Nobody wants to read a boring, complex, long newsletter and not even say anything … Inject some personality.

Probability is, voice, tone, and sense of wit are significant reasons why your customers sign up in the first place. Try writing in the same way you speak to one of these clients. And who knows? Maybe your cheerful emails with humor will help you recover a lot of money.

4Keep it tiny

Nearly all communities are barraged with emails every day. Keep your newsletters short, easy to digest, and the point. If you want to include a longer piece, you will present the first paragraph or so, and link to the rest. Allow your readers the opportunity to explore the link quickly, if necessary.

5Encourage them

Claim like Pocket, Pinterest, and Evernote are immense for reduction, organizing, and allocation inspirational contented and images.

If you want to make an effective email campaign, don’t just send sales offers, that’s a big mistake of many failed email marketing campaigns. The type of content can follow this rule, for example, 80 – 10 – 10 (80% useful and exciting content; 10% benefits, success stories, benefits of your product; 10% direct sale offer).

The content format can be text articles; Videos, photos, or images.

You must prepare a calendar or agenda of content to be sent that contains the titles, type of content, and links of the content, if possible, one month in advance.


Step three: Determine your Shipping Frequency and Objectives

Not all shipping frequencies are the same, try to ensure that shipments are not daily or very often, a recommended rate is a shipment every 15 days or 1 per month that will depend on the type of product or service and your corresponding public, but in Ultimately, you have to decide what works best for you and your customers.

Try to be consistent and be careful not to skip shipments for more than a couple of months, as some users may forget that they opted for it and may report spam. Also remember to look forward and plan accordingly for vacations, events, and the like. From there, decide what you want to send with your email marketing plan.

Set goals for your campaigns, and then track your evolution over time over your shipments.


Step Four: Do the Shipping Schedule for outstanding Email Marketing

If they have more than one list, the shipments will surely not be the same, and regularly, try to segment if necessary.

If you have several people working on your team, consider using a reliable E-mail Marketing platform that has multi-user accounts and other tools.

Your email marketing strategy will vary, of course, depending on the industry, type of content, shipping frequency, and so on.

But this is a simple example of how you can plan your campaigns in a few days:

Day 1: Write down the content topics, which are diagrammed in the content calendar form; this action will save you a lot of time and lets you know what the next shipments will be.

Day 2: Make your newsletter using a template and choose the images, which you will use.

Day 3: Access the e-mail platform and create your campaign. Correct if there are any kind of grammatical errors. Send proof of the campaign to yourself and at least one co-worker or collaborator, to check.

Day 4: Send your campaign to your list.


Now that you know better what email marketing plan is, you will understand that it is one of those strategies that require a lot of dedication at the beginning. Still, once it is working, both economic and time investment is minimal.

Therefore, it usually results in high levels of ROI according to the objective to be achieved.

Mind you, ROI is not always synonymous with direct sales!

And I would like to add that the personalization of the shipments is another factor that every day takes on more relevance.

Runaway from spam and focus on giving users what they need, you will see how this strategy starts to provide you with good results.

A good strategy will allow you to strengthen ties with your users or potential customers because email marketing plan also serves to build loyalty, do not hesitate! 

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digital content

What would the Internet be without content? A void in space, blank pages without any value or interest to anyone. That’s how relevant digital content is, even if you don’t believe it. But do not worry, we are here to help you, and that is why we will explain to you what types of digital content you can add on your website and how you can take advantage of them.

Digital content is significant for any digital marketing strategy. On many occasions, even if you have advertised your company on Google My Business or created the best online store, if you have not worried about including quality content, you will not have genuinely triumphed in the world of digital marketing.


What is Digital Content?

The digital content is any information or data that can be included in a digital medium. They are the soul of any web page and the key to any positioning or branding strategy. Through the contents, we can more easily reach potential customers and at the same time, retain those who already know your brand.


Types of Digital Content

Once you have a more or less clear idea of ​​what digital content is, you should also know what types of digital content there are. In this way, you will know which ones are better and best fit the kind of strategy you are following and what kinds of digital content will favour business growth. An ecommerce of screens is not the same as the website of a psychologist’s personal brand. Depending on each one, some types or others of digital content will need to be used.


Blog: your ally for your SEO Strategy

If you pay attention, you will realize that most online businesses always include a blog section on their website. Through them, it is much easier to reach your target audience and get them interested in your products or services. Besides, these types of digital content allow you to get the most out of your SEO strategy and position your posts in the top positions of search engines.

Add a blog section to your website, and you can gain much more visibility. Of course, you also have to keep in mind that it is essential that you establish a calendar of publications to upload content frequently. This way, you will give your website a much more careful and worked aspect.


Infographics to make your Website more Attractive

The more visual, the better. The infographics are those types of digital content that will help when transmitting the information in a more pleasant and engaging way. Having blocks and blocks of text without any visual aspect can indeed be quite daunting and seem quite dull even if you have worked hard.

Thanks to designing programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, it is quite simple to include this type of content on any web page. And even if you are starting in the world of digital design, platforms like Canva will allow you to create infographics easily and for free.

Improve viewing Through Photographs

Another of the easiest ways to add value to your website is through pictures. Your pages will seem much more attractive and exciting, and you will improve the user experience while increasing the length of stay.

Of course, choose your photographs wisely. If unfortunately, you do not have photographic skills or someone responsible for providing these types of digital content, you can use image banks. Examples of them are Unsplash, Pexels or Pixabay. Choose photographs with an aesthetic that accompanies the one on your web page, and that gives it meaning and accompanies the text you include with them.


Videos: Increase the Length of Stay

They are not used as much as the photographs, but they provide many more benefits than the latter. These types of digital content are super useful because they significantly increase the time of your customers stay on your website. If you embed a video in any section of your online business, you will be ensuring a couple more minutes.


Ebooks, more Authority and Visibility

Ebooks? Yes, it ‘s time to get down to work and write your ebook. Although these types of digital content are not as common as the rest on this list, they may be much more useful. An ebook adds much more value to your website and also gives it authority.

Putting all your knowledge and experience on the keys will give your business a much more professional and exciting touch. If you publish it on platforms like Amazon, you will get to know many more people.


Tricks to make the most of your Digital Content

Now that you know what types of digital content there are, I think the next thing you want to know is how you can take advantage of them to get the best out of your website or online business. So there we go.

  • Boost SEO using keywords: through the posts of your blog or the categories of your products or services, work your organic web positioning by choosing appropriate keywords and adjusted to your content. Another trick is to change the name of the photographs you upload for longtails to optimize your positioning to the maximum.
  • Quality over quantity: it is not necessary to fill your website with all these types of digital content. The most important thing is that together everything has good quality and that they are informative.
  • Build your brand personality: through all content, you have the opportunity to leave your brand’s personal stamp. Choose colours that represent you, a specific photography style and a language or tone of voice adjusted to your business and your customers.
  • Update yourself frequently: having outdated or ineffective content doesn’t help much. Check often which posts are not visited or what are the new Google algorithms.

Newsletter to Retain your Customers

Newsletters are the most direct way to reach your customers. These are newsletters that are sent by mail to your customers from time to time informing them of new developments in your store, new posts, offers or any information that may seem exciting and that you want to send them.

It is very useful when working with the loyalty of your customers to your company because it allows you to be present in your daily life more often. If through these types of digital content, you provide exciting data for them, you will get them to be more interested in your brand and to use it more often.

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Search Engine Optimization

An internet marketing service is described as the Search Engine Optimization service that provides fast exposure to websites, ensures high search engine ranking, boosts your business sales and profits, and provides the latest or current trends on the internet, while also remaining consistent with the quality of service.

SEO services are responsible for why some websites are doing better than others. It is sometimes hard to choose the right SEO service provider for your business. One must choose the right SEO service with the qualities mentioned above, and this article can help those individuals.

Top Trends in Search Engine Optimization Agencies in 2019

Mobile Optimization Matter

Increased importance is being placed on mobile devices and websites that are optimized to accommodate any web browsing. Google’s Hummingbird update released towards the end of last year has shown that sites that have not made these changes have been met with consequences in their search engine standing. Studies show that responsive web designs and CSS patterns that permit different browsers on templates, laptops, and mobile devices to display information in a variety of ways are now an essential factor in 2019 SEO.

Google Asks the Customer

What appears to be a desperate attempt to increase the number of individuals using Google+ now also seems to play a part in the latest SEO trends. If your company has a Google+ page, web crawlers are accessing reviews left for your company by customers to determine whether or not you are a quality candidate for their search results. This could develop an entirely new standard for customer hospitality and service, especially if customers could have such a significant role in determining your online success.

For example, you could have the best and most optimized website in the world; however, if a customer comes to your business and experiences poor quality service, they might choose to leave a review of your company online with Google+. Enough of these poor reviews and your website could start to drop in the ratings. How significant of a role this will have on the rankings has yet to be determined.

Content Marketing is Key

Keyword stuffing and writing content to fit search engines are starting to be phased out. In exchange, content marketing is playing a more significant role in determining your SEO success. Content marketing includes:

  • Quality of Content
  • Content Update Frequency
  • Authority in the Field
  • Content Sharing

Based on these categories, the content will need to be developed to a higher standard than ever before. Social media also plays an incredibly important role; the more individuals that share your article online or through their social media channels, the more likely search engines might act favorably to your site.

Focus on Voice Searches

With Google Voice and Siri, the voice search has become more comfortable and convenient for many users who do not like typing. Voice-Recognition Software is becoming reliable because they can understand normal human speech. Here, the SEO experts need to search out keywords or phrases, which can be said aloud and will make the search easy for users. The SEO strategy used in the year 2018 will focus on conversational sentences and terms.

Qualities of Top Search Engine Optimization Agencies

Ensure High Search Engine Ranking

In accordance with exposure, a higher search engine rank would give you a higher number of visits. Internet users usually choose the highest ranking page in an internet search engine. They would sometimes not even visit the last rated website. Your website should be on top of the list to have better exposure, and as mentioned earlier, exposure is everything.

Quality Online Marketing Companies Provides Fast Exposure

Good service providers present fast exposure to your website. Exposure is everything. It is your base and your guide to determine the traffic you can get for your website. If your website is seldom seen by internet users, you can expect that you would not be earning much from profits and sales. No one will know your brand or product. Choose a top SEO service that can give you results quickly, since this would be the platform of your business early on.

Provide the Latest or Current Trends over the Worldwide Web

A top SEO agency should always provide you with the latest trends. You will need information about what people want currently. Most of the time, people get used to something they are familiar with. Don’t let this happen to your website. You should be able to generate new ideas to keep your audience interested in your products and services.

Boost Sales and Profits

If your service is great, your website should already have a high search engine ranking. With good qualities of service from a good service provider, your profits and sales would surely increase. You would be able to advertise and offer your products or services to a wider range of audiences. The ample amounts of visitors would get your brand name popular, and many will surely want what you are offering.

Consistent Quality Service

This is the most important quality of any service. Some providers are fine initially but beware of those providers. You must be careful with the expert service you are getting. It is always best to choose a provider that is already established in the field. All the qualities mentioned earlier would be nothing if there is a lack of consistency in quality service.

Diversified marketing strategy

Besides content and helpful online resources, it is important to implement a diversified strategy in internet marketing. You must establish concrete marketing plans and realize how significant the results will be. The use of textual content is just the start; you can also tap into videos, and you can use social media websites like YouTube to deliver the goods. Diversifying your marketing strategy can help you gain a good relationship with customers.


To sum up, the above-stated SEO strategies will help the companies as well as users to fasten their searches and find the products easily. This can only be done with the help of top-notch and latest technique-laden SEO strategies. Ranolia Ventures offer the top-notch Search Engine Optimization Services that help you to get the top rankings on Google ladders.

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Digital Marketing Services

In this advent of the Internet world, there are numerous remarkable changes in how businesses & companies carry out their business marketing strategies. Over the years, the actual requirement for digital marketing services has grown at the startlingly fast pace. Moreover, nowadays, more and more people & organizations are embracing diverse Digital Marketing Services. If you are exploring to trade in on this modern trend, taking the perfect look at online marketing is the best ways to get your business started.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing services have numerous benefits. Primarily it permits the customers to be in your control. It offers ease to every small business firms & large enterprises and their clients. Digital marketing reduces the overall cost of sales. Moreover, it assists business firms to formulate their brands & obtain more targeted outcomes. Digital marketing consists of various components such as SEO or search engine optimization, SMM or social media marketing, PPC or pays per click, ORM or online reputation management, affiliate marketing, email marketing, display advertising & content marketing. And, all such components let the small business search to utilize numerous benefits all such digital marketing strategies offer.

How a Digital Marketing Agency can be helpful to your business

Most of the search engine marketing strategies & campaigns have foremost objectives. One of such goals is to reach the right target audience and to engage with that audience. Moreover, digital marketing campaigns help you to motivate your audience to take the right action. It aims to produce sales and capture the leads from consumers to search over the internet for their answers. Here is how a digital marketing agency can be helpful to your business or brand.

Cost-Effective Solution

Digital marketing strategies are far more money-making for any business owners as compared to the other traditional modes of marketing. In this modern era, customers have numerous options to browse on the internet & gain additional information about their products & services that are being offered by companies rather than being brainwashed to purchase. Digital marketing experts assist the business owners to optimize their website so that it ranks high & get noticed. Moreover, they also make use of social media channels to build additional customers loyalty & brand recognition.

Plan your Digital Marketing Services

With the availability of ‘n’ numbers of social media channels, it is quite complicated to keep track of which social channel is performing the best. Digital marketing services include the proper planning of strategy, which would assist your business to determine the exact social media platform for promotion & ad campaigns. Digital marketing agency also establishes how the business web portal should be optimized. And, they manage the website according to the search engines so that your site ranks highly.

Track your Success

Digital marketing services include tracking your marketing campaigns that help to analyze their capability. Digital marketing experts collect appropriate data. The data is related to the number of visitors viewing your website, the time for which they stay at your site, & whether any of your customers converted into real customers or not. Moreover, this data assists you in understanding the efficiency of your advertising campaigns & the areas which require more resources.

Free up Time for the Core Activities

Business owners have to give up the large portion of their time in tracking their marketing strategies, in order, they neglect their core activities. The digital marketing agency perfectly assists them to generate more and more leads for their business. And, they can be later converted into real customers. It is the real task which gives you time to focus on your core business activities.

Digital Marketing Services for Businesses

Business owners can take numerous benefits from digital marketing campaigns. Given the precise information & all potential strategies can undoubtedly help the business to grow. We are nowadays in the business climate which favors the business firms. However, customers nowadays are formulating decisions more vigilantly that favours their companies.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Numerous online agencies offer digital marketing services. Most of them are continually offering advanced & updated solutions. Small business can grow with the assistance & expertise of outstanding young individuals who are working together to provide innovative & effective ideas. Moreover, all such agencies usually specialize in social media marketing, online marketing, SEO marketing, website creation, & affiliate marketing management. Moreover, they are accessible to help meet the requirements of their customers regardless of their demands.

Choose Best Digital Marketing Agency

Before exploring the best Digital Marketing Agency, you have to make sure that you have the concrete idea of what you would like to do by the particular agency. Digital marketing covers a vast ground. And, this is the reason all agencies will include one or all of such digital marketing services. Moreover, it could signify website development & strategy, SEM, email marketing, mobile marketing, analytics, online advertising, & social media marketing. As you can see, there is the massive range of digital marketing services which an agency can provide. Thus, you need to make up your mind & recognize what you will require saving your business time & eventually, costs.

Bottom Line

In today’s demanding business era, it is very much essential for all business firms to take up aggressive brand marketing strategies. And, this helps them to get a considerable edge over their competitors. Advanced digital marketing services are the best means of reaching to the broad target audience in a short time. It will capably popularize your brand & helps you to confine the target audience’s attention rapidly. Moreover, it will attract numerous interested buyers for your brand. In conclusion, it will bring out the leader in its domain.

Furthermore, with a notable rise in the demand for digital marketing, there are numerous digital marketing agencies. And, it is difficult to find the best out of them. Thus, you should rely on Ranolia Ventures, which is one of the leading digital marketing service providers. Ranolia Ventures offers you a complete package of Digital Marketing.

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Email Marketing

The ubiquitous email still survives. Research shows that checking email inboxes is one of the most common activities that we do online, even today. The email was and still is one of the most popular means of personalized conversation tools on the internet. Today with social media making waves, everything is watched, read, and talked about. Hence the significance of email to deliver a personal message becomes much more powerful. The reach and power of the email were never doubted even with social media making such a huge impact. Since some time now, online marketing has become very popular. Email Marketing is an integral part of the entire process. Many huge corporations and also small vendors today make use of email marketing as a means of directly reaching their message to prospective clients.

Overview of the Email Marketing System

Most of the people know what email marketing is. The common knowledge is “email marketing is marketing the products through emails.” This is what most of the people, in general, know about the email marketing system & to a certain extent, it’s correct.

Prerequisite of Email Marketing

The first obvious thing which you need to have to start is the list of people to whom you would send the emails through your email marketing program. This list of people is called “Email Marketing List” in the internet marketing world. You must have read on the internet that “the money is in the list” etc. These lists are the list of people who have agreed to receive emails from you.

Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Productive

It should be Interesting

Make sure you have included lots of valuable information in all your messages. It should be in a way that captures your reader’s interest. Avoid sending out sales pitches or making it only about you. Add information that is actually interesting and useful for your target audience. If your subscribers think that you send emails only to enhance your sales, they will never feel special or valued, and you will fail to stop them from hitting the delete button or unsubscribing from your list. They will not bother looking at your email messages any more.

Provide a Visible Link for Unsubscribing

You might consider it a negative approach, but it is, in fact, a positive one. Your readers feel comfortable when they feel that they have full control and are not being pressurized to do anything. Therefore, never forget to include a link for unsubscribing in your email. Trying to hide it or not providing any link will only earn you the frustration and anger of your subscribers, leading you to achieve opposite results of what you want to achieve.

Ask for Feedback

Feedback from your audience is necessary to make your relationship with them stronger and to enhance your email marketing projects. Therefore, keep asking for opinions, suggestions, or feedback from your readers. Another way to receive passive feedback is through email marketing programs that track information regarding the number of people opening up your emails or clicking on the links present there. All such feedbacks are essential for you to continue improving and engaging with your audience.

Targeting the Right People

It is important to target the right people to achieve fruitful results. If you keep sending your emails to the wrong customers, you will achieve nothing but their aggression and annoyance. Targeting the wrong audience is simply a wastage of time for both you and the targeted people. It is better to put in your efforts and time in your campaigns targeting the audience who is interested in hearing from you.

Try Making Your Email Messages Mobile Friendly

In this technological world, your customers now can access their email messages on their tablets or mobiles. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you format your emails correctly to ensure that you can read them easily.

Make Exclusive Offers Only for Your Mailing List Subscribers

You can show your gratitude to your subscribers by sending exclusive special offers, which is not available anywhere on your website. Such offers can be free delivery, discounts, or any other deal that attracts your customers encouraging them to buy from you.

Email Registration on your Website

Offering customers a way to register via your website is probably one of the easiest ways to build your email list. A registration form can be added to your website with ease. The placement of the email registration feature on your website is important and has an impact t on conversion rates. It should be placed on a prominent place on the website. If your website uses a content management system, then most likely, the newsletter registration feature will be built-in.

Start a Marketing Newsletter

Sending newsletters to your customers is one of the most effective email marketing techniques. You can start a newsletter on a topic related to our industry. The newsletter can be weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. A newsletter provides an excellent opportunity to communicate with your customers regularly. You can use the newsletter for marketing your products or services subsequently.

Send engaging marketing emails

Nothing can be worse for your branding than sending out a poorly designed marketing email to customers. You should research the content of your marketing email and plan your marketing campaign. The content of the marketing email should be well researched and offer value to customers. It is OK to promote your products and business in your emails, but you should try and offer a variety of information. A well-balanced email is more likely to succeed than a purely promotional email. If the email you send is full of self-promotion and does not offer real value, then customers are likely to unsubscribe or opt-out from receiving emails in the future. Focus on quality over quantity.


Thus, rely on the email marketing campaign offered by Ranolia Ventures and enhance your business productivity. Ranolia Ventures has an experienced and skilled team of email marketing experts who provide effective results in just a couple of times.

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